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    Jo. Cruel Dinomancer je možna nejlepší karta, kterou můžeš použivat misto Zavas

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    Quote from ezbake318 >>

    Look up noxious' mekkatorque workshop cards. One of them is based on "the voodoo" which are reminiscent to spare parts in a way. What I'm saying is that you could a troll archetype which works with "voodoo" cards. Lich king has death knights so you could do something similar to that with a legendary and maybe some spell that grants voodoo cards for every troll that has died this game. 

     I actually made a few cards that were revolving around a very comparable mechanic, called mojo. Few troll cards would give mojo cards (as part of their battlecry/deathrattle things) that what resemble death knight cards in many aspects save for one thing: few of them would increase in power for every friendly troll who died, while said mojo card was in your hand. 
    For instance :
    3 mana: Mojo (X) Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions (deal 1 extra mana for every mojo point acquired). In other words, it could very quickly become a 3 mana Deal 5 damage to all enemy minions. 
    3 mana: Mojo (X) Restore 6 health.
    Others wouldn't have the Mojo mechanic and solely give a mild buff.
    And some other cards would have synergy with mojo cards
    Of course, these are just ideas i'm throwing around here - no serious balancing so far...
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    Quote from sweetsugardaddy >>

    you know nothing about trolls man otherwise you wouldve mentioned Sen'jin the greatest loss of the horde in Warcraft 3

    Ah ! Sen'Jin be nothin' compared to the might of Gurubashi and Amani'shi !
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    ...about trolls, and their future in Hearthstone ! Come on mon, let da talkin' begin !


    A proud Gurubashi troll standing in front of Zul'Gurub

    Trolls: What are they ?

    Trolls are an ancient race of humanoids who have been roaming the land of Azeroth since long-forgotten times, ages before the apex of the elvish civilizations, the human kingdoms and even before the coming of the titans (or as they called them "The travelers"). Devoted to god-like spirits they called "Loa" - the entities of the wild world - troll built their society around their animistic religion and their practice of voodoo magic. While they are today primarily renowned for their aggressive nature and branded as a people of barbaric savages, trolls have birthed fabulous empires in the days of yore and possibly ruled on the vastest empire the world as ever known - this nation, the Empire of Zul, once lorded the entire continent of Kalimdor from North to South and from East to West, unchallenged by any other civilizations. Under the leadership of the wise tribe of the Zandalari, trolls were able to prevail through centuries of strife and from the test of time, crushing their sworn enemy, the insectoid Aqir who served the Old Gods. At great cost, the Empire of Zul triumphed from the ramping darkness at the west, and established itself as the then greatest nation of Azeroth. With time however, old tribalistic reflexes settled in and the Empire of Zul broke away in splinters, with the Amani forest trolls ruling most of it's northern part, and the Gurubashi jungle trolls lording over the south of Kalimdor. This would only be a prelude to the twilight of the troll nations, as they would be irreversibly crippled by their remote elvish descendants and their fearsome magic-wielders, not to mention considerably weakened by the sundering of the world at the apex of the war of the ancients. 

    Divided, humiliated and ostracized, the troll empires were merely a shadow of their former glory, ashes and ruins doomed to oblivion... Now separated, both the Amani and the Gurubashi did their best to survive in a world that was no longer owned by them, and while the former didn't succumb to the influence of the formidable loa of blood - Hakkar the Soulflayer - neither of the two tribes fared well, let alone reclaimed their past glory. Troll history, alas, was to be the tragedy of all empires : the higher they are, the harder they'll fall... In spite of these cruel turns of history, however, trolls continued to nourish their wounded pride, cultivating their faith in the loas and preserving their ancient tradition in their forgotten shrines, temple-cities and sanctuaries, from Gun'Drak to Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman to Zul'Farrak. 

    Forever proud, the trolls strive to reclaim their legacy and shine again, as a force to be reckoned with, and a civilization unlike any other...

    Trolls: But... why ?

    Well, why this post do you ask ? Why ? Well, considering the overall mightiness of the troll folks, I believe it is long overdue for Hearthstone to recognize our dear green-blue friends at the height of their glory ! Add a whole bunch of them to the game, and recognize them as a tribe (or as many tribes, which, while lore accurate, might complicate game mechanics significantly). 

    Trolls are not an unfamiliar sight in Hearthstone: you might actually have seen a few of them in play, or better yet, played a bunch of them ! In fact, some are quite powerful...

    Remember this guy? Pretty powerful if your ask me

    Well there are a few debates about him being a dragon, but his might is certainly very trollish


    Trolls are undoubtedly powerful minions


    ... Well this one isn't exactly proving my point

    Much better !

    Trolls: What's the point? 

    Listen kids, trolls are obviously a mighty people. It would be very suiting to make them become a tribe or something, because damn... I don't want to see no dirty murloc or puny elves get the tribe tag before they do! Look at dem tusks ! Dis be good voodoo mon !

    Forgive the lapidary historical background proposed here: troll history truly is rich, and therein, it should be very easy to find some notable figures of troll lore to make some shiny legendary minions in the future, who knows, to make a good old hearthstone adventure out of it !

    Hakkar the Soulflayer, loa of blood and definitely a photogenic motherf* 

    Zul'Jin, warlord of the Amani tribe, hero of the troll folks


    Trolls: ... is that all you had to say ?

    Look mon, I love trolls. I've played trolls. I've roleplayed trolls. I've written about trolls. And by the loa, what a great people this is ! Wise and savage at the same time, filled with blind hatred and passion for their gods... What a refreshing fantasy race. And I just want to add some good background, artworks and cards to the game. I think trolls are an incredible ressource that is sadly used to little by our beloved devs. And obviously they are those with true power, both in Azeroth and in HS.

    Come on Brode, what do you say? 


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    Good vibes bro :) I appreciate it

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    This card is insane. It locks the board very neatly, consistently heals you up and, as a bonus, threatens to weaken the enemy board. The most insane thing about it, is just how often you might see it pop up during the game - with cards such as Eternal Servitude and Free From Amber, not to mention the usual Onyx Bishop and what not, this might just become one of the most threatening cards in the game.

    I absolutely love it

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    Shadow Madness

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    Won't craft any golden, because, well, I am not made of money. 

    Depending on what I get in packs, I might craft a few cards, but probably no legendaries. Lich King could be however interesting. Princes and Arfus... No thanks.

    As far as the class legendaries are concerned, I struggle to get hyped over death knights, but that might change when i get to see them in action; as of right now, only Thrall seems interesting, however probably not that good. Rexxar too.

    Overall yeah, only Lich King really getting me interested, and then a bunch of these epic cards such as Obsidian statue, that looks absolutely amazing.

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    There was invincible, arthas's stead and an actual softer side of the lich king that could have been exploited.

    Instead we got this.

    A puppy...

    Fuck you Brode


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    Looking forward to try out demonlock in wild again - might be fun. Voidcallers and Mal'Ganis would work disgustingly well with this card. It might be a little too slow, but its worth the try

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    I really want this card to be good... I reaaaaally do. But it's not so fantastic: don't get me wrong an Ironbark which gives you some value card is quite a good card, but as it was pointed out this is a 8/8 body and not a 4/12, and that comes with its set of disadvantages... It is overall much easier to remove (either by trading or hard removal) and you can't even hide it behind a taunt. Point being - while he does bring huge amounts of potential value, the Lich King isn't as sticky as Ysera; now naturally, one Death Knight card can be a game changer, but it also can be one of the lesser choices available; 8 cards makes LK more unreliable than versatile...

    Kind of a whimsicle card, and I do not know if it will be seeing some much play as a consequence, aside from the eventual wallet control deck which can afford many big expendable minions. I still struggle to imagine the impact some of these DK cards may have on the board.

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    Oh look... Ysera.

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    Very cool card - and... Well... Decently stated actually. I can imagine this working in control lock

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    Dat demonic Geddon though...

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    I feel the devs are mostly straying away from the concept of legendary cards as game-changers/heavy-hiters, to embrace the more gimmicky/whimsicle approach that cards like Cho embody. Wether or not it is a good thing is entirely up to debate, and I do agree it tends to spoil the hype (wow players, I'm sure, are very fond of seeing familiar faces added to the game, and the fact they are mostly weak comes as a bit of a blow) but I fail to really grasp how this spoils the XPAC entirely. I know this is not the main argument here, but it seems some tend to judge the potential value of KFT solely by adressing the general weakness of these class legendaries (not to mention the neutral ones).

    Don't get me wrong, I love me some strong legendary once in a while, and as it has been mentionned previously, Un Goro brought its fair share of top tier legs, but as far as I know, KFT will be impactful through the mechanics it introduced to the meta (lifesteal, and so on) rather than trough a bunch of legendary cards, that happen to be seemingly weak.

    I'm looking forward to see the warrior legendary and the remaining two neutral cards, somehow hoping they will raise the hype a little.



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