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    posted a message on It's mindblowing how terrible Standard is right now
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    Do you really think Deck of Lunacy  nerf is really a nerf ? I think we will not see any changes,mages still will play Lunacy in 4 mana ,is irrelevant.Is like we say that if you draw Lunacy at 4 or 5 turn you cannot win,ofc you can .I believe in one week we will see almost the same amount of Lunacy decks.

     A 4 mana card with no immediate impact is a lot weaker than a two mana ditto.

    I'm not sure it's as big a difference with all the free mama from spring water and incunters flow, but we'll see soon enough.

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    posted a message on should I craft Mordresh Fire Eye?
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    Wait a week or two, meta should stabilize by then.

     This is such a horrible argument. Just wait until everyone else has had the fun with experimenting!

    I'm having lots of fun with an unrefined hero power mage deck :)

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    posted a message on Half & Half - Tavern Brawl #285
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    Really broken brawl that leaves no room for fun cards, and gives all the advantage to rogue and the odd shaman card collector. I don't understand how people can give this a 5 when the replayability is the worst ever. Do you like playing the same deck every game? (but with crappy cards from your opponent)

     I don't know what you're talking about

    I just stuck a lot of weird legendaries in a priest deck and won two out of three games

    I thought it was really funny that my mage and demon hunter opponents didn't Mulligan awaken the obelisk, which they had no way to complete

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    posted a message on Remove Tickatus from the game already.

    Fuck tickatus and everyone who plays that obnoxious bs.

    Also why would they even print new c'thun along with this bs that makes it unplayable!?

    To reiterate: fuck tickatus. Eat a turd.

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    posted a message on Is control dying? Serious question...

    With the direction the game has been going for a while now, aggro is going to be king. It seems like market research has said "it sucks to run out of cards in hand", so they're trying to make sure nobody ever runs out of cards to please people who are too stupid to play a game about resource management.

    With cards like voracious reader and skull of guldan in the game, playing a reactive strategy that relies on your opponent running out of pressure is just always going to be inferior.

    I'm just as sad about it as you are...

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Deck of Chaos

    I get Lady in White vibes from this...

    Buy which i mean it looks kinda cool but doesn't actually work.

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    posted a message on Duels. Joke or real?
    Quote from GibreelFury >>
    Quote from Jennifer >>

    Are your aware that it is early access with limited content? It's basically a demo

    WTH did you expect?

    Not yet another outlet for diehard copy-pasters. Just that. But it's pretty clear it's way too much to ask from Blizzard and the brainy Hearthstone's players community.

     There are very few cards to choose from, and the hero powers railroad players into certain types of decks.

    Why do you expect people to play bad decks ok purpose?

    Sounds like you should just wait for the full release and give it another shot then instead of whining on the internet like a spoiled child.

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    posted a message on Duels. Joke or real?

    Are your aware that it is early access with limited content? It's basically a demo

    WTH did you expect?

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    posted a message on Come one and all,share your favourite cards too

    Deathstalker Rexxar is my favorite card ever, he's so rewarding and he enables hunter to beat res Priest. Shadow madness is a close second.

    Kazakus and Zephrys are honorable mentions for me.

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    posted a message on Treachery in Duels

    We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel of things to complain about now, huh?

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