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    posted a message on 23.0.2 Patch Notes - Duels, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries Bug Fixes & More

    FWIW I spent 10 games running a quest hunter yesterday and I was finding a lot of the hot decks were very difficult to play against.  Maybe other quest hunters are experiencing the same thing in the current meta.

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    posted a message on Temporus Tavern Brawl Aggro Beast Druid

    Some pretty easy wins.  Good way to knock out the weekly "win 5" bounty.

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    posted a message on is Tickatus actually worth crafting?

    Depends on whether you enjoy causing pain more than high win-rate. 

    I use Tickatus, Strongman, Felosophy, and Y'Shaarj.   Twisting nether to corrupt.  The rest is about keeping board control and drawing cards until you get the win condition.  A lucky Dark Portal can make your day.

    PS: I usually regret crafting legendries.  I would only suggest doing so if you've got dust to spare.  However, I do feel like Tickatus opens up a world of possibilities if you want to double down and work on a deck.

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