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    Quote from Keema >>

    When I saw this, I thought it was a joke. If true, it will likely cause me to uninstall, after playing since beta. I don't have time to grind for hours a week, and quests are the main way to progress your collection. If they get harder, I'm out. :((

     Spending money is the easiest way to progress your collection. If you don’t want to spend money then I guess this game isn’t for you. You should try some retro games that are free to download. I hear there are thousands of them.

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    Quote from xskarma >>

    I think their remark about sticker shock was to indicate that there had been so little communication about this and that no one expected what was ultimately pushed to live servers.

    Honestly, I have no idea why communication about this was so bad as there has been a definite increase in trying to get ahead of messaging like this in the last year or 2.

    Which means there's 2 options:

    1) they legitimately didn;t think this was anything that would upset the playerbase too much. Which would be a HUGE lack of being in touch with your playerbase. Anyone with even a SLIGHT finger on the pulse would have seen this reaction coming. 

    2) they knew it would be a shitstorm, and did it anyway, because the plan all along has been to throw it out there in unreasonable form so they can roll it back to something slightly less awful, which is still a good deal worse than the situation before, but maybe not enough to cause riots on the forums.

    And it is very very possible that this was all done without properly checking with the people who would knwo the reaction of the community. 

    It's all too easy given how things have gone with the game lately (increase in price of Diamond cards for a recent example) to imagine some suit with an MBA in the financial department of Blizz to go "Hey, you know how the players say they only play till their quests are done? what if we just TRIPLE the time it takes to get their quests done? THINK OF THE ENGAGEMENT NUMBERS!" and then they got patted on the back and given a raise for the brilliant idea, and they put a dev or 2 on it to implement it in time to take advantage for the rise in player numbers from the Anniversary.

    But maybe I'm just jaded. =/

     As to your last comment about player engagement you are 100% correct.  The community has been conditioned to throw a fit and then have Blizzard respond by changing things to appease  the mob. As it stands now I’m just a collector and only engage the game with as little effort as possible to get the 200 packs from the track and that’s it.  Anything to do with BG’s is zero effort to complete. The quests before the change take me roughly 40-60 minutes per week to clear and that includes all 7 daily quests as well. Even with the 20% add on from purchasing the paid reward track you still have to complete the quests to eventually hit 400.  I could ignore the win 15 and I could probably still hit 400 with a week to spare but now with the added xp it will take a few days off my projected time to 400 at about 19-22 days before the season ends.

    Seeing as how I stack my quests and reroll until I can complete as many as I can concurrently the new win 15 a week will absolutely make me engage the game more. Instead of hitting casual and conceding on turn 6 for three games to clear 3600xp worth of daily play three games as x class I’ll actually go to one of many sites and copy paste the best deck for the class and actually play it in standard to add to the weekly win 15 total. Spending mana and playing minions quests will complete themselves just by doing this.

    The amount of times I have heard people say “ oh no I’m quitting now” over the last 10+ years is astronomical but yet the game lives on. 
    As a stockholder in Blizzard I can assure you that at the end of the day it does not care one iota if any player who spends little or nothing leaves because for every one that does you have 100’s  more that don’t. 

    I find it very intriguing that a person who supposedly likes a game would ever complain about having to play it more, that whole concept sounds counterintuitive to me.

    i understand people have limited time and other things to do but so does everyone else but you find the time for what is important to you.

    Companies exist to make a profit and that is the only reason they exist.  People need to understand this has nothing to do with greed because in the end the players determine if a game succeeds or fails.

    If you spend little to no money ,sad fact : Blizzard will not miss you.

    Blizzard gives me $250 worth of packs for $19.99 I think that’s  more than fair.  Instead of buying extra packs I spend the money on all the cosmetics. If Blizzard didn’t have the cosmetics they would be losing out on that pack money completely and that’s not a good thing for long term sustainability.

    The community needs to look at things from both sides instead of just melting down over everything and crying “greedy corporation”.

    Think of ways to meet and defeat the new challenges instead of complaining and threatening to leave. The day the game dies is when it is no longer profitable to run but trust me the game will still be here whether you are or aren’t.

    Good Luck everyone ! Things are not as bad as they seem.

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    Quote from Anvilek >>

    I've been playing since the closed beta. I've never missed a monthly reward. Tbh, this is the first time I'm actually considering quitting the game.

     I’ve played since closed beta as well and as a gigantic whale who owns everything in the game I don’t feel like quitting over an increase in the weekly quests. The only people this impacts are people who hardly play the game or have very few cards to begin with. I cleared every quest for the entire week on Monday in less than 90 minutes. 15 games won is a tad over 2 each day of the week. You can still do that on a phone or tablet while getting rid of last night’s pizza. You can afk in BG and complete the win 15 without doing anything in case you didn’t know that already. Any minion quest can be done in casual by playing a deck of entirely that minion coupled with class quests and every other quest. 

    I’ve completed the 400 levels on the track since I can remember and it’s very easy to do without much effort if you think about it.  
    15 wins in a week for what equates roughly 14000xp a month on the BP and at 1500xp per 50 gold on the bonus levels that’s not even 500g a month for just that one quest if you don’t feel like doing it or just can’t for whatever reason.

    I still remember the meltdowns when they took away the 10g for 3 wins because amazingly it was easier to sit and win 30 games a day for what equated to a .56 cent pack of cards each day…it never ends.

    I’m already at 120 on the reward track and I have zero issues doing 400 and will be done with it weeks before the season ends.

    I know everyone here would just like to have everything for free but Blizzard doesn’t exist to make free games for everyone. I’m all for taking away the ability to complete quests in casual tbh because the ladder is an utter FKG bore. Maybe if we had people playing the ladder with quest decks it would be more fun but then again the meltdowns would ensue over that.

    The f2p players need to realize that Blizzard just devalued your time even more in hopes that you will shell out $20 bucks here and there for the work they do for the game you all play.

    I have won everything there is to collect in the game ,aside from signature cards because even whales as big as me draw the line somewhere, and having to win 10 more games a week to complete the quest isn’t even an issue.

    Stack your quests and complete as many as possible at once and it’s pretty easy. After all I thought everyone liked the game so what’s the problem if you have to play it for another hour a week? 

    Hearthstone isn’t cheap by any means but I’m glad Blizzard is finally recognizing people who spend little to no money on the game don’t deserve to have an easy time collecting the free things they do give away the same as someone like me who has supported the game for over 10 years and has contributed very heavily to the games continued enjoyment by those who contribute little or nothing.



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    Quote from BlueStripe >>

    So, in order to progress in Whizbang's Workshop event to get your first standard pack, you have to PLAY a legendary minion! I'll be stuck forever in the first step, I won't craft Joymancer Jepetto just for the sake of the event.

    A ripoff I tell you

     People should really examine the situation and think before opening their browser and typing things that reflect very poorly on them.  The only thing not having the card does is make it take more time to complete. I popped diamond joymancer into a play 3 quest class deck and hit play on casual. Too bad the other guy didn’t get credit for killing him as I did for playing him. I’m already over 2000 on the event and I don’t even try.  What you said makes zero sense.

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    I played to D5 in twist withsolid gold odd pally 80% winrate to collect the monthly packs that add to my stack. Waiting for those nerfs because I have multiples upon multiples of the nerfed cards for another pile of nerf dust. It was fun rolling leeroy for 40+ burst damage  while it lasted.  I’m just hitting those chill matches in BGs for that 400 reward track runout . I’m on level 60 right now.  Thank god the brawl today was one and done ….that one is death by boredom for sure!

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    Sad to see people still compare a collectible card game to a regular video game title sold on a console, they aren’t the same and never will be. I guess you can compare a 5 star restaurant to a  McDonald’s restaurant then and say McDonalds only charges $3 bucks for a burger so why should I spend $30 for a burger? Rationalization is one of the strongest human psychological  emotions to exist. We all like to interpret  things and base our choices off of are interpretations. I never understood why I should care about something someone else has that  I do not or the ability of someone else to do things I cannot.  The community that surrounds this game as a whole uses the term “ whale” as a pejorative and the term “f2p” as a meliorative. 

    If you buy the bundle,  great if you don’t buy it, great. To suggest buying it is stupid because you can buy a “aaa” title for that much says a lot about the person making the comment. Secretly we all wish we could buy the bundle but everyone cant do that. So really wish the people in this community could get over their psychological issues with people who have something they don’t or choose to do something that they cannot.

    I bought the mega-bundle. 

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    The excuses are the only thing that is legendary about Twist mode at this point. Hopefully they have people who are leaders  willing to step up and correct the course of the ship before it crashes for good.  I logged in to play some zoo warlock and rip trough the ranks only to find I couldn’t  and all I played against was the same priest deck. When they  finally realize people don’t want to play mirror matches and eliminate them from the game it will be 100% more enjoyable just knowing you don’t have to worry about matching up with another dice roll game.. seriously eliminate same class matchups. I’ve been sick of it for 10 years.

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    I’ve always wondered why anyone gets upset when they lose in this game. The ladder system was changed to make it easier to rank and once you get that rank amazingly easy to get back to that rank each month if you just play to clear the quests. Unless you do nothing but sit and play the game in hopes you get a shot at a tournament invite why would losing even matter? The meager rewards from ladder play are worth about $4 a month so if you miss d5 and don’t get that epic card for 100 dust it’s not life and death. Nobody plays to lose all the time but the raging over it never ceases to amaze me. I rage over tax increases that suck another $1000 a year out of my pocket for what amounts to nothing. Enjoying the game and the pure comedy of it should be the focus not some random event that makes your blood pressure rise. 

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    I updated the game earlier and resumed battlegrounds play to 400 on the reward track. I’m at 315 right now so should be able to finish with no problem before the new set drops.  Hit D5 on twist mode while FO at work completing quests. I spent 139.50 and bought  all the new content plus the mega bundle. I’m going to blow the wad and open all 800+ packs I’ll have for the 10 year expansion and hit the dust all button for 250k+ dust on release day. 

    Anyone else going for 400 on the reward track as well? Let’s start a thread with progress pics!

    nerf mercs…..hahahaha sorry but you have to just nuke the entire system for me not to get 200 packs for 19.99.



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    This was hilarious with a full golden deck. I’ll have to brawl the next 7 days to clear out quests for sure. 
    Didn’t realize I had this entire deck in gold until I hit the paste button….lolz

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