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    Considering how "cool" was to play against priest last days with vargoth, I'm really sorry for wild players against that.

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    I played against a couple of secret pally today. Completely understandable the divine favor HoF. Imagine if that was on standard ?

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    Zilliax, drywhisker armorer + cornered sentry, emberscale drake, boom. There are plenty of options to stack a decent amount of armor/life in this deck.

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    posted a message on Rank 10 to 5 in couple hours (Rush Warrior)

    After some games today I partially agree with you. I changed the way I was playing against control priest, going for a more control oriented game over tempo, and it works way better. Cloning gallery/res still same nightmare, I need a almost perfect start. And they have so much come back( kelen/maly + spirit link, zilliax, rev huge taunts). I don’t see how that match is even 50/50. Still want to see after the nerf odd rogue, it was the easiest games, the only that I lost was for some ridiculous cold blood bursts of damage.

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