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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    BattleTag : iJayoHS#2251

    Region : EU

    TradeOnly ?: Yes, you go first



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    posted a message on Pirate Warrior Returns?

    Thanks, I have tried your changes and definitely that is a better version of the deck, particularly getting the Crabrider off the Stage Dive is nutty.

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    posted a message on Shamanstone is back! Evolving...again.

    I noticed when I played a Corrupted Strongman, when it got hit by a devolving missle it turned into a Desk Imp meaning it had the Corrupted cost of zero as its mana consideration for the devolve. It sucked but it got me thinking. 

    Maybe if the cheated out cards mana wise like Dread Corsair was similarly posted as a 0 mana cost on the board it would ease up on the Evolve runaway situations.

    I realize this would probably have bigger consequences beyond this specific reasoning. 

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