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    posted a message on Wow... What an ugly meta
    Quote from AndreiRO >>

    I don't think nerfing cards that are popular now will solve anything. You nerf them, other decks and strategies which are just as toxic will emerge after that. 

    I think what needs to change is the design view / the principles by which they print cards. I would like to see them addressing the stuff that is toxic for the game: mana cheating, disruption, cards that skip turns (time warp, ice block, cloak). 




     I think it’s probably getting to the stage where the game needs a total reset (or a sequel) to get all of the trashy cards out. It’s past fixing with nerfs or changes to card design strategy.

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    posted a message on I Re-designed the WORST Legendaries in Hearthstone - would they see play now?
    Quote from Tango1232 >>

    I'm glad you are not balancing the game. I'm sorry but these are hot garbage and don't make sense.

    Giving a good effect on top of the card effect is not "improving" a card, it's lazy and in a consistency viewpoint it doesn't make sense, aside from flooding the card text.
    Temporus acting as a self full heal on top of it's effect is dumb, doesn't fit with the card and it's just a lazy and unengaging way of buffing a card
    Toki being a 0 5/5 on turn 1 it's not fun to deal with, aside from being stupidly unbalanced (and losing your 5th turn is NOT a good consequence of having her in your deck).
    Hallazeal has +2 spell damage on top of his effect, again, adding a good effect on top of the other effect is lazy and not a real buff, besides the card doesn't even need a buff.

    The rest are just again, other words on top of their normal effect, but even with these buffs these cards would still see NO play, none of these changes are good enough and don't even fit an archetype, cards are put in your deck for synergies or powerful effects, these don't fit any

    The one card i do like is Cho'Gall, but even with that effect it still would not see play, too expensive for the cost and warlock is not known for having expensive spells to use, aside from the card also being powercreeped by Bloodbloom, which was nerfed for breaking wild

     Bit rude mate. 

    Quote from BourbieSpeedrun >>

    The free 5/5 Toki seems a bit broken imo

    Can win on it's own

     It can also lose on its own.

    It’s not good card design to be honest. Really uninteractive and honestly, quite typical with the current design of Hearthstone. Wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar at some point in the real game.

    To be fair to the OP though… probably the only card he’s re-designed that I dislike. Some good ideas within there. Still think quite a few wouldn’t see play, but they’re definitely more interesting.

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    posted a message on BG is riddled with bugs

    Since the patch it’s practically unplayable for me.

    Disconnects every battle and barely functions during the shop sequences.


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    posted a message on OTK/Combo Decks Getting Out of Hand
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    Ah yes the famous uncounterable 50% winrate decks.

    they can routinely close out entire games by turn 7 or 8

    Is it ok for aggro decks but not combo decks or do you also complain about aggro decks closing out games by turn 7 ?

    The purpose of aggro decks is to stop combo decks by closing out the game by turn 7. The purpose of control decks is to stop aggro decks by closing out the game by turn 7. The purpose of combo decks is to stop control decks by closing out the game by turn 7. It's just a cycle and you were on the wrong side of it for a couple games, it's ok.

    Most games are decided by turn 7 if draw order was not screwed up badly by RNG, no matter the archetype, what's left of it after turn 7 is top deck luck or random generators and they rarely matter. In fact, most non-mirror games are decided in the matchmaking, getting the kill on turn 7 doesn't mean it was decided that turn.

    I remember I played arcane bolt mage early in the expansion, granted my list was homebrewed and probably unrefined, it wasn't easy at all to win against both aggro (better board presence than mine, little to no board removal) and control (Blood DK with massive health pool and hand disruption vs my not infinite damage burst). Shockspitter hunter is about the same, it's not easy to actually prepare all the burst and not die. Frost DK and Phylactery are easier, for different reasons, but definitely not breaking the game.

    Also, I love control decks, and I know for a fact, control metas are disgusting. Combo/aggro driven meta is the best you can wish for.

    Is it too antiquated to think that a massive OTK should pop off maybe closer to, oh i don’t know, turn 10 perhaps???

    Yes. Games closing out on turn 10+ were in 2015. For better or worse the game is different now.

    Whilst you’re correct that there should be a paper, scissor, stone mechanic, there simply isn’t.

    Combo decks completely destroy control decks, and most of them have a fighting chance at least against aggro, making them perfectly viable. 

    Aggro decks are not only strong vs combo decks, but also are powerful to the point that they can pretty much run over control decks as well.

    Basically, control decks have been completely left behind and are weak to both of these deck types. To be honest, I wouldn’t say it’s the worst it’s ever been, but it is pretty bad for control players right now. 

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is rigged
    Quote from MyDude33 >>
    Quote from Dakhrok >>

    In my opinion the MMR part is the problem. Why is the MMR hidden? It happened to me to play against streamers so I could exactly see their MMR, I had 7.6k, they had 12k. If you win a few games you are paired with way higher MMR players. This is the biggest problem in my opinion. Make the MMR visible, and don't pair us with 3-4k higher players. And maybe give more points for top4 place.

     I think Kripp has addressed this before. Above 7.5k or so there just are not that many players so that's why you get matched with much higher rated players.

    On top of that, I’m pretty sure your rewards for winning in these lobbies are much greater than it would be if you’re playing against people with the same MMR as you.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is rigged

    Word of advice to all the people on here claiming it’s rigged because they’re losing ‘unlikely’ scenarios…

    Don’t ever play poker. Seeing as you obviously don’t understand variance and get upset at an online F2P auto battler… actually losing coin flips when there’s money on the line isn’t for you.

    It’s incredible how people can think the game ‘sticks’ them at 6000 MMR and can’t see that maybe that’s just their skill level. Really… what’s more likely? That there simply are people better at the game than you? Or that blizzard has inexplicably programmed the system to specifically hate you as a person? 


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    posted a message on Leeroy Jenkins created a strategy .......

    One I personally absolutely despised that never seemed to get much stick was Mechathun.

    How anyone could think that card was a good idea defies belief.

    Every game against Mechathun priest was literally just watching as they drew their whole deck by turn 7 and killed you. Absolutely no counter at all at the time if you weren’t playing aggro.


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    posted a message on Problem with the most recent Neutral Legendaries
    Quote from Scorpyon >>

    Couple of things.

    What you are describing here is natural "power creep" that happens in all games of this sort. You can't compare the power strength of cards that came out 2-3 years ago with those currently, because the game has moved on hugely in power and variation since then, so cards like that would be different if created now, then they were back then. 

    Secondly, you are comparing only 2 of the many neutral legendary cards that came out with a few from back then. This is problematic because you are cherry picking non-similar (except for possibly C'THun) cards which have no bearing on the ones from current standard. 
    What about Neptulon, The Jailer, Lor'themar, Mutanus, etc? These are all super-strong neutral Legendaries that also have huge impact on the game, and are all stronger than most of the legendaries from 2-3 years ago. 
    Again, this is really normal. 

     No, it isn’t normal. The OP is dead on.

    A power creep is all cards getting gradually more powerful. This is pretty normal, but at the poster has mentioned, it’s a problem when finishing cards are neutral because it essentially makes all decks have the same win condition, which in turn makes gameplay stale.

    You mentioning the Jailer is a perfect example. The only reason The Jailer isn’t a problem is because Astalor is better. There’s no point in putting a weaker card (Jailer) in a deck when there’s a more powerful option (Astalor), which is why The Jailer sees far, far less play. If these cards could only be used in certain classes, then both could see play and the meta would be more diverse.

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    posted a message on Blood DK will eat aggro players for breakfast
    Quote from RendInFriend >>

    Too bad it can’t end the game and will be fodder to any deck with a wincon.

    Brann, Frostwhisper and Denathrius are neutral cards, mate. Any class can currently end the game.

    Can’t really understand why they’d nerf Kael’thas if they were just going to reprint it next expansion.

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    posted a message on New Frozen Throne Standard Decks
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    Im really hoping they start doing stuff like this more often, I Feel most of the feedback has been positive so they likely will

     This one has been enjoyable so far but when they brought back a few cards like N’zoth and Evolve a few years ago it was absolutely horrible

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    posted a message on Patchnotes Coming Thursday - Changes to Theotar, Wildseeds and Harpoon Gun Teased
    Quote from iLoveTriples >>
    Quote from Nitroxygen >>

    I predict:

    theo to five mana

    stag spirit minus one attack

    bear spirit minus one health

    harpoon gun minus one cost reduction


     Seems quite likely. Although... would there be alot of difference if Theotar costed 5 mana?

    As long as they don’t change the stats, of course. It’s much harder to play a 5 mana 3/3 that has no immediate board impact than a 4 mana 3/3 that has no immediate board impact.

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    posted a message on All New Remaining Druid Cards Revealed
    Quote from Ophion-EU >>

    Incarceration seems awful. It's decent removal for big stuff but Druid already has Insatiable Devourer and other ways to deal with that. It's very rare that Druid wants to remove big stuff early rather than ramping. The only reason I can see to run it would be that it's sort of silence removal, so you can deal with certain deathrattles.

    Attorney seems to lack a good target for the second effect, and if you want single target silence there is the tradeable.

     It depends on the meta. If ‘big’ decks are a thing, it’ll be a good card. It’s already very good against Shaman.

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