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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Revealed: Snowfury Giant

    who in  tarnation buffs giants?

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Revealed: Snowfury Giant

    ... but they would still be 8/8 tho!

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    posted a message on Can fulfill any questduin!
    Quote from Stehno >>

    How about 2x Igneous Elementals and no Foreflys and you can have two mind visions? 

      no, fireflys are for completing the hunter quest
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    posted a message on Can fulfill any questduin!

    nope, you have 2 firefly for that.  Probably could fit one more mind vision if you sub out chieftain or elise.

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    posted a message on The woes of being a priest (meme).

    I dont know in which subforum memes go (is it fan creations?) So i will post it here and hope to be in the right one. 

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    posted a message on Standard Tier Guide to Un'goro
    Quote from tictactucroc >>

    I don't understand why everyone thinks Bittertide Hydra is a trash card. In hunter and druid decks this is like tier 0 broken cancer card. It's just obvious, everyone should see it by now. If you lose the game because of its text, you're doing it wrong, same as Fel Reaver.

    Why would you ever play a quest that forces you to play shitty cards and rewards Queen Carnassa, when you can have two 5 mana 8/8 beasts in the deck for free ?

    because it will be super enjoyable when shamans start teching volcano and suddenly 80% of your life went down the drain because you choose the risky path. 

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    posted a message on Some thoughts about the un'goro meta and a certain card.

    Combo mage will be a very good anti control deck. Just arcane giants, chip damage and pray for hunter to brick early on. A joke variant of the deck might be bound to happen, with Spiritsinger and nzoth. Infinite Bird Works mage. With tortollan primalist to get more aoes. 

    Hunter will have a lot of time of refining before finding the perfect balance to fullfill the quest.  It will probably run some post quest anti brick mechanic that assures carnassa is a valuemaker. Stampede seems to be a good option, because i doubt someone wants to destroy the skill commands with Hemet. Tol vir will be a 2 of in most quest decks. A Joke deck featuring tortollan primalist as a finisher is bound to happen. 

    Priest... priest has a pretty nice tutor card. Jade druid suffers against nzoth board, plus you , as a priest, will probably steal ramp or jade generating cards... Maybe it will be a good control deck after all. we will see how it behaves against aggro. A clunky deck running x2 tortollan primalist whose purpuorse in life is to summon a game winning deathwing dragonlord with free from amber is bound to happen. 

    Warrior... blizzard, you made it. Taunt warrior, the dream.  Will probably see play as the definitive anti aggro. But lose to any deck that runs tortollan primalist. Except another warrior, because random warrior spells suck and nobody wants to play an 8 mana brawl.  

    Druid can finally play with less spells. Tons of big minions, some ramp, some card draw. Pretty nuts midrange deck, probably. Will use cards that let them cycle through 0 cost minions with ease, like fight promoter and tortollan primalist. The new legendary is probably playabe at 0 mana. Probably. 

    Rogue will be in the shadows doing miracles and  suffering because most of its spells are thrash with tortollan primalist. A hand vomit rogue with crystal core might happen, playing 2x1 body cards to fill the board once or twice and then burn out of steam if the enemy answers that state. 

    Pally will probably try to make some clunky buff decks that might see play if shaman and mage are not the tier 1 decks. Might end up running tortollan primalist as a powerhouse to heal a recruit for 8 and draw 3 cards. The 4 mana portal will play an important role summoning 2 drops that, depending on their quality, may define the game. Just like the latter Tortollan primalist will. 

    Warlock will cry the loss of reno in a corner, until it remembers dicozoo and comes back as a very fast midgame deck (you dont have to play the deck on turn 1, just before your first discard effect), Might run tortollan primalist as a flexible boardwipe,as warlock has basically a ton of aoes and one will almost always appear. might mill himself to death once in a while. 

    Shaman will play elemental and murloc decks that will once again rule the meta . they dont have high value spells to use with tortollan primalist. Kalimos primalist will be run for a replacement. 

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    posted a message on Battlecry synergy: Echo

    Choose a Jade golem generator. Summon a Jade golem.


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    posted a message on 2 cards 2 mana 2/5 cycle a card.

    Priest definitively needed  a 2/5 elemental in turn 2, to be followed by a possible 3/6 on turn 3.

    Curve priest is real , boyz!

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    posted a message on Primordial Drake

    Fafnir got tired of not seeing play in shadowverse and came here.

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    posted a message on Vinecleaver
    Quote from Winterburn >>

    "too slow"


     Shold have been quickier!
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    posted a message on Biteweed

    If it doesnt say something about how delicious lapdogs are im gonna be dissapointed. 

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    posted a message on Pterrordax Hatchling

    good enough for zoo, especially if you get the deathrattle. 

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    posted a message on Chittering Tunneler

    You play this and the options are twisting nether, doom and felfire potion.

    Meanwhile, mage doing the same for no health cost.

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    Playable rogue weapon. 

    go home blizzard, you are drunk.

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