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    At one point, I thought that he was getting better and getting more self aware. But when I asked for some info about his Giveaways (which weren't clear to me), instead of giving me the information right away, he started victimising himself. I unsubscribed right away. I don't want none of this drama.

    Tbf tho, his Marvel Snap video was on point. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Epic Card Revealed - Azsharan Vessel

    You are not wrong. So no one's gonna correct you.

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    posted a message on Which was the bigger failure, Mercenaries or Duels?

    Yo. Same. 

    I hardcore played for 1 month. And when the novelty wore off It felt like I wasted a month of my life.

    Mercenaries man, not even once.

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    posted a message on Pvp rewards bugged

    They hotfixed the concede exploit.

    You need to destroy at least three enemy mercs to be awrded a win

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    posted a message on Don't be shy, my friend. Who is your waifu?

    Dark Magician Girl | Wiki | Anime Amino

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    posted a message on New Dynamic Bundle Offer - Different For Everyone

    I own ~90% of the standard collection. I'm only missing some unplayable legendaries. 

    However, I'm getting offered the YoTP Bundle and the Barrens Bundle. How does this make sense?!? I'm missing a lot of Wild cards. I've been buying a lot of Wild Packs lately. If they offered me the Wild Bundle, I would have bought it immediately. Stupid AI. 

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    posted a message on The Eyes of C'Thun Card Back Is Now Available In The In-Game Shop

    Same. I actually bought it with $ as it's cheaper that way.  $2.99 = 2 packs. 

    I would do it again for KoFT preorder cardback, Lunar New Year, Exodar, Hogger and probably Sparkles.

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    posted a message on Your favorite game of all time?

    Super Mario World. 

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    posted a message on Ranked Season May - What Was In Your Chest?!
    Quote from user-100237634 >>

    too bad they didnt give you runeterra packs ? damn i wanted CSGO Skins

     Woah there, I was just saying. Can't a man share about other things here. None of you will get anything for sucking blizzards deck in here. 

    I still think Hearthstone is far superior gameplay-wise and simplicity-wise. I still want to come back after the LoR novelty dies down. Jesus, this place is like a circle-jerking cult.  

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    posted a message on Ranked Season May - What Was In Your Chest?!

    I actually got Magtheridon and Bulwark from two packs but I wasn't too excited as I'm playing more/testing Runeterra for the last three days.. 

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