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    I'd have same oproblem, I read lots of topic's here what can I say about me is like people befor me. When I try to lunch inkeeper it starts ignoring me ( yesterday work properly). between that I was just cleening my PC with advansed sys care and I defrag my disc.I was reinstalling inkeeper several times(like others) when install just show the oppening book and that it, all instalation takes 10 second. but it looks like I have all the files. INK still ignoring me( Task Manager don't see any inkeeper running). When I lunching InkeeperUI.exe it showing an error like 


    ok image in attachments, I saw that attachments in the end:P

     I saw a topic about that and answer was to delete file config.json from InkeeperUI.

    I delete and nothing happened so I've put file back.  When lunching InkeeperUI and that error shows in task manager in process in background I have "elektron" with inkeeper icon, when I turn of that and trying to lunch ink once again still nothing happends. In HearthPWN my collection I don't have any card from KFT and KaC if thats helpfull somehow. I have completly no idea what I can do next to fix that... I just want my decklist when playing HS xd

    Sorry for my english, it's not my first language:)

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