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    Aviana+Kun the Forgotten King combo doesn't need Innervate anymore.

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    Basically Omega Agent with +1/+1 and Taunt, but requires 8 more mana.

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    Upgraded Flanking Strike for every Quest decks. Also playable in decks that run multiple sidequests.

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    My prediction here:

    Shield of Galakrond from 5 mana to 6 mana: According to the current meta, 4 out of 5 Galakrond decks are between tier 1 and tier 2 with a large percentage of play. This might because of the overall advantage of Galakrond decks that most Galakrond decks can gain huge value while having great flexibility and early game tempo at the same time. Nerfing Shield of Galakrond to 6 mana can significantly slow down the speed of invoke process and weakens the tempo of all Galakrond decks while not killing them. Also, Shield of Galakrond itself is an overpowered card comparing to Devoted Maniac.

    Scion of Ruin from 3 mana to 4 mana: Nerfing Shield of Galakrond might not be enough for Galakrond Warrior, and nerfing Scion of Ruin along with Shield of Galakrond should be enough. Nerfing Scion of Ruin to 4 mana makes it harder to play Scion of RuinBarista Lynchen combo, and makes it not possible anymore to play 3 Scion of Ruin at the same turn.

    Necrium Apothecary from 4 mana to 5 mana: Although Necrium Apothecary is a new card comparing to Necrium Blade, but consider that 4 mana Necrium Apothecary might affect the future design of the next 1 year, it might be better to target Necrium Apothecary over Necrium Blade.

    Ancharrr from 3 mana to 4 mana: If Pirate Warrior deserves a nerf, then Ancharrr should be the best choice. It makes the game too RNG based that Ancharrr brings too much support for Pirate Warrior that drawing Ancharrr or not makes two different decks. Nerfing it to 4 mana should solve this problem while Ancharrr should still be a great weapon in Pirate Warrior.

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    Quote from Velerios >>

    Sorry but NO. Wild is not a deck for broken cards, it's a format many people enjoy and it's quite balanced right now.

    But no, there are cards that can't be unnerfed:

    Blade Flurry for example: Blade Flurry was simply too overpowered, having an AoE that hits face for insane amounts of damage. we know how strong such an effect is with another card that was nerfed: Aviana with Star Aligner: Star Aligner has not without reason a 7 mana cost, and even with this conditions, this card is still somehow strong.

    It was overnerfed ok, but unnerfing Blade Flurry is overpowered, especially for a really strong class like Rogue. Was it overnerfed? Yes, but Blade Flurry should NEVER HITTED FACE. Revert it back to 2 mana without damaging face: here we might be able to talk about it. but there's a red line for the face damage.

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is the only nerf where i can definitively be behind an compelte unnerf: it was nerfed because of e-sports. In wild, the consistency of Yogg'Saron is no longer as it was before. So in this case it was already unnerfed.

    Saronite Chain Gang can only be buffed it shudderwock gets nerfed significantly. This would make Shudderwock-shaman right now too consistant.

    Spreading Plague: WTF? Spreading Plague is still one of the strongest cards in wild, why unnerf? No thanks, this card is op enough, we don't need a buff to it too. 

    Tuskarr Totemic Hmmm... not really sure, Shaman is right now strong enough, it really don't need it, and Tuskarr Totemic would again also buff Thing from Below, one of the strongest minions in the game, so... Not really sure yet.

    Leeching Poison was far too strong, it was nerfed not only because of Kingsbane, but also because it limit design in future expansions. And this is the reason why most nerfes should stay and blizzard should continue to nerf wild, to not make another mistake like star aligner druid.

    As I said, not ALL wild cards deserves nerf reverts, but most of them aren't problematic anymore with their unnerfed versions in Wild. I particularly mentioned Leeching Poison in this thread that is might not be considered in the list, but other than that, Wild card pool nowadays is able to contain those unnerfed Wild cards.

    For some cards you mentioned like Saronite Chain Gang and Tuskarr Totemic, Shudderwock Shaman was not a good deck in Wild even with pre-nerf Saronite Chain Gang. If pre-nerf Saronite Chain Gang comes back, Shudderwock Shaman in Wild won't get enough support for it to be good that the Wild power level has risen a lot comparing to that time. And for Tuskarr Totemic, the most played Shaman decks in Wild are Even Shaman and Evolve Shaman (recently nerfed) and Even Shaman can't really run it. It won't be surprising that even with Tuskarr Totemic coming back, other Shaman decks still won't become competitive enough in Wild meta.

    Also, Blade Flurry is not a wild card, it's a Classic card that's still in Standard. So it isn't a card that needs considering that it will not receive any changes.

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    Quote from Salohcin >>

    No. It is mostly a dumb idea to revert nerfs. Many nerfs were for good reason.

    Even some of the individual examples of cards people in this thread would like unnerfed are pretty toxic. Yet alone all the nerfs not considered. 

     It's true that cards that gets nerfed were for reasons. It's also true that those reason doesn't make sense anymore in Wild comparing to the Wild card pool. Nowadays Wild meta is enough to handle most of those nerfed cards if they get reverted, and those cards that were born in the wrong time can find the place that fits them in.

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    Historically, a lot of cards got the nerf hammer during their Standard life for variety of reasons, and most of those nerfs are because of the card's power level and their negative impact to the meta at that time. But comparing to the current Wild meta, the pre-nerfed versions of those cards might not be as broken as before due to the expanded card pool and the raise of the overall power level. Considering these, it might be a good time to revert some (or most) of the nerfed cards in Wild while not breaking the game mode.

    Today, with enough amount of high power level cards and decks in Wild, I believe that those cards that got nerfed due to their power level would find the place where they really belong to. Also, some failed experimentation cards such as 5-cost Luna's Pocket Galaxy (still in standard yet, but will rotate out soon) might also get the chance to shine again in Wild. The benefit of reverting those cards includes bringing back players' old memories and giving a fresh experience combining with the current Wild card pool. For example, pre-nerf Saronite Chain Gang never got a chance to combine with Armagedillo and Into the Fray, with Saronite Chain Gang reverted, wild Taunt Warrior can get a chance to show the full power level of its handbuff package.

    However, some cards should be excluded in the revert event for reasons. For example, cards like Aviana and Naga Sea Witch should not get reverted since it's nerfed after it rotates into Wild (Naga Sea Witch might be able to get reverted if it can no longer interact with giants), and reverting those cards will cause the meta to be broken again. Also, some cards like Leeching Poison that brings bad experience might also not be reverted, although players can use Kobold Stickyfinger to counter it nowadays.

    So what's your opinion about the idea of reverting those Wild cards?

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    As shown below, the 58.38% winrate of Galakrond Shaman is the winrate that includes all pre-nerf matchups. Galakrond Shaman's winrate is updated to 50.24% in 2019-12-19, the first day after the patch. (49.58% in 2019-12-20)

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    Well, this patch seems working:

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