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    You are wrong. The complaint regarding the duplicate of legendaries is due to last expansion issue with tri-class cards (which being part of 3 classes appeared 3 times as much as normal cards... I wonder how that happened) and since Blizzard offered free packs as a result people jump to conclusion.

    The people complaining (at least on the official forums, not sure if it is the same here) about how this game "forces them to buy packs" is because for once there isn't a clear cut 3 to 5 legendaries you should have and instead made class legendaries unique and/or interesting. So basically those people complain that the game will be more diverse and that they have options...

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    "You don't need statistics to understand that this is not a random system." No, if you understood statistics you would understand it is a result of randomness. What you seem to be hoping for is even distribution which would be the DIRECT OPPOSITE OF A RANDOM SYSTEM.

    The way their pack works is exactly like any other pack of cards from any card collecting (game or not) works. You open a pack and you get random shit. The system doesn't care about what other cards you have. Hell Blizzard has a pity timer which is more than normal pack opening would do.

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    With the intent to make Wild fun and have people play it, with the number of different options for decks and considering Un'Goro seems to want to push even more new different decks, are there any plans to help players try and tinker with new decks by having more deck slots available? What is the mindset of Blizzard behind their reasoning?

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    GREAT card. Not all cards are made to be top tier cards. Some of us like to have fun and this will make every single one of my game unique. You can use the cards that are mad to make great decks and do what you want, I'm gonna play the shit out of this one!

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    I posted a long comment on the hearthstone forums trying to look at that brawl from a level headed perspective. IT might interest some people here. I know it's a long read, proof is that I am not all torches and pitchfork yet only got one downvote (yet my 3 line comment that was similarily level headed is getting a LOT of hate). Here it is if someone wants a different point of view


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