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    Don't worry, when this expansion rotates out, we will have a legendary minion that gives your silver dudes +3/+3 +adapt.

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    Control Quest hunter.

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    You got to get lucky with the 1 radiant elemental and lyra, It's possible, but hard, and most likely 1/10 times will work, but you lose tempo drawing this card when you must be drawing raza - shadow reaper anduin.

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    Very sad, that the non-duplicates priest got so over popular, I just to play it since LoE, now I feel filthy playing it.

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    F*ck off with the pirate warrior :P.

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    Wait... I think there's an error in the text, should be "Add a Golden copy of it to your collection"
    Double, kazakus, Benedictus(sounds terrible :D), N'zoth, Kun, etc.
    Wild gonna be interesting and it's only 3 mana! And it also keeps you the body from the copy, not like bouncing :D
    Very Good!

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    I'll be happy crafting combo Djinnies decks with this one, beautiful.

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    Notes for the next expansion:

    Play against mague... Put your less powerful minion in the middle;

    play against hunter put your most powerful minion in the middle.



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    If you Ooze this one, your opponent will get 10 mana crystals.... turn 5, let's ooze that weapon yeaaaah!

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    You damn right sir.

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