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    Quote from RondoDuo >>
    Quote from Yollowolf2 >>

    2023. hearthstone players STILL don't know how basic mechanics works. 
    Let me ask you a question. 
    You have Wild Pyromancer on board. And you play Yogg-Saron, Hope's End How many instances of 1 dmg will Wild pyro deal? Because this is the same situation. Something casts spell for you, and you expect to get benefits

     It's not the same situation. By that logic, why do I, the player, get overloaded for Overload spells cast by my Yogg? Or better yet, why do I get overloaded for spells cast BY MY Nagaling?

    And if you don't like that example, here's a fun fact: A Lightshow that is cast by Archmage Vargoth DOES increase the increment on the card by one. Why is that? The card specifically says 'YOU'VE cast this game'. Could it be that 'basic mechanics' doesn't really mean anything? Because Vargoth either makes you (the player) cast it twice and doesn't cast it himself, in which case Vexallus should also work like the previous poster said, OR he casts it himself in which case the increment shouldn't go up. Either way you put it, something is wonky.

    OP's question was fair for someone who didn't want to waste a loss on experimenting with funny mechanics encouraged by funny wording in a card game that's famous for being consistently inconsistent.

     Your Nagaling doesn't have mana crystals to overload. If it casts a spell that says "draw a card" then you draw the card because it can't draw cards. if it says "gain armor" then you gain armor because minions can't gain armor. If it casts shield bash then it deals damage equal to your hero's armor for the same reason. "Shuffle into your deck" will shuffle into your hero's deck because the nagaling doesn't have a deck. Etc. 

    The Vargoth thing sounds inconsistent, though. I don't see why it should work like that. 

    In general I've found Hearthstone to be more misunderstood than inconsistent. 



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    The amount of deck building required to generate 1-2 snakes and bounce it 2-3 times seems like it will always keep this deck in check. I didn’t have the cards to play the unnerved version. It seems like a terrible win condition post-nerf. 

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    Quote from dmhWarrior >>
    Its just silly to me to post how great a run went when people use insanely broken decks to get there.  Its like cheering because you won a drag race using a top fuel dragster and won against a Honda Accord.  Nice work.  C'mon.

    Even prop players know how dumb this meta is right now.  Standard is so obnoxious.  Zero variety.  You have two choices:

    1. Run a hyper aggro deck and pray you can draw well and go wide enough early.
    2. Run Warrior, Druid or Warlock and sit there until you play your "sorry I win combo/OTK cards"

    Thats it.

     Nah everyone else is also using a 'top fuel dragster.' 

    As you said there's 'zero variety.'

    No one was attacking you here, dude, and your criticisms are incoherent. 

    If your point is that you hit legend in much more challenging metas and so you're probably better at Hearthstone than the OP you should just say that instead doing this whole tantrum thing.  

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    1 mana 1/3 gain 4 armor

    2 mana 2/3 restore 6 health

    These aren't "completely and utterly different cards." 

    There's other differences too. That's what this thread is about. 

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    This seems fun, thanks. 

    Just beat a control warlock who I'm pretty sure wasn't expecting me to heal for 20 and gain 5 armor. 

    Only a few games in at platinum 4 but good win rate so far. 

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    Yep, what csguba said. 

    Somewhat unintuitively, the same isn't true of tradable cards because they put things into your deck but don't shuffle it. 

    So tradeable's a mechanic that could only work the way it does in a digital format. With physical cards you could just choose exactly where to put it.

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    Hey Sherman, how are your game projects going? 

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    If card text on a minion says ‘when something happens, gain attack’ then it’s always the minion that gains attack. That’s why they had to specify it’s your hero not this minion. 

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    It's like what Shakespeare meant when he wrote:

    Now leaden slumber with life's strength doth fight;
    And every one to rest themselves betake,
    Save thieves, and cares, and troubled minds, that wake.

    It's an alternative form of "he or she" that's been in common use for at least 400 years. I wouldn't worry about it. 

    On an unrelated note, isn't Brian Kibler looking fine? 

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    posted a message on Why you should boicot Twist


    I'm in favor of everyone enjoying all the game modes. 

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    Hard to think of a worse ruleset than "this mode that you bought a battle ready deck for is now offline for two months and if/when it comes back you'll need a different deck."

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    Quote from grokl77 >>

    If you don't like the format, then don't play it.

    As someone with a complete collection I am thrilled to be able to play with older cards, that are not good in wild.

    If Blizzard made the formats card available to everybody, then me and others like me would like our money back. I am a casual player, so I have never played enough to earn packs to get all the cards from the expansions. I have always bought the pre-order and packs on top of that, because I did not want to dust, because I wanted to have the cards, if they became useful again. Twist is just that, so thank you Blizzard!

    That's a depressing way of looking at it.

    It would not be bad for you if other players can play the game mode, it's just good for people who aren't you.

    Not that they will but they could do what they do when they make the core set and make some cards available to all players while they're in the mode. It wouldn't cost you anything and it'd be good for the mode. I didn't mind when the core set made all the vanilla cards I'd crafted available to everyone. 

    Wasn't one of the problems with Classic that it was so underpopulated people mostly played against bots?

    The only people that making Hearthstone cheaper might negatively affect is Blizzard. If the mode's profitable in the long term then there's really no incentive for them to make it cheaper. If it's like Mercs and Classic and ultimately not enough people are playing for the mode to continue exist they'll probably throw the mode away like they did the other two rather than open it up to players who don't have the old sets.

    Which is also depressing.  

    As players can't we all agree it would be good if the game was cheaper and it's bad when it becomes more expensive?

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    Quote from Toribasher >>

    Hearthstone Mathematics says Twist is most affordable mode of all time.

    Since they announced bans to improve the mode, you should support this experience.

    I get attacked in the forums for being hardcore "Hearthstone sucks" and rightly so, I've had few positive things to say about the direction of either standard (mostly, current meta is ok right now however long that lasts) or wild (meanwhile bgs has been solid).

    You should support Twist.  They are doing the right things so far.

     I just listened to that video, that's not what they say.

    They say:

    The phoenix bundle thing (the 60 pack deal) is the best per-pack value that Blizzard has ever offered.
    The $20 druid deck and the $40 phoenix bundle are very good value for money in a dollars-per-dust way. 
    The mode itself is very cheap at the moment because there are only a handful of viable decks and because the current rules mean no neutrals: "The current twist [is] essentially a broken version of Wild."
    $60 will get you a lot of what you need until the end of the month when the mode is going to disappear for a month.
    When the mode returns before the mini set it will require different cards, meaning that you should hold onto all your wild cards in case they come back into rotation years from now. On the other hand: 

    "We got the impression the Hearthstone team doesn't believe in Twist's success.... the developers have invested a minimum amount of effort in the new format." 
    ...so perhaps don't count on the mode sticking around. 

    Their survey suggests that like 20% of the players have positive feelings about the new mode... but those are Hearthstone Mathematics fans think it's safe to assume they hate the game. 
    Bans particularly illustrate why you shouldn't invest in Twist. The example they use in that video you talked about is that you might spend $20 on a quest druid deck and then find that Lost in the Park is banned. 

    So yeah creating a few viable decks to last you until the end of the month is cheaper than keeping up with standard rotations. 
    But for all the obvious reasons it's very poor value for money to invest in Twist cards specifically for Twist. Looks like it could be a good gateway to starting a wild collection though. 

    It's cool that you're stoked for the new mode. I think it looks good, I wish I had the cards for it. 


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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    I don't feel like it affects me since I play since beta and keep most cards except the unplayable or overcrept ones. I'm not sure "predatory" is the right word you're not forced to play the mode, if you're new to the game then you have to collect cards anyway and if you're a veteran player who doesn't keep rotated cards then it was your choice, and Twist is still less expensive than full on Wild mode for people who wanna get into it from scratch.

    I don't really see why rotated cards should cost less to craft than standard cards, they're actually more valuable since they're playable in more game modes. Just because we all conventionally agree that "standard is the main game mode" doesn't mean standard cards are worth more.

    By the way, you should boycott Twist because it's boring and the second worst game mode after Mercenaries, don't need more reason. (With current rule set at least, maybe this will get interesting in a month or two, but if this follows the tavern brawl algorithm of fun then most Twist months will suck)

     Which game modes can you play wild cards but not standard cards in? 

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    posted a message on Why you should boicot Twist

    It might be a mistake to think of it terms of'boycotting.

    If you've already bought the cards and aren't in the habit of swapping out your old legendaries (for 1/3 of what they cost you) when they rotate then you should try it.

    Otherwise Twist's not really for you. It'd be so expensive to buy the cards you'd need keep up with a mode where the rules and the sets change every month that I don't think they expect anyone to try that. 

    I'll be 'boycotting' the mode because I'm in the second category. I wish it was less expensive, it looks interesting. But oh well. 

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