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    Quote from Rradogs >>

    This is one of the worst expansions. Blizzard really tests their cards or they're just going to release all powercreed from now on. Basically standard will become wild this year with broken combos and OP cards.

     I just took my first session on ladder after my arena runs and I can't believe it. Why do team 5 keep doing this? druid is so ludicrous and feels awful to play against.

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    This isn't as bad as post rotation and the team have shown they are willing to nerf quickly now so there may be a refresh sooner than you think.


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    I think we have moved to a point now where the big game hunter nerf being reversed would be fine and appreciated. It is only a small thing but will at least help against the early doors 8/8s or allow you to deal with a crazy buffed minion in later turns with some mana left to deal with the other flood of hench baddies.

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    I thought this yesterday both when I was the victim of mind control and when I was the priest with mind control. In a mode where board state is everything and hand sizes quickly dwindle the power of mind control is too much.

    I would welcome a mind control ban, it should be sin binned just as the death knights were.

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    I miss Strifecro, he was an amazing decision maker and he always knew how to make a decent control/grinder mage in every meta which was a deco type I love but not many streamers played. He was arguably better teacher than Kibler.

    Other misses for funstone is noxious and day9, the latter for his tendency to go off on tangents abour anything in his streams.


    Also to the rude poster having a go at the poster with kids for no reasons, you need to have a word with yourself and also as a father of two, I can say that in the rare occassions I get to sit down with a cup of coffee, sometimes watching a hearthstone video/stream can be just what you need before duty calls again, nothing wrong with that.


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    Kibler showcases decks for longer and gives a more detailed analysis of his play. I like the decks he leans towards and he is very astute at choosing tech cards for the meta.

    I enjoy Regis a lot though and probably watch more of his videos. I tend to watch Regis while playing hearthstone but tend to watch Kibler without other on screen things going on.


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    Is "Resummon" different to "Summon"? What I mean is if rogue gets it and then activates the deathrattle with another card, as it is "Resummon" will it replace the 9/9 with an 8/8 rather than just summon an 8/8 next to a 9/9?

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    This is super strong and thank heavens it is not a battlegrounds card.



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    This seems a bit harsh at overload 2 considering it is already overcosted. Good thing is you are guaranteed a taunt and if the opponent only manages to kill that you know you can press the button for another taunt guaranteed.


    It would be interesting to know the order in case there are less spaces than needed.

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    Better but I would rather lose the mechanic.



    Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 4 cards

    Outcast: You can reposition cards in your hand until the end of the turn.


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