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    Not sure if this 100% correct .

    Its true that the Chinese Company holds 5% of Activision/Blizzard, but the market is way bigger there.

    In Hearthstones case streamers tryed roughly a year ago to go down to the bottom of Legend and collect the most Legend points (queing and insta conceding etc.rougly a week before reset ). In NA a guy went down to 6k, EU was 10.3 k, and China was almost 33k. (dont compare it to asia pacific wich is the smalest server). Obviously numbers might have chaged meanwhile. 

    Additional someone posted this:

    "On Destiny's - not that one - Twitch channel a WoW dev that was a guest on the stream let it slip that WoW would almost always be in Steam's most concurrent game if it was on steam - He also let it slip that roughly 70% of WoW players are from China. China is well known for delisting and baning any game/devs/publishers that even remotely seems to speak out against them. 

    What Blizzard has done is abhorrent and just downright ethically wrong - but I can see why they felt like they had to do that... Still keeping that shit uninstalled though. F..K Blizzard.
    The original video is behind a Subscriber paywall - so here's a reaction to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSAlh9l-c7Q "


    Feel free to figure out the numbers by yourself , but i guess China has far more influence than just 5%.

     You are correct that it's not just about the  5.2%, which is the actual total revenue. It's about growth in revenue from China, which doubled last year. The only place Blizzard revenue grew last year was China. Blizzard stock is down 27% this year. That's catastrophically bad. 

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    How Strife's deck work with too much duplicates?

     I think this is actually the best build for ladder as well as GM. Zephyrs is a staple in quest druid because you draw enough cards to support it. The late game is where Elise  becomes an alternate win condition. For example, if you're facing otk paladin you can Elise to get an extra hidden oasis and innervate, to heal 24 in one turn, or double up on ferocious howls. If your facing shaman or warrior Elise can give you an extra wave of threats that can seal a closely fought game. King Phaoris also serves as an extra big board and a pressure tool in the slower matchups. The only deck that this druid is very bad against is combo priest or some other extremely quick aggro decks. No beeees... 

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    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

    As to the comment, "it is unacceptable that there are unwinnable games" that flies in the face of the entire design space of card games.  But again, the poker players are laughing from their mansions.

    As to your definition of skill, I can't imagine any less relevant test of skill than "one single arbitrary set of circumstances which may or may not occur again in the entirety of a player's career".  It just isn't germane to the topic at hand to look at one particular game state and say "this person is more skilled because he navigated this circumstance . . . end of discussion."  And if that isn't the end of discussion, then by definition, skill can only be evaluated over multiple iterations of play.


    BUT, even if one reaches a complete impasse on definitions, the issue here is whether RNG is the controlling factor in success of the game. 

    You said, "even if one reaches no. 1 legend every month, that doesn't imply that there is skill in the game".  That is obviously untrue, and the argument can't really be carried forward if you insist on such an obviously flawed premise.

     I agree with all of the above. When Blizzard let some players early access to the new expansion Thijs almost made legend from rank 20 in 2 days. His deck building skills are so far above normal , he was able to achieve an 80% winrate with fresh cards. He was facing seasoned players, built 4-6 different decks and won with all of them. Once decks are optimized, the field gets a little bigger. But, I see the same names all the time in high legend for a reason. They make you think ahead to win, not just outdraw them. These percentages add up over time.

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    These numbers are bloated. If the deck doesn't make it to gm, it's probably not broken. Murloc shaman I've faced maybe twice this season and in top 300 legend I've never seen it played. On a seperate account that's entirely f2p I've all the basic murlocs because they are almost always viable in a cheap deck. I went from rank 15-9 on that account with maybe 4 loses or so with budget quest hunter,because that was the quest I got for free. Pretty much all 4 decks I play in legend regularly beat hunter consistently. The highlander secret is the strongest and it's still not oppresive in any way.

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    Quote from DrWhoIsBadTV >>
    Quote from ADXE >>


    Its crazy to think luck and RNG doesn’t play a role in a game full of luck and RNG. Then again, ZtG has proven RNG is manipulated to begin with so...

     Which RNG is manipulated and how?
    Can you link to that proof please?

     Get your tin foil hat on. It's about to get good.

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    If anyone gets a chance to take upgrade tavern/bar it's the sickest passive in the game. If you beat the next boss you can go into the bar and get the bartenders deck. 3 mana spell, all spells cost 0 you draw your whole deck and otk any boss lol.

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    Quote from CatandFiddle >>

    Yeah well I was really apprehensive about disenchanting all my stuff and on this particular account which I’ve had for about a year I did exactly like you said I substituted everything for other cards, but realistically those decks can only get you so far up the ladder... Which is why I decided to create a proper deck for the first time and actually be part of the Meta rather than trumped by it. 

     I definitely learnt my lesson haha, but otherwise I have 10 legendaries on me right now they being; Stargazer Luna, Luna’s pocket galaxy, Reno, Antonidas, Kalecgos, Zephrys, Vargoth, Zilliax, Siamat and Alexstraza. Just wondering if there’s a cheap deck that I should make which is sort of Meta that includes a few of them? Other than the Highlander mage haha... Thanks for your time btw

     Mage and druid always screw you like this. They're generally some of the highest played classes and cost a boatload to make. Combo priest is essentially 20 commons and you can play it with one legendary. You've 9000 dust in mage class cards, I think you have to bite the bullet and play a Reno mage deck. Apxvoid is a mage player on twitch and he always takes Mage to legend, usually with 2-3 different kinds of mage decks. Maybe just perfect the list and play as best you can with the cards you have.

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    Quote from Makaan >>

     I don't understand the importance of Bwonsamdi, the Dead, I don't have it and I'm not sure if it's worth to craft or not. I play Como Priest without him.

    What you think is it worth to craft ? 

     It's one of the only tools,that when you're off the board as priest and should lose the game, you can swing back with turn 8 Amet and small guys. It's not essential but can win some games and increase your win percentage slightly.

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     Wow, I missed the kabal lackey expansion. That's a ridiculous card.

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    I'm not sure how to post an image on mobile.

    My idea for this card is it's one the best old characters in the blizzard universe. One of his main interactions was identifying items for you, thus his ability is to identify cards as your opponent draws them.

    Some other name consideration are cain, the last horadrim and Old Deckard Cain.

    Flavor text is of course, "Stay awhile, and listen".

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