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    posted a message on The Cutest Card of Descent of Dragons - With Poll!

    Not voting… you forgot Hoard Pillager

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    posted a message on Loatheb against forbidden spells?
    Quote from sicknantos >>

    Sounds about right. That effect is in solo adventure. 

    I had Wondrous Wisdomball active and it changed the cost of Forbidden Shaping to 9 mana. Casting that spell gave me a 1-mana minion because it cost me 9-mana to cast and the spell itself consumes your remaining mana for the minion generation. I had 1-mana left over, so I got a Leper Gnome.

    Since the "forbidden" mechanic is based on 0-cost cards, you "spend" 0-mana and the remaining mana is consumed to equate the value of the outcome (like summoning a minion with value equal to the mana your spell consumed, for example).

    All that to say if they had 10 mana when they played Forbidden Words, it makes perfect sense that they'd clear Loatheb; the spell costs 5-mana now, and the remaining 5-mana would allow the spell to destroy Loatheb.

    That was still a very effective play, btw. you made them spend all 10-mana on removing a single 5/5. idk your board state, but that's a small victory.

     Point is it was turn 5, I now understood how the card works, but at heart it doesn't seem right that with an increase cost he still managed to kill my Loatheb on turn 5.

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    posted a message on Loatheb against forbidden spells?

    I was playing a wild game today and played Loatheb  on turn 5.

    My opponent used Forbidden Words and  managed to kill it, is it intentional? Does the mana cost of Forbidden cards do not count towards the mana spent afterward? Does it work the same way with other forbidden cards?

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    posted a message on What your opinion on the Dalaran Heist?

    Pretty good but I don't see the point of buying more wings except for the additional heroes, if you are interested in that. I bought up to 3 wing and kinda starting to regret it. Pretty funny overall but I rate it as "luxury" content / not safe money wise.

    Edit: forgot to mention that I already have tons of cards of RoS and already cashed the pity timer, that's why I'm not going forward

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing

    In all honesty the choices weren't that bad. it is their execution wrong. If they had more time/episodes to develop it would have been better, like having more time for Varys plot, Danny turning into madness and ruling as a mad queen etc etc.

    In my opinion a lot of people are arguing because we are coming to an end and not everyone can be satisfied. In GoT there isn't a main protagonist and seeing the team, character you were cheering for to die must suck. Having said that:


    Varys dying in a "suicidal mission" was logical, just rushed as fuck. Like all this season.

    Danny flipping crazy was kind of obvious, didn't expect to burn the whole city tho, I expected her to just take down the fortress. There again, we needed more screentime development.

    Greyworm was in line, he is turning into a Robot after he lost the one who tought him to not be a soldier. He just followed Dany.

    Arya having a change of heart about her life was brilliant and the fact that it was suggested by the hound even better, what bothers me is the ammount of plot armor she had, kinda ridicolous. The last scene was symbolic and "onyric" sure, but since when we had this in GoT except in visions and prophecies?

    Clegane Bowl was so much on point. It was a perfect ending imho. It was a well shot fight with Amazing photography. It all started for a toy. 

    Tyrion betraying Varys was meh, but his final moment with Jaime left me in tears, I almost wanted to call my brother after that.

    Euron was okay-ish? Randomly appearing was the only problem? They could have made them fight for the boat or the goddam paternity, not just a random "ah fuck it I want to have fun".

    I'm not going to comment about Jon, he is in line but boring.

    The Golden company being one shotted was MEH. We saw the power of a mature-grown Dragon. Okay. It was Amazing the first 5 minutes but now just boring and one-sided.

    I read a lot of comments about Jaime and how the character was "ruined". I don't really know sincerely, i'm kinda thorn apart. Was it a story about addiction? About Redemption? He is probably the best written in the series up to season 7, and the most half good half bad character. I think a lot of people are dissapointed because they wanted him alive and good, rather than dead and with a woman we despise. I still can't decide if I liked how my favourite character died, but i'm not entirely dissapointed by him tho, atm I can't figure out a better ending for him but i'll surely try. To all the people saying: "defeated by rocks" or some bullsh*t: Yeah I get it, but try to think it like it was a WW2 movie and in a bombardment. In a goddam close space with the woman you love. I finded it beatiful. Also Cersei was great this episode. She was confident, then broken. She returned to be a little scared children. Also the acting was so on point with her.

    But honestly by everyone. The Actors were Amazing. The Visual, Music everything was perfect except the writing that felt rushed and non-sensical just to shock.



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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing

    I joined the show around the release of season 4 because all my friends started talking about it and didn't want to miss out. I was very Young back then and had a lot of free time- I binge watched the first season with my brother and that was it- we were in. I wasn't a fan of gore, violence and all the goodies of the show but I somehow immediately feel gripped by the way the story is told: there is no main character ( i was "spoiled" about that) and you decide onto whom give attention and credit. I probably changed my favourite characters like 7 times troughout all the season.

    Also the show is anti-retorical and anti-heroical and even if i'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan I appreciated that twist.

    I lived this series more as a social experience to be honest: we would watch the episodes; chat about it ; gather with friends to watch the show- which is something "we" could have done with any series (we did it with Breaking Bad and Black Sails for example)

    Maybe it was due to me aging and getting more mature but I lost progressively interest in the series. The plot was getting blatant and obvious (i knew they stopped following the books because there was no material) and couch-watching with friends was the only thing that had me continuing the series (if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have finished season 7) Now i'm currently watching season 8 alone just out of curiosity and to avoid spoiler which is pretty ridiculous if you think about it. 

    I recently made a small rewatch (from s3 to s5) with my GF that had never seen the series and I must say that i'm still convinced about one thing: it is more of a social experience for me, pretty weird. 

     I don't love to talk anymore as once i used to about series and stuff (like Conspiracy teories etc) but with her it was funny, maybe because I already knew what was going on (Watch her live reaction to episode 3x9, 4x2, 4x9 and 4x10 was priceless)


    Regarding the episode 8x3:

    I think it was very good for one simple reason: I felt I was there. It was claustrophobic. I never felt that bad since I watched for the first time the original "Alien". I honestly didn't like that all those great plots were going to end "at random" because a Big Bad Evil Guy appeared but it depicted perfectly one thing: War. 

    War doesn't give a shit about your background and how you winded up in it, it just comes. And it takes. I was never interested in the "zombie" saga to be honest and i'm happy it ended and how it ended, unfortunately we aren't going back to good old politics and scheeming (but this was to be expected after Littlefinger Death)

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    posted a message on Which murlocs/cards to include in wild shamloc?

    Devolve is a must at least as 1 off. 

    Unite the Murlocs: depends on the Ladder experience, I Always include it but sometimes I mill it away

    Underbelly Angler:  OP.

    Scargil: It's fine only with underbelly, we have better options for his mana cost.

    Gentle Megasaur: I love this card.

    Finja, the Flying Star: Can usually swing board and stealth is nice but Yeah, too slow of a card.

    Siltfin Spiritwalker: never used it, never bothered to craft it. Should I ?

    Everyfin is Awesome: A strong cheap finisher, still works with non-murloc which is nice.

    Bloodlust: you either pick this or everyfin, this is the "save some dust" option.

    Soul of the Murloc: Still haven't used it, definitely will try it out.

    Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Strong flexibility with a decent body, me likey.

    Murloc Warleader:   here is where I disagree with you. I have been using Warleaders even after the nerf and they are still an Amazing trading/smorc tool.

    Neptulon: if it wasn't for the overload would be ok-ish ? We already have quest and underbelly as a refill. Never bothered to craft it.

    Old Murk-Eye: MvP

    Bluegill Warrior: The new rush guy is better imho. Hench-Clan Hogsteed

    Toxfin: decent trade tool

    Call in the Finishers: it's pretty nuts if followed by a warleader or everyfin is awesome, good quest finisher.

    Brrrloc: I actually like this card, freeze is very underrated.

    Murloc Tidecaller: I often times Mulligan the quest if I have this bad boy in the opening hand

    Coldlight Seer: must have

    Rockpool Hunter: must have

    Primalfin Lookout: Used to run it but we have better options now

    Murloc Tinyfin: It is kinda good with underbelly and is a coin for everyfin, still risky and situational

    Sludge Slurper: you sometimes go of-curve. Still play testing

    Ghost Light Angler: as 1 of is ok.

    Ice Fishing: Depends on the list, a more controllish one would run this, an aggro beat down no.

    Murloc Tastyfin: don't love it but better than ice-fishing

    Primalfin Totem: I like this card, it fills the quest pretty fast if they can't answer

    Coldlight Oracle: i absolutely hate this card i would consider playing it if I'm facing too many evenlock.

    Grimscale Oracle: I prefer warleader, this little guy as a 1/1 is so volatile.



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    posted a message on Omega Devastator ability wording inconsistent?

    It won't, it's just a text inconsistency 

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    posted a message on How to beat Big Priest?

    Kingsbane rogue (the aggro version) can do great things against it, They have no weapon removal.

    Sadly Big Priest is and will forever be what ruins the wild format until they rework Barnes.

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    posted a message on Edible Pizza Stone!

    Congrats for the wedding dude! I wish You an happy life :D

    As a random Italian guy I also must say that this pizza looks tasty, well done!


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    posted a message on Wild Tier List Post Nerf February 2019

    Druid3+1 Hunter4 Mage4 Priest4 Pally4 Rogue4 Shaman3 Warlock5 Warrior3

    Despite everyone judge the Wild Meta manages to represent all classes at some extent. I still do not approve that Barnes stays the way he is but that's on me I guess. Nice post btw.

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    posted a message on Rating the set and garbage Legendaries

    It is a great set indeed and I agree. But i cannot follow the logic of the rarest card=useless. It feels bad when you find them sure, but wouldn't it be worse that all the good and necessary cards are also the most expensive?


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    posted a message on Shadowreaper Anduin value?

    i think that he can easily fill in almost every priest deck that needs a ""big board clear"". Other than that it is playable in some dragon lists that uses alexstrasza and set up an Otk combo. Atm the best priest in wild is BigRessPriest which sometimes uses the DK and sometimes not. It's up to your call and meta knowledge. 

    See the DK this way: he can be a strong combo piece, a late game win condition, a peculiar board clean. Worth crafting imo.

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    posted a message on Your biggest fail so far?

    dusting a Golden leeroy Jenkins 1 month before the nerf.


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    posted a message on OSHS

    Yeah you are right, i didn't think of that through. Paper seems a good solution then.


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