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    JOIN OR DIE! or both

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    That's what Aggro is for. This combo will never work vs. Aggro because Aggro is out of cards at this point (7 Mana Crystals) anyways. Also, as most people mentioned above, I don't believe this is as problematic as you think it would be.

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    Just don‘t think too much about it. The game is all about percentages, and there are hard counters vs. specific deck archetypes that just don‘t allow you to win often times.

    If you encounter a bunch of them in a row it‘s just bad luck. Think of it like roulette. If you bet on red and then the result is black 9 times in a row, it‘s just a rare loss streak. But you can also experience the opposite and make legend so just don‘t give up. It‘s not always missplays and not enough experience which loses you games. Often times it just comes down to matchups.

    If you run a murloc deck with strong minion synergy but your opponent is control and disrupts that synergy every turn, theres really nothing you can do about it. You just encountered the counter archetype, control.

    The trick is to create a really good aggro deck that has above 50% winrate vs other aggros, because combo is fodder for you and you can rarely beat a deck that fully commits to control style anyways. All these things combined you need to stay above 50% and your good. The rest is decided by your trades, card draw, meta knowledge and matchups.

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    I try to summarize it as tight as possible for you. The last two times (Nov 2020, Jan 2021) I used homebrew decks to reach legend (Paladin, Warlock) and to reach that, as many others have posted here, a plethora of factors influence on how efficient you are to reach that rank:

    1. Understanding the Game Core Mechanics and Archetype System

    The game is built around 3 archetypes which counter each other. Aggro beats Combo beats Control. Important: Every single card in Hearthstone is meant for a specific deck archetype and tailored towards beating it's favoured matchup. (A Fel Summoner is not viable in aggro because at around turn 6 you are out of cards and cannot afford to play big demons in Aggro, and in Control this thing has no immediate board impact so Aggro will just ignore it and go face -> it's a Combo card that needs big demons in your hand (Spectral Sight, Crimson Sigil Runner needed too to get cards early), and has great synergy with Imprisoned Antaen as Antaens dormant effect will trigger one turn earlier if your opponent kills Fel Summoner on his turn and then brings this guy on the board, also non-minion based passive Control decks cannot weaken it's dormant effect by playing loads of small minions to soak up the damage and usually the 10 damage go directly face and also the dormant effect makes it immune to boardclears) Here a short summary of archetype specifics:

    Aggro (proactive play):

    • designed to beat Combo (= to beat low statted minions with great abilities like Summoning Portal or Mana Tide Totem)
    • focused on attacking opponent's hero, only trade rarely
    • minion heavy (sidenote: minions need to wait a turn to attack -> are vulnerable to spells, but can attack over multiple turns, other than spells which are one-offs), prone to board clears
    • many high attack, low health minions, or high health minions with minion play synergy effects (e.g. Disciplinarian Gandling)
    • often tribe based, minion synergy (e.g. Murlocs, Pirates, Demons, Beasts)
    • uses mana crystals most efficiently
    • plays a minion every turn
    • usually out of cards and tries to close out games by turn 6/7
    • needs to be able to refill the board multiple times nowadays (Tip the Scales, Kanrethad Prime)
    • fastest games


    Combo (situational play):


    Control (reactive play)

    • spell-heavy
    • focused on opponent's minion board (at least in early game)
    • full of early boardclears (Lightning Storm, Explosive Trap) or minions with immediate board impact (e.g. Scalerider) to break minion synergy like Murloc Warleader.
    • has very powerful lategame minions
    • can heal or Taunt up heavily
    • has multiple cheap hard removals for the big guys
    • due to the amount of spells which are instant but gone after play (other than minions which can deal way more damage over multiple turns) very prone to sticky minions like Cairne Bloodhoof

    beats...Aggro (you can now read the Aggro description again :P)

    Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Minions and Spells

    A Coordinated Strike summons 3 minions with Rush and generates 3 Death Events. Now the last part is most important and if we look at the most extreme example here, which is Expendable Performers, which can generate a total of 14 Death Events, thats huge. Imagine you have a Blood Herald in your hand, this guy can become super huge. My last 3 games with Swarmy Combo Illidan were decided because of a 44/44 Blood Herald on the board, that my opponent couldn't answer. So knowing why a minion is trading stats for an ability is very important. Dr. Morrigan wasn't a bad card. It was just very specific and needed to be fished with Silver Vanguard to have an ongoing loop of undying minions, great vs. Control. So analyse cards, see what they trade stats for and think about the archetype this can help most against. Then find similar cards, profit.

    Blizzard creates perfect decks each expansion, and usually expands on the Combo versions to provide different playstyles for each class - each expansion. So what you need to ask yourself: Should I copy an efficient deck from the internet (netdeck) or try to assemble my own one and try to come close to one of those Blizzard test decks? If you decide to create your own...

    2. ...you need to decide which archetype you want to play

    Before deciding which deck to build here some things to think about on the road to legend:

    • anything above 51% winrate will get you there, but 60% will be faster than 51% obviously.
    • usually most matchups are vs. Aggro, especially when there is more player activity (evenings, weekends). Aggro ist fast and efficient
    • you will have win and loss streaks. And there is a chance that you will lose the last game before reaching legend rank due to being super nervous
    • consistency is key. Many players try to rank up with decks that can create unfair turns, so called highrollers. But those decks usually cannot pull off those turns consistently enough to be viable. There is no use in a deck that can have a crazy turn with a very specific combo of cards if it just doesn't happen often enough. Redscale Dragontamer + Nozdormu the Timeless + Tip the Scales is such a combo right now.

    I would strongly suggest to build an Aggro deck. These decks, due to the high attack/low health minions teach you when to go face and when not, when to go wide on the board and how to use your mana crystals most efficiently. Contrary to popular believe they can be very challenging to play, for example this one: 

    Darkmoon Hurtlock (Legend)
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    Minion (24) Ability (6)
    Loading Collection
    Ok, Aggro it is then, how do I build an efficient Aggro deck then?

    Now say you have a very good Aggro deck, something that can also beat other Aggro decks really well (~ above 50% winrate vs. mirror matches) + you have a good winrate vs Combo anyways due to the archetype you play, there is a very high chance to reach legend because your overall winrate is at around 55%-60%.

    3. Building the Aggro deck

    First and foremost: On-Curve Synergy. Due to the way the game works in that it gives you one mana crystal each turn, this is probably the most important thing to take care of when building decks. This is even more important now with the very high overall power of an individual card. Each expansion Blizzard releases neutral minions which are very good in a very specific class/archetype combination. Usually they have on-curve synergy. Soulbound Ashtongue is the best play before Darkglare. More examples:

    Notice something? These are all Neutral/Class card combinations. Not all of them are aggro cards though. But it's crucial to find those synergies to make a specific mini-combo work. Once that's found you can build upon a specific theme, for example damaged minions in Warrior or small swarmy demons in Warlock. Or Murlocs in Paladin which works great as well right now.

    The second most important thing is a great curve. You want to be able to play a minion every turn, so having about 6-8 1 cost cards is not rare these days. But be carefull not to have too many low cost minions as you will be very prone to boardclears. You need good 3 and 4 cost minions as well which can sometimes even survive board clears and continue dealing damage. I've encountered lots of aggro decks, especially Demon Hunters, which run way too many small minions and couldn't keep up over several turns with my bigger minions to fight the board efficiently. As an aggro deck you want to play the most efficient minion possible, ideally using up all the resources you have each turn. With 8 1-cost minions in the deck you have a very high chance to get a 1 drop in your opening hand.

    Now that our deck is complete, how do I reach legend?

    4. Right Piloting of your Aggro Deck

    Most importantly: Stick to your gameplan. One thing most people don't do is going wide early. A well built aggro deck can afford to lose some minions to a boardclear and you should always play the maximum stats on board. There is no use to wait for a perfect turn as your opponent will just have more time to draw into more anti aggro cards aka boardclears over time too. The Warlock deck I posted above survived 1x Twisting Nether, 2x Cascading Disasters and 2x Plague of Flames in a game and still won. Why? Because my opponent also ran some Combo cards which hindered his ability to counter aggro since he didn't fully commit to his gameplan. It was a Control/Combo Hybrid which is more prone to lose to Aggro than a deck that is fully Control.

    Mulligan: Don't keep minions or spells you can't play early. A Flesh Giant is too expensive early on and a Wicked Whispers is no use without minions. In aggro it's less important to know which deck your opponent plays, since your gameplan is still way more important than anything else. If you know you face a control heavy deck you still need to create max pressure on your opponent and kill him as early as possible, especially if he runs many boardclears. The earlier you kill him the less chance your opponent draws another board clear. And a good Aggro deck can survive some. Cards like Imprisoned Sungill are designed to be able to populate the board, allow for minion buffing on your turn and survive boardclears, even though they belong to Aggro. They were created to counter the increasing amount of Control tools classes get over expansions and balance the winrate of Aggro vs. Control.

    You will need practice with your deck and at some point you will know which 1-drop to play against an Aldor Attendant which could be buffed next turn with Hand of A'dal.

    Know your damage source: You play mostly minions, so that's where your damage source is: on your board. You are prone to board clears due to low health minions and instant spells due to minions needing one turn to attack. But your minions are highly valuable over multiple turns if they can survive. Remember, other than one-off spells they can be real work horses. I once managed to win a game with multiple Fiendish Servants which were revived by using Raise Dead only. They kept buffing each other and my opponent just couldn't handle the high attacks combined with the attack frequency every turn. That's also why Murlocs are so efficient, because they have a crazy attack/health ratio compared to other aggro cards.

    That's it so far. If I remember more important stuff I can share I will update this post. If you want, as a challenge, try to assemble an Aggro Priest deck using the new Lightsteed (Tipp: you need Potion Vendor and Neferset Ritualist, and very high health minions to make use of your hero power)

    My next goal is to hit legend with that Aggro priest deck because for some reason no one expects that deck and people think aggro priest doesn't have enough draw but seriously, it doesn't really need it. Let's see XD

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    posted a message on Needing opinion on control warlock

    I can imagine that weapon based, aggressive decks can be a problem. You‘d need good heals and fill the rest of the mana slots with taunts as well.

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    Envoy Rustwix has value written all over it, so if you face lots of control decks it can certainly outvalue them. Vs. aggro though it's kinda a dead draw and you will most likely not draw into those primes fast enough. But mixed with some control tools (board clears, immediate board impact cards) it can be fun. I personally found Kanrethad Ebonlocke to be more efficient in an aggro deck because the 1 mana discount doesn't matter so much in combo, but if you run lots of smaller demons it can make a difference in early turns.

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    It certainly has a place in control decks which are weak at the 5 mana slot. That said if you happen to face lots of low health aggro decks it can be a game winning card, especially against pure aggro decks that want to refill the board over and over. But you also need healing and powerfull bigger lategame threats of course, boardclears only rarely win games on its own. Could be interesting in rogue to bounce it multiple times.

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    Quote from Marega >>

    Interesting. What was ur mmr aka ur stars at the start of the season?

    I don't remember exactly, was it 9 or so? I reached D5 the month before, didn't really try for legend though, mainly played my Murlocadin that I reached legend with the month before.

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    Alrighty, wanted to update this post, I just reached legend with this deck.


    I was having some trouble going forward from Rank 4 yesterday, I kept winning and losing, back and forth. Today I could reach Rank 3 easily, then again some games against heavy control decks. Finally after about 3 losses/wins I could continue my win streak with 9 wins total straight to legend.

    The last games had some crazy openings. Desk Imp + Fiendish Servant turn 1, Soulbound Ashtongue + Wicked Whispers hitting Boneweb Egg turn 2, Neferset Thrasher turn 3. The Fiendish Servant + Man'ari Mosher surprised some players too, just like in vanilla with Power Overwhelming + Void Terror.

    Desk Imp turned out to be super useful in combination with Fiendish Servant early on, but also won me a game with the Man'ari Mosher giving it 3 Attack for lethal after a Raise Dead + Brittlebone Destroyer combo on a Libram of Hope minion.

    Also Darkglare carried lots of games since I could sometimes play minions worth 5 mana on turn 2 due to the amount of self-hurting minions and spells. An Animated Broomstick that dies and can be selectively brought back using Raise Dead turned out to be extremely useful to regain board control.

    Most games with the Disciplinarian Gandling + Desk Imp combo destroyed my opponents as early as turn 4.

    Just wanted to share my experience with it. Have fun playing!

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    Replace 2x Voracious Reader with 2x Backfire now to have even more Synergy with Flesh Giant/Darkglare and to have more reliable card draw.

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    Releasing new, more powerful cards needs to happen. There would be no reason to buy new packs otherwise and people want to have a faster aggro type, a more swingy combo or more devastating control archetype than before.

    If all three archetypes are pushed the same amount then the game is still balanced.

    Say Control gets more boardclears/spells that can immediately interrupt minion based aggro decks in a new expansion and the win ratio of control vs aggro is at about 80-90%, the win ratio with a new boardclear against aggro increases even higher. So there must be a counter balance to retain that win ratio or otherwise control gets too powerful vs. aggro and eventually even against combo (which should be it's bane)

    That's why cards like Imprisoned Sungill are created because thanks to its domant effect it can still populate the board but is not affected by board clears (at least for 2 turns) and can be buffed the turn it awakens with e.g. Coldlight Seer and maybe even be buffed out of range of an Explosive Trap. So there is a counter balance to that even though aggro is still unfavoured against control but it needs to have some more tools to withstand it longer. In return, aggro gets more tools to populate the board faster (Murgurgle Prime or Tip the Scales) to have better chances against Controls new tools.

    The same applies to Combo btw. While Combo usually lacks the time and tools to deal with aggro, a Summoning Portal, which was part of Warlock Combo in Classic, only has the benefit while the minion is on the board + it can be easily dealt with for minion based decks.

    Now we have cards like Raging Felscreamer which is basically a beefed up Summoning Portal. It has better stats and the ability persists even if the minion dies (making it more efficient vs. Aggro), making Priestess of Fury possible on turn 5 even if the Raging Felscreamer dies to minions. (yes, I know it's a Demon Hunter Combo but it's very similar to the Warlock Big Combo Deck of Classic).

    So the game gets crazier and crazier with time and what's certainly the case now is that we have many more Swingy Turns that feel like you can't answer them because of the Power Level we have right now - simply because the cards are crazier and our hero only has 30 hp still.

    In the end that makes deck building and on curve synergy much more important than in classic so you can keep up with your opponents turns somehow.

    Also because of the reasons stated above I believe we will see many more Dormant cards in the future, similar to how Deathrattles and Taunt minions are always part of an expansion due to its very core game mechanic that is necessary.

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    Value card used for Combo Warlock. Very strong with Felosophy, Tickatus, Free Admission, Ring Matron, The Dark Portal etc. Control will not be able to deal with that amount of big threats. Does nothing against aggro (no immediate board impact or heal/protection for your hero)

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    posted a message on Darkmoon Hurtlock (Aggro), now Legend

    Shake up the meta with this spicy hyper aggressive chip damage Warlock Deck. It has tons of synergies and requires some experience to pilot. Currently I'm at diamond 5 and still going strong. Give it a try, it's quite a lot of fun! Full write-up in the deck description.

    Darkmoon Hurtlock (Legend)
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    Minion (24) Ability (6)
    Loading Collection

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    posted a message on Is this a world record? I have been killed in turn 3 in Wild.

    Double Dust Devil with coin, turn 3 Flametongue Totem was a very rare thing in vanilla Hearthstone, that's 12 damage on turn 2 + 20 on turn 3.

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    posted a message on "There Are Big Changes Coming To Hearthstone In 2021" - Alec Dawson
    Quote from Entropy7 >>

    I'm optimistic in the hearthstone team, there will be good changes for the game.

     Finally a positive post.

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