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    posted a message on Is it too late to craft hall of fame and get refund?

    Yes it is. Once they gave us the dust it officially became too late.

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    posted a message on 79 packs..... 1 legendary

    I am at 2 legendaries in 90 packs so I am not far off of what you had. I think I have also only opened something like 6-7 epics in those packs as well.

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    posted a message on paladin viability
    • Quest - it will not be that hard to complete the quest but keep in mind that the quest reward probably in the long run wont carry as hard as we would like it to. Keep in mind that Dirty Rat and Taunts in general will be a problem potentially for the wincon here. There are also plenty of other ways to interact with an ideal setup adapt monster. My biggest concern about buffadin right now is the value of the minions themselves. I feel like it seems likely that the actual power of the minions might not hold up in a lot of cases to get you into a position that the quest reward will be able to carry us in. I think our actual buffs are kind of ok but we really needed some better minions which I feel we didnt really get the follow through on.
    • Handbuff - it might actually be stronger than it used to be given the rotation. I think the increase in good taunts is actually a very strong buff for this type of pally because taunt minions work a lot better with this strategy than lifegain does. If the meta slows down it might be a great bump towards this type of pally especially if combo is harder to do moving forward.
    • Aggro / Murloc - its hard to say, there are some decent cheap minions and more murlocs into the pool but I am still leery of the good new neutral taunts. You might be able to pull off an aggro buffadin I guess but I am a little skeptic right now with our current tools.
    • Control - We are one of few classes with healing in class plus we have some really bomb late game in class minions and some new neutral taunts. I still think our control probably loses to Jades and the new Elemental shaman though. Without Sylvanas in the meta as well it puts our N'Zoth that much worse so thats probably not the thing right now.

    Overall, I think we are looking at handbuff and or Buffadin as the potentials that look most promising right now.

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    posted a message on Doomsayer moving forward

    Doomsayer has for a long while been part of a control pally's kit as well as something that blows us out from time to time. Moving forward, it looks possibly even more important for and against us. I just thought I would sort of see what others were thinking but here are my lines of thinking:

    1. Un'Goro is very heavy in taunt. This means that there are affordable taunt minions accessible to many classes in the lower mana brackets. Dropping a cheap taunt + doomsayer will be hard to beat.
    2. Glacial Shard + Doomsayer will be very efficient in locking up a minion and keeping the pressure off of Doomsayer for a turn for it to proc. This is a 2 card combo that can be used very cheaply and possibly even multi tasked into a turn with a weapon equip or something.

    Its possible that these two are not as big as I am hyping them but at the same time perhaps they are. I was just curious to see what everyone else thought about Doomsayer moving forward and if you felt it also might see an increase in performance this set release.

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    posted a message on Issue with Forum "Experts"

    1) This is the internet so take everything with a grain of salt

    2) Rank is not everything. Rank gives an indication of how much people play primarily. Being high legend is cool but again we like just rotated seasons so its at this point in time a much bigger indication of how much someone is playing.

    3) There are ways to play this game other than just measuring rank. Personally I play this game for the fun of deckbuilding. I like knowing what the big net decks are but I have fun when I am making and playing something custom. My rank totally sucks but more because I am doing good if I manage to get in and play for an hour in a week some weeks.

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    posted a message on Will there be pack opening bug like there was in MSoG

    What bug are you referring to? Also the answer is probably regardless no.

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    posted a message on Journey to Un'Goro pack opening: Expectation VS Reality

    Opening 90-100 packs

    Legendaries: Sunkeeper Tarim, The Last Kaleidosaur, Fire Plume's Heart

    Honestly I am a deckbuilder so anything and everything is fine. I just want those three more than the rest right now.  I might craft the pally ones foiled if I end up crafting them instead of opening them.

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    posted a message on Disappointed with the high cost un'goro cards

    Some of the problem is that they have been doing a lot more one set contained mechanics that dont have synergy with cards outside of their set. It does create more archetypes to play within the classes but it also makes deckbuilding more boring because most of these strategies build themselves (looking at jade).

    The problem on the other side of the coin is if you make a bunch of goodstuff cards then there becomes only one viable deck per class and that is just the best of the goodstuff jammed together. There is arguments that could be made for both design philosophies but there is also an issue that even if you have a bunch of ways to build a class the one that is most successful will be the one seeing play.

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    posted a message on My take on Buff Quest

    Selfless Hero also has been overall very disappointing to me in every time I have tried to make it work. You might consider some Loot Hoarders possibly in the list for a little more added draw. I like the Runic Egg idea too.

    Devilsaur Egg could also possibly be a good addition for buffadin as its another creature people dont really like attacking / removing.

    If you try to keep forcing so many fast early drops then you will want the second Divine Favor as well.

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    posted a message on The Voraxx and Paladin Quest Interaction

    Its really unfortunate as the buffadin creatures that are rotating are vastly superior to the buffadin creatures they just made. They made all of the new ones unbelievably weak stats for their costs which means instead of having on curve creatures you need to have control of the board or try to drop and buff them as you drop them. I am really mad at blizzard for punishing the new ones with such bad stats for their mana.

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    posted a message on What time do you think it'll be safe to play tomorrow?

    The day of launch it will more or less not be playable. I would probably put it in at least the day after launch before it will be a little better. I suspect there is something about lots of players in mass opening packs that does hell on their servers and they have never had a smooth launch yet so I doubt this will be any different.

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    posted a message on Pally in Un'Goro

    I think there is still potential. Keep in mind a few things about this rotation:

    1) Lots of combo enablers are rotating. We have class and neutral combo that are heavily rotating right now.

    2) Lots of the neutral healing is rotating. This might mean that a midrange and or aggro strategy is more viable. It also means that our control options are one of few classes that can efficiently heal.

    I wont lie when I say that I was hoping for some strong 2-3 mana standalone effects and I did not get what I was looking for there but I think its a little preemptive to just dismiss pally because what the base assumptions for what we wanted did not show up.

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    posted a message on Pally in Un'Goro

    So, I felt like I would review what we have and what we are kind of looking at moving forward. I consider myself a pally main and while I will totally admit I dont play as much hearthstone as I probably could I wanted to recap my thoughts on the pally cards and options moving forward.


    Sunkeeper Tarim - My first thoughts were that he reminded me of Eadric the Pure but to be honest he is so much better than that. He has taunt as well as stat adjust all of your minions while also hitting toughnesses. He also can take on 3 of your opponents creatures himself before being underwhelmed (assuming nothing else). He can also be used to pump your own creatures which seems like an interesting finisher for an aggressive strategy or used as a control card. Its important to remember that he can be used with something like Lost in the Jungle or Fire Fly. He is very versatile and I think where Eadric the Pure missed in a lot of ways he makes up in adaptability.

    The Last Kaleidosaur - My thoughts on this card when it was spoiled is that it depends a bit on how good of buffs and creatures we also get. I think we got some fairly good buffs out of this set but I am still a bit in between on the minion options we got. I am still optimistic and I think the rewarded Galvadon is amazing I think there is still a large question of how good the creatures we have access to are. I will leave myself at cautiously optimistic but I am still waiting for it to prove itself before I really vouch for it. I love buffadin and its an archetype I have been playing for a long time myself but I dont overly feel like paladin has the minion base to really make buffadin good right now.

    Dinosize - this is absolute garbage. It costs too much and is too easily overcome.

    Primalfin Champion - to be honest, I am really mad at the stat line they assigned him. This is a creature who is drastically under stated for his cost and while his "potential" is cool you are going to have a hard time dropping it on curve because of how bad its base stats are and it has no ETB or Deathrattle if it doesn't stick around a bit assuming you are not planning to play it off curve. I think its a really cool design but even a 2/2 for 2 is not good stat efficiency since the base 2 drop has a 5 combined stat line and this one has a 3. All of this adds up to it either not being a playable on curve minion or being too dependent on your opponent playing nothing to the board and or not having spot removal which is a tall task early in the game. Again, I love the concept of the card they just gave it ridiculously bad stat efficiency. I say this coming from someone who has played buffadin for a good bit of time using both the Eydis Darkbane & Fjola Lightbane sisters with Djinni of Zephyrs. When it comes to buffadin based creatures you really want them to at least have a decent stat line assuming you dont get to the point where you get to buff them. If and when they have a below average stat line it means you have to hold them until you control the board and or can combine them with buffs in one turn. The best way to play buffadin creatures is proactively with solid stats for the mana in case they do not last you want your opponents to invest good removal to get them out. You want to buff those creatures as well into positive trades instead of just going face with a buffed creature so that they simulate card advantage too. Everything I am seeing about Primalfin Champion as it stands reads that it is a trap. I go into this set saying that you should be very cautious about this if you plan to play buffadin because I would not craft this creature until you see some sort of results for it.

    Spikeridged Steed - This card is a really good buff. It has some concerns still but generally speaking face aggro decks are trying to ignore your minions so you should be trading in on their minions. Most aggro decks dont use non damage minion kill / bounce as well so outside of the outlier of perhaps a tempo rogue, this card should be really really good against aggro and probably midrange decks. The downside of this card is going to be against a control deck and or a midrange deck that is keeping you off the board. I dont think that you need to be playing any sort of a buffadin deck for this card to have good results but of the buffs I would put it in the top 3 for current existing pally buffs.

    Lightfused Stegodon - Honestly, all of these effects that we have really ever seen have been a little underwhelming. I think this is a cute card but I still dont think that adapt is that amazing of a buff for the Silver Hand Recruits concept. Quartermaster was only ever kind of ok and I think on average he is a stronger buff than this is so possibly if you want a gimmick deck it might be ok but I think this is kind of low tier.

    Vinecleaver - Historically speaking, expensive weapons have not been that playable. This is a 4/3 weapon though and Truesilver's 4 attack has been very powerful. I am going to go ahead and say that it "might" be playable in a slow control deck but I am a little cautious to even say that much. It does have potentially a lot of power to it considering all of the recruits it does give. It does have some good synergy with Sunkeeper Tarim and it does give some options to buff some minions. All that said though, it is after all a 7 drop weapon which is very late in the game and might cost you additional health to use.

    Hydrologist - I think its battlecry is alright. Overall its stats are kind of on or slightly under par. It seems like an alright pally minion and its nice that it can be used proactively. I tend to like to see a 5 combined stat on 2 drops and thats really my only complaint here. It makes for a decent 2 or 3 drop given that pally secrets all cost one mana. The big problem is that most pally secrets kind of also suck. This is in fact how I want to see the pally secrets handled a little more and the fact that its a discover effect means that your opponent wont always know what secret you have up too. Overall, I think this is probably playable and it could even be solid. Of the new paladin content this is one that I have the hardest times giving a read on because of the fact that pallys dont have much proactive plays for 2 drops. It will depend a little on what other tools and neutrals turn out as well as what kind of pally ends up seeing play.

    Lost in the Jungle - I first compared this card to Living Roots and I was a little disappointed when comparing the two of them. I did however give it more thought and come to a few conclusions. First of all, getting 2 creatures in play for 1 mana is actually very good efficiency wise. Doing this on turn one means that your hero power on turn 2 is not just negated by your opponents hero power turn 2 as well because they are just keeping it status quo for the time being. On turn 3 you can hero power and do this making it almost as powerful as Muster for Battle (although still less) you still get 3 bodies for 3 mana. Add into the mix of this card the new legend Sunkeeper Tarim and you could potentially cast Lost in the Jungle the same turn as him making a psudo Quartermaster play. Given that Sunkeeper Tarim also seems like an overall good card and not fringe play it seems like something that could turn out to be a very strong card. I think while this might not seem exciting the actual tempo of this card could play very well into buying early game board control and or playing well into a Divine Favor deck as well.

    Adaptation - I struggle with this card a little because of the unknown element of it. Keep in mind though that it shares a LOT of similarity with Blessing of Might but can be a little more unpredicatable but flexible. If you have a small minion against a larger minion you could use the +3 attack or Poisionous options to trade into it better. If you have a good minion then making it untargetable by spells and hero powers, divine shield, windfury, or stealth could all be great options. Overall I think it works a little better on a midrange tier creature than it does on a small minion hoping for 2/10 options because I think about half of them or more are actually fairly good for a mid sized or larger creature. It does also play well into large minons as well which makes me think its more of a midrange and or control based buff than something I would play in an aggro deck.

    So, I guess there is a question of what to play with these new cards not to mention all of the neutral cards its adding. I probably will focus on some sort of Buffadin and or control based decks myself. Thoughts?

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    posted a message on Spikeridged Steed

    When I first saw this card I could have sworn it was a druid card and I was less impressed / looking forward to it. Being pally though is a huge move up because the druid cards actually have good stated taunt minions but for pally its sort of exclusively on legendary minions.

    With this buff plus all of the taunts and heals pally has moving forward they might actually step up as a control class for once. I look forward to the loss of neutral minion lifegain because its been far too long of warloc and mage neutral minion heal controlling. Its possible we get a different look to control moving forward with this set for standard.

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    posted a message on Paladin Quest Revealed: The Last Kaleidosaur

    I am a huge advocate for buffadin. I love this quest and I love the reward for it but there are 2-3 problems moving forward.

    1. The value of the existing standard buffs are too limited and kind of bad.
    2. Pally has had a void in the 2-4 mana proactive gameplan since loosing Muster for Battle and Shielded Minibot. They have gotten some reactive stuff but they really have not gotten anything new since they lost these two. Paladin can do zerg aggro alright and they can do lategame control bombs but it seems like they have been forced to neutral minions. Its a very odd issue for a class that does not really get hard removal to have.
    3. Many of the good buffadin creatures are leaving right now and we have not yet seen new buffadin friendly cards. Djinni of Zephyrs was such a cool design as were Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane.

    Overall, there are more than a few things that are kind of wrong with pally right now so I am actually surprised that Anyfin Pally was even possible this last year because there are so many holes in what pally should probably be. Paladin is identified by its lack of hard removal, weapons, healing, buffs, and resilient minions. I am not one to gripe about rotations but when Goblins V Gnomes rotated it took out a LOT of the viable paladin cards and honestly the problem is that the last year did not replenish what paladin lost with new playable cards. There were a few new cards but most of the ones that stuck around ended up being like 6+ mana.

    Overall, I think this quest is possibly good but only if we have good buffs as well as creatures to work with.

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