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    Think before you type. Nobody gonna think about this card anyway.

     look who's talking. Lmao
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    Time to review another new card... because I want to get most of the new set out of way as I play with the cards.

    Time for Ivory Knight 

    The Breakdown

    This is a 6 mana 4/4 minion. So... 3.4 mana of stats? Well that is the only bad news. Now for the good news! This card lets you discover a spell! With how discover works, (only letting you get cards from your class and neutral cards, but their are no neutral spells) you will be presented with 3 random paladin spells to choose from, the chosen spell is added to your hand. And what is more? You gain life based on that spells cost! (honestly my first thought when I saw this was oh look! A paladin Antique Healbot)

    I love using the EqualityConsecration combo, and I found that this card has a pretty high chance of grabbing my missing piece for this combo. 

    Some people are trying to say this card is bad because you can get the WORST paladin spell, Eye for an Eye,off it. My answer... no... sure you can... but you will always have 3 CHOICES! If you see and Eye for an EyeHand of Protection, and Divine Strength, you will NOT pick the Eye for an Eye, the divine shield or the buff will be better. But that is the WORSE case possible off this discover. You MIGHT get the choice of Equality, ConsecrationBlessing of KingsStand Against DarknessHammer of Wrath, or EVEN Avenging Wrath or EVEN Lay on Hands. You have to admit, this card is INSANE! Letting you use an extra spell... and HEALING you? 

    Sure the effect is still RNG, but I have not yet been faced with 3 bad choices. 


    Ivory Knight is a good replacement for paladins for the previous rotated Antique Healbot


    I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you see something I missed or want me to review a certain card just let me know :) 

    A list of all my previous reviews is here on this DA journal.

     lol, and ppl say that Forbidden healing is bad....
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     Moroes got a magma rager award... I think the community underestimated this card's worth.  Though I believe this card has already fallen out of the meta with the arcane giant decks...  This card can add a lot of pressure on the board but is weak against any non targeting cards like arcane missiles, Twilight Flamecaller, or Whirlwind.  I predict that there will be a Moroes' second coming.  I believe that by extension this card added value to the jeweled scarab.  Moroes might be good in a barnes deck.

     I found that playing against paladin makes board control overall easier
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    what program do u use to edit the guide? nice visuals always helps readers learn better :)

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    It's just kind of slow and boring? And not particularly good? It's sad, Priest used to be my favourite class...

     every fking spell u use heals u for 3. going against aggro is just great.
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    $0. Should i feel proud??? Also i got BRM, and the LOE expansion, and now i had enough gold for the One Night too :P

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    I'd say replace one Excavated Evil w/ Sylvanas. I just think that Sylvanas will add the extra pressure to ur opponent.

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    The only cancer, my friend, is you and others like you.  There is a mega salt sticky thread for you to spew all your anger and cry as hard and as often as you want.  Yet you make a new thread, cause you feel you have something special to say, or cause you can't read.  Or perhaps you are raging so much and not thinking straight so you rush to proclaim your pitiful thoughts.  Either way you are wasting everyone's time, please post your sub rank 20 musings in the salt thread next time where it belongs.  

     Give him the link as well
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    As one of those new players trying out ranked for the first time, it's super frustrating. I'm not f2p completely, but by no means am I running a tier 1 deck packed with legendaries. I'm just trying to push rank 15 but can't even make it that far, I keep sliding between 16-17 because inevitably I run into a golden portrait/full golden control warrior or miracle rogue just pissing around the low ranks for some reason. I really don't understand it. I don't know if they just got a late start this month or something but it's very frustrating to run into repeatedly. 

     there are tier 1 decks that runs very little legendaries y'know. Try going against face shamans, or u can build a face shaman deck urself. 
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    face shaman requires skill

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