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    posted a message on What Hearthstone packs should you buy in spring-summer 2019 [Gadgetzan Gazette]

    The calculations are based on whats being played at the time of the post. One thing it doesnt take into account, or at least I didnt see it, is the longevity of the cards. While I agree that at some point in the second year of paying for Classic packs is not a good buy. People in the first year of playing though should be buying for long term collection building. They should be buying Classic packs in addition to the current year sets.

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    posted a message on best deck to climb from rank 10 to 5

    Any top tier meta deck you know like the back of your hand. The higher the rank mastering the deck is more important than the deck.

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    posted a message on Dragon Priest. *suggestions*

    This might be better off as a forum post, or make one in addition to the deck list.

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    posted a message on Design flaw in Warrior

    Its to combat Warriors weak hero power that only protects the hero. All other classes effect the board, can hurt the other hero, or in the case of Warlock has an impact on winning.

    What your really complaining about is that Warrior is a control class now. Control always wants to stretch the game and run opponents out of resources.

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    posted a message on NEW CARDS NOT SHOWING IN DECKTRACKER ??!!

    Search is your friend. https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/innkeeper-feedback-forums/innkeeper-feedback-support/232703-not-expecting-an-innkeeper-update That or look at the top pined post in the section you are posting in.

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    posted a message on Wild is fun!!

    I started playing about a month before Ungoro. I knew I wanted to play wild eventually.  After ROS was released and the rotation I figured why not give wild a try. Its been fun so far. The variety of decks I am facing is nice. I dont think I would go far in wild ranking, But my control warlock deck has won a few games and its been a nice experience.

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    posted a message on Idiotic pack opening
    Quote from delkoHS >>

    Why craft it when you literally open a pack 5 minutes later. Can't blame Blizzard for stupidity :/

     Anyone who is crafting epics and legendaries before opening all the packs they are going to open for a set needs to see a psychiatrist.

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    posted a message on Druid nerfs were mistake

    Those that say the nerfs were ok because Druid has a deck, would you be ok if all classes only had one deck?

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    posted a message on Craft legendary

    I would wait a week or two before crafting any legendary. Take it from someone who crafted Lakkari Sacrifice in the first week of Ungoro when it was the greatest card according to the streamers. A few weeks after that it was known to be a garbage card.

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    posted a message on opening packs order discussion?
    Quote from azher >>

    First open your 50 prepurchased packs but make sure you open each one of them every time your device’s clock changes minute, be precise. Then you may spend your money on more packs, but buy them always in groups of a prime number, starting in one, then two, three, five and so on.

    Enjoy your opening =)


     I always thought you had to alternate between odd and even prime numbers, but that may have only been for the Witchwood. :)

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