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    posted a message on Fel Reaver op?

    Also in constructed the issue is vs agro deck, they will play a lot of card and maybe can force you to run it into a 1/3 taunt.

    And vs control deck well they are already use to deal with a 8/8 giant on turn 4, he is 1 turn later. Big game hunter, SW:D just crush him. Also just putting a Sludge Belcher, make u discard 3 cards and eat 8 damages. A doomguard is scarier imo. Ah aslo sapping him is funny :p And for all people saying cards you discard are not important. Burning a kill command or that kind of reach is a big deal, how many game agro wins by just by topdecking your reach. Maybe he can be use in paladin agro or another kind of agro deck but i doubt it is gonna be warlock or hunter.

    In arena you need to be ahead for him to be good, or on an empty board. Yesterday i mill 9 cards in 1 turn, killing him with 1 card in hand and 1 minion on board and i just put 2 more minions downs. 

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    posted a message on New animations, visuals and stuff

    Oh i was wondering about that myself i haven't notice anything yet except that Antonidas says : Haha when he gives you fireball!


    edit: Each heroes have a new arena selection voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGvPWrzB8C0

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    posted a message on New Card - Lil' Exorcist Discussion

    Even if he get silence or kill command it did his job. Silence make a poor turn 4 and there is still a 2/3 body, it is much better to silence for the killing blow. Kill command don't want to be wasted vs a 3 drop taunt. The hunter doesn't develop the board or a bow doesn't play something to buff his undertaker and use one of his way to push for damage much much earlier than needed.

    That just mean that your second taunt doesn't get easily dealt with. It is clearly a control card and those deck rarely have only 1 pair of taunt. I never play my first taunt vs zoo or hunter thinking it will save me but more it will buy me a turn, I always assume it get hunter mark or soulfire. The thing is if this is my first taunt (turn 2 + coin or turn 3) instead of a tazdingo then they will have one less way to deal with my second one, a tazdingo or the sludge belcher.  Slowing down the zoo or hunter 1 turn earlier can make a world of difference even if i would always assume they would deal with it.

    Also there hunter or zoo usually mulligan very aggressively for the undertaker + 1 or 2 drop deathrattle they will mulligan away removal. There is a good chance that they won't have any when this card is played. Even if they keep a removal for it then they sacrifice 1 card of mulligan option. I really like those tech card that can counter a meta that bank on one mechanism so much.

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    posted a message on New Card - Antique Healbot

    Yep the only option i see this card is a 1 of in shaman deck vs some meta. Remember when the good old face hunter or agro mage made the shaman unplayable due to lack of heal?  Some meta just make some archetype unplayable due to one strenght or another. This card be use as a tech card in some non healing class, kind of like the big game hunter or the black knight in some deck vs some meta.  

    Yes sludge belcher is infinitely better in a minion aggressive meta but in a direct damage meta he doesn't stop you of getting malyrogue down or double fireball down. I see this card as a tech card in very specific class that lack natural healing. True it is not a good card it is just an incredibly  small niche card.

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    posted a message on New Card - Cobalt Guardian

    It could work in a midrange paladin that use sword of justice and argent protector in order to gain board control by getting good trade, before naxx i had a kind of midrange paladin deck that was working very well because you are so efficient with you minion. If you play sword of justice turn 3 or 4 then this guy is a 7/4, meaning a big treat right away.  It is not stellar right now because it is banking so much on mech synergy and it will be important to see all the set before evaluating it.

    Finally 3 health is low but not that low either if you have multiple minion out. I don't know if any of you were here back when argent commander was a 4/3 but that extra point of health was very very annoying to deal with, even at turn 6. A lot of aoe are 2 damage and i think the kind of deck that will use this card will probably try to get board control early (with knife juggler, harvest golem, argent protector, SoJ) meaning that the opponent will need to chose between sniping this card or clearing other guys. So i would say it is an interesting card, not an auto addition to all paladin deck, but not useless or very contextual either (looking at you ancestral call)

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    posted a message on New Card - Ancestor's Call
    Quote from Sonserf369 »

    … I think i'm going to go an cry in the corner for a while...

    Me too............... so disappointed about this card, in the same range of reincarnate. I hope that the druid one will be a good surprise once it come out cause i feel druid, shaman and paladin got the short hand of the stick in naxx class cards. These class have not innovate in forever ago.

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    posted a message on Looking for a competitive hearthstone team.

    In game clan feature is my next wish for Hearthstone community, the spectator mode is a good first step into building an more "amateur" community, a reason to add friend and interact with them. 

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    posted a message on Is it almost impossible to beat hunter as a control warrior now?

    Generally speaking the control warrior have a great matchup vs agro and face deck. Especially the hunter one cause the hero power is negate by the warrior hero power. Of course you can still lose if you have an horrible opening hand, but things like fiery war axe, armorsmith, unsable goul, cruel taskmaster and even acolyte of pain can cripple the hunter start so much. If they don't start rolling it is pretty much gg because they don't have the combo anymore and can't lifetap like zoo. Also remember that sometime, generally if you have a taunter and they have a bow, it is better to not trigger a secret than to trigger it, to not give them an extra charge and the chance to refresh that secret. If they have a freezing trap play and have a freezing trap in hand, until you pop the secret the in hand freezing trap is a dead card. 

    Also sludge belcher is amazing vs everything agro. In the new season deck are generally more aggressive compare to the end of a season so maybe a greedier control warrior was better at the end of last season but now you might need to sub one of the late game put 1 cleave for exemple.

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    posted a message on [QUICK POLL] Cairne vs. Sylvanas

    Hum i am myself in the same situation in EU. Wondering what to craft with my first 1600 dust. I think cairn is safer and more flexible overall, but sylvanas is more powerful in the right hand. Cairn can be substitute more easily with neutral he is just a sticky minion on the board after all ( a sunwalker or bougerfist ogre can bring presence to the board), i would say that cairn is a little more passive and easier to play around, he is only a 4/5 after all so you can ignore him.

    Sylvanas might be harder to play but she has more impact right away on the board and even if she can be played around you force generally bad trade. She will force a reaction most of the time or sub optimal play but in some situation will bring very little to the board, unlike cairn.

    BTW i was wondering should i aim more toward those mid game neutral legendary like cairn/sylvanas or late game one like rag/ysera with my first 1600? I feel like naxx brought a little more option toward the late game with KT, he is a decent late game drop and synergize well with all the deathrattle.


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    posted a message on What Neutral Legendary Should I Craft Next?

    i am in the same situation in EU. I have all the naxx card and sitting on 1600+ dust. I have a couple of class specific legendary but idk what to craft. Cairn, sylvanas or a heavy hitter like rag and ysera. I feel like late game can be cover a bit more now that KT is in the game tho. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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    posted a message on [Legend] Naxx Rush Rogue

    Hum i have played this deck 7-8 games now and i found it very inconsistant. Only won 1 game out of all and all the lost were pretty one sided. Maybe it is just my bad luck, maybe it is me not being able to play this deck but i found it very open hand dependant. Also there are a lot of situational card and 1 of, much more than the origina backstab, that really kill the pressure like patient assasin. The heavy deathrattle meta have very good way to deal with the high attack low health minion and it is not even a 1 for 1 trade also with 0 backstab i really struggle vs Zoo who will get the better trade. I can see how strong it could be vs certain matchup but it seems to be as weak vs other. On my range on ladder there is a too big variety of deck for this deck to be reliable. To finish i have a quick question, why a tiger and not a second arcane golem? it is 2 mana cheaper synergize with coldblood and shadowstep better and only 1 damage under but has charge, you can exploit more a lack of taunt a turn than the tiger. The tiger allow them to set up a taunt wall next turn and telegraph more your next turn.

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    posted a message on This post is never going to get anywhere, but... I'm tired of Mages.

    I kind of want to know what kind of mage are you talking about? The agro mage doesn't run double pyro and is highly based on good draw and a good starting hand, most often than not they will have empty hand by turn 5 and are really banking on clutch arcane intellect to continue pushing damage. This deck is just a regular agro deck early removal, taunt and aoe stop them.

    The modern freeze mage doesn't run 2 Pyro either......... at most they run 1 or Antonidas. The goal of the deck is stall until they put have ice block down alextrasa and have lethal in hand with the next turn. Againts those you need to either A) pressure the board to force use of removal on your minion B) play big enough stuff so they survive AOE ( the new sledge belcher and spectral knight would be great here) C) Keep all your healing after alextrasa play. Also loathed can really mess their plan, playing him to prevent AOE or lethal would give you 1 extra turn,  the new card from this week wailing soul would also be a tech card to add vs freeze mage.

    I can imagine a new secret mage popping out with duplicate and the mad scientist of this week also.

    But i failed to see any archetype of mage with 2 pyro, well except the original freeze mage or agro mage pre-nerf last october.

    The issue you have seems to be your mindset about the match-up, you hate them and struggle vs them so you don't seems to try anymore and don't rethink your way to play vs Mage. Anyway hope my advice help you! Cheers :)

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    posted a message on Need some help, I'm new to the game.

    Ok i am gonna point just a couple of general deck building tips that could help you as a whole.

    One of the big thing i pick off from those deck is you have so many 1 of. Having only 1 of a card lower the probability to draw it, so it make your deck more draw dependent and unreliable since there is only 1 of that specific card in your deck. Speaking of draw, most of your deck lack draw mechanism to replenish your hand, thing like gnomish inventor, loot hoarder and azure drakes will allow you to replenish your hand and dig for anwser.

    Also having a general plan of what you want to do with the deck help focusing your card toward it.  Your deck seems a mish match of everything so would probably lack in consistency of accomplishing a specific goal. EX: i want to kill the other guy as fast as possible (you then can put more cheap minion and charger), I want to delay and kill him with big dude ( you can then chose early game removal spell, AOE and taunter and then a couple of big dude) or i want to get a crazy combo in ( then you have your combo and a lot of drawing card to get that combo) 

    I would say the Druid is the best one because it has the most of 2 of. I would definitely remove the ogre magi and archmage for a second drake, put a second wrath, remove mark of nature for another 2 of something, it would make your deck overall stronger. 

    Hope that help :D

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    posted a message on Hey people relax in casual mode please

    I am playing also more casual than rank. Mainly because i like testing new deck and switching hero every couple of games and i can affirm that my MMR is way higher in casual than rank. First off, it doesn't reset after each season, meaning that if you have +50% win rate your casual MMR keep growing. Second is that probably 1/3 of the opponent i am facing have legendary card back. So my casual MMR is way higher that my rank would say. I have a f2p EU account and the same thing happen, i am facing legendary player maybe 25% of the time with my crappy f2p deck, so i use rank to do my quest because it is a lot easier than casual.

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    posted a message on It is done. (Until Curse of Naxxramas, that is.)

    Ok thanks everybody for answering my question i will have the achievement very soon then, i am sitting on 500 dust only having 2 legy to craft now that i dust all my normal!

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