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    posted a message on Destroy the enemy hero with Annoy-o-Tron

    Try duels. I think you can do achievements there!

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    posted a message on Wake up Blizzard. Wake up. You can't design things like this.

    Just check this and tell me that this meta is fun, healthy, well-designed etc.


    Look at turn 7. The warlock literally used his turn and my turn with their animations (playing like 20 cards and drawing other 20). I've been waiting for my turn 2 minutes after their turn already finished, then I automatically rope and lost.

    I prefer watching Twitch If I want to see other people playing... wake up Blizz.

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    posted a message on For those of you who have reached turn 10

    I don't know her

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    posted a message on They killed Priest

    In general control decks have been murdered. There is no way to play them facing quest mage, otk rogue etc.

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    posted a message on United in Stormwind Decks - High Legend Standard Edition

    I played like 10 games, 8 out 10 where like: A player playing like 15 cards in 1 turn, drawing their entire deck by turn 6 and then killing you with an OTK you can't counter lmao!

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    posted a message on Stormwind launch will not have a Legendary quest chain?

    I'm sure we won't get legendary quests. I assume that they think the tavern rewards gives us enough "start" rewards.

    Also, they give like 4 packs with drops in twitch (usually during theorycrafting, where they already gave us 2 packs, and other 2 the days after the expansion is out).

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    posted a message on Random 5 drops

    No. Cards that summon random things can only summon cards that are in the collection. For instance, if a card says: Summon a 4-cost mana minion, this can summon Kargath Bladefist but you can't summon Kargath Prime with a card that summons 8-cost mana minions.

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    posted a message on Defend the Dwarven District

    I think it's safe to craft this day one. I'm sure it'll get nerfed, 3 spells instead of 2 in any stage or something like that. Just saw streamers playing this and doing +20 damage average in a single turn when they have 8/10 mana... And it was by only using standard cards, I can't imagine what this quest can do with Baku and other spells in wild.

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    posted a message on Is the new Battle Pass Worth it?

    "20€ became:
    - 20 Packs (or 2000 Gold aka a mini expansion) - In the shop, 20 packs are worth approximately 25€.
    - a lot(!) of hero skins - The value of this is personal. If you like the skins and you don't care about the money-gold value you earn you'll buy the tavern pass anyway.
    - a coin skin - Same.
    - a free legendary (Varian) - On average, it needs 20 packs to get 1 legendary: 25€"

    So, you are paying 20€ for something you'll need to pay 50€ in terms of money-gold. Also, this difference can be even bigger depeding on the time you spend in the game, the more you play, the more profit you'll get. There are people that reach lvl 300, even 400, imagine the value they are getting with the tavern pass...

    In my opinion: 1) Do you like the skins? If so, it's worth it. 2) Do you play a lot (not only quests and 4 games per day)? If so, It's worth it.

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    posted a message on Iksar's Response On The Lack Of Communication

    Harrison Jones would say that this post belongs in a museum.

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