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    Though there are Ursas in WoW, none of them look anything like this or have the same color scheme. I think this is a fairly definite nod to Dota 2's Ursa.

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    LUL voted as just "Playable." Yet Day 3 ESL, 3 Teams are running it.

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    It gets even better, they are getting cards like Psychic Scream and Duskbreaker next expansion.

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    I'll probably never be able to make this deck but I want to say how I really like the effort put into this deck. Props to you for making the meta bend to you instead of bending for the meta.

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    Yeah you can use Classic Deathwing. The main point of having that Deathwing is that you will have it in your until turn 10. Allowing you to activate your Netherspire Historians. I think Twilight Drakes are sufficient.

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    Due to its beast tag, people do run it in Hunter and Aggro Druid. In fact, this card is reveled highly in the comp. HS subreddit as of now. I use it in Token Shaman because I have no problem eating a murloc token from Primalfin Totem and I can play it without the battlecry since in Token Shaman, your goal is for a wide board.

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    The "I Hunt Pirates" as a top deck? 

    I'm not sure why it's on here, it was a meme deck from the reddit hearthstone sub.

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    Quote from Anarchy1g >>

    Yes the meta has really evolved from that last 3 months of pirate warriors. They run spicy tech like 5 mana 8/8's now! Your ingenuity should be commended. proceed to patting yourself on the back for 'spicing up' the exact same deck you've been playing for 3 months by changing one card in it.

     As much as I hate Pirate Warrior, creativity and refining decks shouldn't be garnering hate, there is really no need to be antagonistic.
    Unless they are roping and spamming emotes, hate the deck not the player, and if they are doing the after-mentioned things, don't generalize that player with the deck that they are playing.
    Also to be fair, during MSoG, Reno-lock lists dominated the front page with 1-3 cards changes in their flex spots. 
    "Wow! You must be so smart teching against the meta, have an upvote!"
    "Amazing! Putting those tech cards in your flex spots must have been a really  tough decision, props to your for your creativity!"
    "Medivh, the Guardian? Wow, that's so cool! Who would have thought that Medivh synergizes with high cost spells and could create instant board swings when coupled with a high-cost board clear!"
    But what if they run Ooze?
    Well it's not like other classes toss Ooze against Warlock because they don't normally run weapons. Oh wait.
    Your ingenuity should be commended. proceed to patting yourself on the back for 'spicing up' the exact same deck you've been playing for 3 months by changing one card in it.

    Yeah...no. As much as I agree with you that it is not creative, you are attacking the player instead of contributing in a meaningful way.

    Seriously, save your salt for PWs for the the salt page this post is labeled "deckbuilding " for a reason.

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    I would even consider Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale its a guaranteed 2 spells for the Mage Quest.

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    Deck guide plz.

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