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    Poultryizer - This card I played against for the first time.  Though it says a minion, not enemy minion.  It repeatedly turned only my minions into chickens.  Can anyone confirm that this card would actually randomly covert the players cards to 1/1 chickens?

    When there are no cards to turn into chickens, it will turn itself into a chicken.

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    Thank you for this interesting Deck idea.

    It's really a seat of your pants kind of deck, even against a Normal AI Priest opponent, it gets crushed quickly by large creatures you can not recover from, and there is not enough dps to over take the Priests healing ability in the later game. Taunts are everywhere, and they slow your creatures to a crawl.  It's a a nice early burst deck for sure, but you'll need some taunts to buy time for your direct damage to get out.  I ran a test against a Normal AI Priest.  I figured they were even at least, my DD vs Priest Heals.  You really have to have faith that the cards that are coming will be able to take care of the large creatures that will come.  Focus on making the enemy burn cards, once you have a card advantage, you have a creature advantage to get the dps through, so much so that they can no longer heal it.

    You can see my results video here.

    5 games vs Priest Normal AI:   Go First - Won 0 2 - barely.  Go Last - Won 0 20 rapid. Go Last - Won 0 17. Go Last - Won 0 20  | Go First  - Won 0 21



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    Thank for this deck build.  I was doing something similar, though more Taunt cards, but switching to your format, I beat my first two opponents in play easily.  Mage and a Priest.  Thank you!

    House of Teshurr   See our TwitchTV Channel for more vids and game play.    http://www.twitch.tv/houseofteshurr

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