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    Wait what? How are you supposed to activate the combo if it's 10 mana?

     Its effect is a Deathrattle. 

     Flobby floop this and get a 4 Mana one or innervate naturalize it.

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    This will add the actual cards, not copies to the player's hand.

    (Art attribution to WOW TCG)

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    posted a message on The amount of toxic players suggests a report function should be put in
    Quote from Nihenna >>

    People who behave like absolute dicks, such as having lethal and either trolling around by pretending to not have lethal by using non-lethal cards until the very last second where *BOOM* 2 fireballs in the face after having just used 2 mirror images, together with a "Greetings!", or the complete idiot spamming "well played!" after each and every play.

    Second one is silencable, first one is not. Why hasn't Blizzard put in a report function? Hearthstone has by far one of the worst communities, and it's quite ironic really because of the lack of a chat function.

     It is each players prerogative to play out their 30 cards in any manner they see fit. There can also be strategy behind playing cards out in certain ways to try to confuse your opponent. What you should really be trying to work out is your hyper-sensitivity and emotional fragility instead of a completely unreasonable reporting mechanism for people just playing hearthstone.

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    Who would've imagined. Charging a premium for a product people really want. That's how commerce works. People who can afford the flair can buy it. If you cant, I'm sorry. But I don't think you can demonize Activision-Blizzard for considering how to effectively run their business.

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    April fool's?


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    Quote from SamuraiGuy >>

    Okay I might be able to accept that a ghostly pirate can be found in Northrend (i.e. Phantom Freebooter). But this? A pirate in a forest this far inland is absurd. There is no reason for this type of minion to be printed in this expansion lore-wise.

     Gilneas is a port city.
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    Quote from rambo_93 >>

    Warlock is insane, i have so much fun playing it, no one can stop it.

     So your idea of fun is playing decks that are imbalanced.  Here, I'll get you this shirt...what's your size?
    I'll take that shirt if he doesn't want it. I'm a large.
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    posted a message on I've spent $120 dollars on this expansion and can't make any of the tier 1 decks on Tempo Storm right now

     I often have to justify to myself why I spend the money that I spend on this game. It isn't hard really when I look at all of the hobbies I could have fallen into. I used to golf quite a bit. When I did, I think I was probably spending upwards of 3000 - 5000 dollars a year easy on the hobby between course fees and equipment. Spent some time playing Magic. You wanna play a tier 1 "netdeck" in Magic, get ready to spend 200-400 for just that single deck. Blizzard has set a price for this game. Many people think it's too expensive. And that's fair. But the reality is that Hearthstone has essentially become a sport that is pricey to get in to, if you want to play competitively. And if you do want to play competitively, then you should be willing to pay the buy in. If not, play casually and just have fun.

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    posted a message on Problem of the game - Win conditions too easy to achieve?
    Quote from Velrun >>

    Does the game really have a problem?

    Your answer to that question must be the opposite if your answer to this question:

    Do you still play the game?

    So your options are:

    A: Yes the game has a problem. No I do not still play the game.

    B: No the game does not have a problem. Yes I still play the game.

     Only a sith deals in absolutes.
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