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    posted a message on Demon Hunter - Hearthstone’s 10th Class!

    In the video does anyone else think he sounds like he's about to burst into "Be prepared" from the Lion King?



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    posted a message on New Hunter Epic Card Revealed - Stormhammer

    It has agility it's a hunter weapon. That's why I rolled need.


    (Meanwhile, hunters can't even use maces)

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    posted a message on ROGUES ARE GETTING NERFED! 4 Card Changes Coming May 22

    I'd prefer prep to be 1 mana cost, reduce spell cost by 4.

    Always sad to see a classic card die.

    Other nerfs are fine though.

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    posted a message on Streamer RoS Preview - Is this a good thing?

    So hear me out...

    Giving a select few streamers early access to the latest expansion is leaving a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. I feel like they're taking that initial experimentation we all get on release day (finding out cards we hyped are actually trash and vice versa) and giving it to a select few.

    I understand this won't be the new meta entirely, but it's on the path towards it - It's the pros and the streamers that tend to build the foundations of the decks we'll all be using in a month or so. 

    I know I don't have to watch it, and I can't say it's not enjoyable seeing the new cards in play, it just feels like the hearthstone community is being deprived of that day 1 unpredictably and experimentation.


    Could be just me though!

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Theorycrafting Stream

    Is it just me that doesn't like this? Basically starts forming a meta before anyone has had a chance to play with the cards... 

    Isn't it better that we all get the cards at the same time for that fleeting day or 2 of experimenting, rather than everyone just copying the most successful deck from the stream?

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