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    Some cards are just so soul-crushingly strong to play against right now that you just sigh and groan every time they get played.

    Death Knight dropping 3 5/7 Nerubian Swarmguard taunts on turn 4.

    Hunter now being the best aggro token class with Saddle Up! making Soul of the Forest look like a joke.

    Cosmic Keyboard from Mage being a 2 mana card which creates 10/10+ worth of stats which also remove the opponent's board.

    Paladin being the most broken it's ever been. Somehow managed to survive them dropping boulderfist ogre stats on all their minions with the best healing in the game? Here's a 20+ damage charge to the face.

    Sonya Waterdancer generating infinite value, cheating 20 mana in a turn, and suddenly hitting you with a 20+ damage weapon in one turn from deadly poison copying. Pretty fair for a 4 mana card.

    Shaman OTKing people on turn 5-6.

    Forge of Wills, despite being nerfed, still one of the most broken cards ever made. 3 mana, create at minimum a 7/7 rush twice. Seems fair.

    Odyn, Prime Designate allowing warrior to run an entire deck of over-the-top removal in bellowing flames, sanitize, trial by fire etc, while gaining tons of armor to stall, and that armor gain also now kills the opponent.

    Is this just.. the game now? We just have to accept that this is what it is? It very much feels like whoever highrolls their stuff just wins the game without the opponent being able to react or do much about anything. Even wild no longer feels wild because the latest expansions have added so many "haha, you're fucked" cards which mean they make older, super powerful cards irrelevant, and you're forced to run all the new stuff. I dunno, I almost feel like the dreaded stormwind meta was better than this.

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    posted a message on Highlander warrior doesn't work at platinum?
    Quote from Ghostwaker >>
    Quote from northsnoew >>

    if you face so many plague DKs have you tried using some of your brain cells and tech in a steamcleaner?

    You also have to wait until they play Helya, which they might hold on to because they know Highlander warrior has tech cards. If you had a little knowledge of strategy you would know this, but you prefer insulting people on pure assumption.

     There's no world where holding Helya is correct, because you just run the risk of getting ratted or theotar'd, and plague DK can always restock the amount of plagues in the deck after steamcleaner has hit. You're playing Helya to land the effect and the immediate highlander disable as soon as she enters your hand, which will then provoke a steamclean and then you repopulate the plagues.

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    posted a message on 29.0 Patch Notes - Expansion, Theorycrafting Streams, Events, Modes Updates & More!

    Oh my god, renathal back to 40hp. Best patch notes ever.

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    posted a message on Multiple New Death Knight Cards Revealed

    Apparently CNE is the entire DK class identity.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Epic Card Revealed - R. C. Rampage

    Stand Against Darkness over here crying

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    posted a message on Multiple New Priest Cards Revealed

    The unicorn priest meme realized in card art hasn't made me laugh so hard in a long while, good job dev team!

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Card Revealed - Sonya Waterdancer

    Someone is going to just absolutely break wild with this and Potion of Illusion. Probably Dane.

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    posted a message on Multiple New Warlock Cards Revealed
    Quote from irhm >>

    Table Flip+Dark Alley Pact+Endgame+Nemsy stuff = a lower tier 2 deck

     tbh Forge of Wills is so busted that it can make any Warlock deck tier 1 lol

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    posted a message on New Warlock Epic Card Revealed - Cursed Campaign

    Feels like it's always Warlock that gets these wacky bonkers cards that makes everyone go "huh?" and makes everyone scratch their heads. I guess you're supposed to put this on the 8 mana taunt demon?

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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary Card Revealed - Shudderblock

    So you basically have to find battlecries that deal damage, but don't deal damage directly from the battlecry. It's so janky, like the objective of this card is to find loopholes in the system to break the game. And this is a card that is going to definitely break the game in some fashion, someone smart is gonna figure it out.

    My first thoughts here are with Outfit Tailor, given Shaman just got a new deck/hand buff, Wish Upon a Star. With just one wish and shudderblock, tailor is giving +12/+15 to a minion (+18/+24 with two wishes), and you can consistently draw these out with Hagatha the Fabled. Oh yeah, and Shaman also still has Shroomscavate for more silly combo damage. 

    I can see a game where if you leave a 0/2 totem on board you're suddenly going to get OTK'd by 36 damage out of nowhere, kinda scary.

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    posted a message on New Druid Epic Card Revealed - Jade Display

    Jade Idol, except balanced. Neat.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Rare Card Revealed - Origami Crane

    Hedging my bets that there will be a 3rd origami card with rush.

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    posted a message on 28.6.2 Patch Notes - Balance Changes To Underplayed Cards and Meta Outliers - Bug Fixes & More

    Harkener of Dread is so obnoxious now jesus. The berserker and from de other side buffs are just memes I swear, this stuff won't be good unless Fate Splitter gets reverted to work with other side again.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Puzzlemaster Khadgar

    He can't draw 1 or cast vast wisdom. Click the card to enlarge and there's an explanation of the weapon by blizzard. It'll analyze the board each turn and narrow the spell down to ones that would be good in that situation, then cast one. Ex: if the opponent has a lot of minions it'll likely cast blizzard or flamestrike, if they have no board it'll likely cast a secret, draw if you have a small hand size etc.

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    posted a message on New Death Knight Legendary Card Revealed - The Headless Horseman
    Quote from Guymcperson2 >>

    They still clearly fill their purpose 

     All they do is limit design space and they're used as an excuse to print broken cards like Frostwyrm's Fury. Expansions are also limited because they have to print cards for one rune archetype - it's like they're trying to play 3 classes in one. The only cards in the past 3 expansions which have had more than 1 of the same rune are two plague cards and two random garbage cards (Cage Head + Death Metal Knight) which could easily be 1 rune each.

    The fact that they haven't printed more 3 rune cards for a year now and even buffed soulstealer to 2 blood runes speaks volumes.

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