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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Reveal - Hadronox
    Quote from DarkArchon21 >>

    We have are very 1st Meta-Defining card, you can build a whole deck around this. It's the taunt version of N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

     Doubt. N'Zoth himself is not even 'meta defining' at this point, although I sincerely hope that changes.
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    posted a message on Corpsetaker.. Why all think that this card is broken ?

    And also in aggro :)   this card is op.  4 mana  3/3 windfury divineshield it is also aggro. 

     Yeah, supposing that there's something even modestly playable with windfury to include then I expect Zoo decks to be the ones who actually get the most out of this card. Of course, that means something better than the current 1 Mana 1/1 or 3 Mana 2/3 so there's that. 
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    posted a message on Taunt Warrior: Most boring archetype Blizzard has ever made?
    Quote from GhostTrickx1 >>

    Yeah, I mean the fun of control warrior came from holding cards, baiting and outsmarting your opponent while winning the fatigue/late game. Taunt warrior? Oh you play taunts until get rag power, then hero power every turn while playing taunts.

    I remember days of priest versus control warrior and being deep in fatigue. Baiting his last execute and dropping rafaam into latern of power and winning. That was satisfying. I miss old control vs control games. Jade druid can get fucked.


     As nice as the current meta is overall, THOSE were the halcyon days for control players. Back when Deathlord's Deathrattle was a bonus as it crept your opponent to fatigue faster, when you could spot a bad Warrior player by whether or not that took the draw on Slam...good times...
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    posted a message on New Paladin Legendary Card Reveal - Bolvar, Fireblood
    Quote from SpeakOfNothing >>

    When I first saw this I wasn't paying much attention and only noticed a pally legendary named bolvar with the same mana cost, same terrible stat line, and the gain attack when X happens text... almost reported for thread necro before I realized this wasn't THAT bolvar, and they've made the same terrible card twice. Thanks blizz.

     Right tho?
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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Corpsetaker
    Quote from Sylicas >>

    Geez, in a deck with just Wickerflame Burnbristle, this will produce 2 more 4-mana 3/3 versions of that card. Pretty insane against Aggro for sure.

     I'd imagine that this card will see play only in deck with multiple instances of at least the first three keywords. If you run it with just Wickerflame then you're counting on NEVER drawing him on curve lest your deck suddenly contain two 3/3 vanilla minions that cost 4 apiece. But still, if paladin gets one more good card with lifesteal then this will become a staple for that class, at least.
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    posted a message on Very Few New Aggro Cards.
    Quote from WillowMelody >>
    Quote from coolcool1999 >>

    After looking over the small but diverse pool of cards shown to us so far one thing stands out to me. There isn't a single card that I would define as an agro card. Frankly the most agro cards are a 4/3 that doesn't want to be killed and a 3 mana combo card. Wile not all the cards are good none seem to be at all helpful to fast decks. Most of the best cards we have seen (imho), Sindragosa, whirlwind weapon, and Profesor Putrucide are only start being useful in midrange and are much better in control. I personally am a control player but have nothing against a fun agro deck. Anyone else think this is an interesting trend?

    Edit: I would like to add that I don't think agro is going to die. The classic set The game of Hearthstone is frankly so agro centric that that will never happen. I'm just saying that as of now there seem to be no cards that would fit in current agro decks or make new ones. Also agro is an important part of that game that just doesn't happen to appeal to me. I enjoy playing the occasional unique agro deck, its just that I like my decks bizarre and complex, two things hard to find that in an agro deck.

    In all seriousness, aggro is a necessary part of the game. It won't ever go away, and that's a good thing. It doesn't need all that much support. I believe Patches the Pirate was one of the later cards revealed, and it boosted up the current top aggro deck, Pirate Warrior. Not even hard anti pirate and anti weapon synergy has managed to stop it from being Tier 1. There'll be more aggro support, whether they intend to or not, and I'm glad for it. I don't want a game where only greedy control mirrors that last twenty minutes each exist. That's boring as hell.
    Just give it time. We'll see cards that support aggro.
     ^This. I got my Golden Pally portrait before I leveled Hunter to 20 and despite having never once taken an aggro deck onto ladder, I still believe that having aggro in the meta is good for the overall health of the game. The only time it is a problem is when aggro deck are so oppressive that they make laddering unfun as was the case after MSOG and during the old days of Undertaker Hunter. Tbh, I wish they would finally just nerf Fiery War Axe so that it cannot hit heroes. 
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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Mountainfire Armor

    Face can just ignore it, meaning that unless you're also giving up slots for Argus or Sunfury, it doesn't seem to be that great there. However it's also kind of hard to tell how much of a downside that is with such a premium statline as you can then more freely count on trading into higher-value targets. A nice, decision-oriented card that I personally hope turns out to be good enough. N'Zoth synergy is also always worth mentioning in a class with a playable Deathrattle Taunt minion.

    Edit: Also an excellent meta card in the event of these burn-heavy mage decks remain so prevalent. Especially the ones running Doomsayer.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary - Blood-Queen Lana’thel

    Unless there is a way recover your discarded cards (and even then if it is just as random as discarding, then why bother?) control has no incentive to run this. Plus, in the proven DiscoZoo, you want to top out with your two 5 mana Doomguards. Unless there's some forced synergy yet to be revealed, I cannot see this card ever fitting into a Warlock deck no matter how desperate they are for healing. Besides, even if there were synergies that made it decent, it's still a 5-mana 6-health- essentially vanilla- minion. Would YOU bother building around that? 

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