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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    I think all the nerfs are warranted... except maybe Luna's Pocket Galaxy which I believe could be okay at 6 mana. The poor card has gone from unplayable to OP back to (probably or mostly) unplayable.

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    Step 1: Stop viewing the people playing this game as morons who will get confused if there are too many deck slots...

    Step 2: Stop printing one-button-win cards...

    Step 3: Take a few risks to encourage new strategies... for example: Cards you can play on your opponent's turn if enough mana is still available, or an actual graveyard with cards that access and interact with cards in the graveyard. How about a game mode where deck sizes are larger than 30 cards?

    Lastly, the games I play the most, are the ones where the developers respect my time the most.... 10 gold for 3 wins is an insult. You can still cap the daily gold limit at 100 gold, but make it easier for me to reach that cap. I don't have time to win 30 games every day.

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    posted a message on How many packs on average would you need to have the whole set ?

    To OP:

    260 packs (give or take) should be enough to open most of the cards, and give you enough dust to craft the cards you didn't open. The assumption is that both pre-orders were purchased, which gives you two of the 23 legendaries. (After 260 packs you'll probably still need to craft 10 epics and 6 or 7 legendaries, while you should end up with roughly 40 * 260 = 10 400 dust.)

    How did I get there?

    Legendaries: 2 (pre-orders) + 1 (gift) + 1 (first 10 packs) + 13 (1 every 20 packs on average) = 17.
    Epics: 1 epic every 4 packs on average = 65, but from experience quite a few will be duplicates.
    Dust: It use to be an average of 100 dust per pack, but you can't get duplicate legendaries any more, so there you loose 50 dust per pack, and most of the cards you open in your first 100 packs will be new cards. So the average comes down a little more to about 40 dust per pack.

    And yes, this is just an educated guess...


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    posted a message on Elder Scrolls Legends players, give me advice please

    To OP:

    I don't think you can go wrong giving Legends a try. Even though a few expansions and stories have already been released, the reward system is very generous so it should be easy to build a solid collection quickly.

    New players: New players receive card rewards as they level up from playing any/all of the game modes (from level 1 - 50). By the time you reach level 50 you will already have a healthy number of the core set of cards including a few legendaries.

    Rewards: Three wins in HS nets you 10 gold. In Legends you will receive between 15-50 gold plus a card. The card can be of any rarity (common to legendary) but the chance of hitting a specific rarity is the same as when opening a pack, so it will mostly be commons and rares. Packs cost 100 gold in the store, but contains 6 cards each and not 5. You can also buy pre-made decks for each expansion from the store (500-1500 gold). There are 5 decks to buy from each of the two expansions, and getting these pre-made decks is the best way to build your collection. Don't forget the daily login rewards, where the rewards increase over the course of a month. If you manage to log in every day for the month, your final reward will be a legendary.

    Ranked and Arena: These are similar to HS but there are differences. Arena can be played solo (against AI opponents) or against other players. The big difference to HS is the rewards. You can go up to 7 wins, and a 7 win arena will net you 3 packs, 150 gold plus additional rewards. (It costs 150 gold to play.) Ranked play goes from rank 12 to rank 1, and the Legend rank. In HS you have buckets of 5 ranks each, but in Legends each rank is its own bucket. Once you reach a rank, you won't loose it again for the month. Players are also reset at the start of each month to a specific rank (12, 9, 5) based on the rank they ended on in the previous month. So as a new player you won't be facing any of the top players for some time.

    Mechanics: Most of the mechanics in Legends will be familiar, but there are a few unique features that make strategy in the game more interesting. First the dual lane system. Legends have two lanes instead of one. Lanes can have their own rules, but the important thing is that creatures in one lane cannot attack creatures in another lane. Then you have the rune system. Players have 5 runes at each 5 points of life. Lose 5 health, a rune will break, and you will draw a card. Plus, if the card that the player draws has the keyword "Prophecy" that card can be played immediately for free. This makes it important to think about when to go face, maybe you don't want to give your opponent too many cards to come back into the game... The graveyard is also an interesting component of the game, and some attributes (colours) interact more with the graveyard than others.

    Attributes (colours): There are 5 attributes or colours in the game to build decks from. You could use only one colour, but you can also use 2, giving you ten classes. Each two colour combination is a specific class, like Strength (Red) and Agility (Green) = Archer. These decks consist of at least 50 cards, up to 100, and can contain up to 3 copies of each card, except unique legendaries. (3 copies of non-unique legendaries are allowed.) Since the last expansion, 5 new classes were introduces where you can include cards from 3 attributes. The "cost" of three colours is that you must have at least 75 cards in your deck. But these decks turned out to be surprisingly consistent and competitive.

    Sites to visit: Besides for Bethesda's own site and official forums, there is also Legends Decks: https://www.legends-decks.com, the Legends sub redit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollslegends/ and TESLegends.PRO: https://teslegends.pro.

    The future: It seems some exciting developments are on the horizon for Legends including an in game tournament mode, so I think now is a really good time to give the game the old college try!

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    posted a message on Three Free Kobolds Packs Now Available Through Battle.net Gifts

    Not to sound ungrateful for the three packs (because I am), but you have to select a region where you receive your gift. I play on the American and European servers, and in both cases I was affected by the daily quest "bug". So I am simply wondering why it is necessary to select a region if you lost dailies in all of them?

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    So... many... broken... cards...!

    It's such a shame, if you don't want to get crushed, you are basically limited to playing three or four busted decks. There is no room for just having some fun any more. Trying to come up with interesting ideas means you are guaranteed to lose to cards that cheat out ridiculous amounts of tempo.

    What happened to this game?!?!

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    posted a message on Why The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a better game than Hearthstone
    Quote from Paly_Noob >>

    I haven't played HS since TESL open beta. I have no regrets as I think TESL is a far superior game, most likely being due to the fact that I'm an old-school MtG player (i.e. I love TESL's 5-color MtGesque theme).  But I'm not here to bash HS, rather I am curious to hear from the players who have continued to play both: how do they currently compare?

    I have been playing both HS and Legends since March. Over time I've started to spend more time on Legends and less time on HS. The main reason being that HS has too much RNG, too many broken cards, way too much aggro and the rewards for playing Legends are far better. (Arena rewards, daily login rewards, twitch drops, and 15+ gold and a card for three wins.)  Skill is not rewarded in HS, nor are incorrect plays punished. You simply cannot win with "fun" or inventive decks any more.
    I will admit that I've been having some unexpected fun with the new Kobolds & Catacombs expansion, but as soon as the meta settles, I expect the same old broken decks will resurface. I am not trying to hate on HS, but even though Legends isn't nearly as popular, it is by far the superior CCG. 
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    posted a message on Season Chest Rewards

    The reward is for your highest rank, either Standard or Wild, but only one.

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    posted a message on Poll - Rate the Legendaries of Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Will we see the results at some point?

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    posted a message on Your experience with Hallows End Arena

    Just finished the arena (9-3) with a Shaman and the Hunter hero power. I found this a lot better than the usual arena. But I was really happy with the rewards, considering I was saving dust to craft Prince Keleseth.

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