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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.
    Quote from SpaceTimeDream >>

    If you are not a robot then please prove that you have a sense of individuality by going to the dreaded forbidden deck builder menu, create your own deck and play it for at least 10 games.

    Bronze rank, no one creates their own decks. Silver none, Gold none, etc. Even casual mode have standard netdecked decks lurking around. 

    I'd consider myself more sane when I watch paint dry everyday than to force myself to play against another copy and paste deck.

     1. Not everyone plays TCGs to make decks

    2. Deckbuilding is a relatively advanced skill in TCGs

    3. All good homebrew players have built meta knowledge by playing netdecks extensively

    4. All netdecks are just good homebrews

    5. You're an idiot.

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    posted a message on Who is preordering and if, which bundle?
    Quote from M0res >>

    I used to buy both in fear of being left behind with my collection, however I realised that I spend most of my time playing battlegrounds

     Sunk cost is a huge part of why Hearthstone stays afloat despite being insanely expensive. The game could easily be cheaper, while monetizing different parts. But they won't do that because of whales.

    I'm glad you broke free from it. I wish everyone would. Like you, I moved to Battlegrounds because it's free, and I play LoR as my TCG because I completed the collection as a F2P player. I'm really hoping more people do the same. Hearthstone would be far more popular if the game was consumer friendly, and playing its competitors is the exact way Blizzard will be forced to improve it.

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    posted a message on Some of you don't deserve what you think you deserve
    Quote from CakeEater >>

    All of what follows is my own opinion:

    I have never understood the juxtapositioning of "I don't want to spend money" with "I want to be competitive."  These two philosophies simply do not go together.


    TL/DR:  You can't be competitive without sacrifice, so if you aren't sacrificing anything, stop complaining about it being unfair.

     What the everliving fuck of mental gymnastics led you to this conclusion?

    Not everyone wants to be NFL levels of professional. Most just want to have fun, and we can do it in pretty much any other game without spending $150 every three months.

    Hearthstone being unaffordable is why the play-rate for the game has been declining so hard.

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    posted a message on I don’t understand the issue with priest...
    Quote from CodyCandy >>

    From what I can tell, People complain about priest because they claim it’s all luck, but have people seen rogues?

     Whataboutism doesn't make Priest any better.

    Priest, Mage and Rogue are all slot machines at this point. Blizzard pushed the RNG aspect to huge extremes.

    And Priest went through this huge major rework to their classic set, but Blizzard utterly failed to fix any of the issues of Priest. They made buffs their primary strength, but then gutted their card draw so Priests can't run buffs. They made all these great battlecries, but then made it so Res Priest completely guts any ability to run battlecries. Their only viability is either with Galakrond slot value, or res Priest stall value. It's garbage design.

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    posted a message on Priest Quest needs a dire rework (NOT A NERF)
    Quote from NLbouncyknight >>


     Here's an example of a social reject who cant fucking read past a single line to save their own life.

     Seriously dude, I bet you eat cereal with a fork.

    Quote from robohank >>

    I'm glad you brought up boring as this is the number one reason to remove it.  If it doubles to quintuples playtime, that's a bad design.  Get rid of it.  

    All the auto-kill cards in the priest deck has to go.  You could actually be running with like 16+ Autokill cards in the Priest Deck.  It's an absurd amount for any class, but especially for a class where healing & enhancing should be their thing. 

     And here's an example of someone who actually read the OP and formulated a good response.

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    posted a message on Priest Quest needs a dire rework (NOT A NERF)
    Quote from ShadowAldrius >>

    This post is 3 months old. I haven't seen the Priest quest since AoO launched. (Maybe one time) Healing 15 is a ton of healing. Playing the quest turn 1 is a big downside (loss of card from your mulligan, loss of tempo on turn 1).

     Res Priest (which almost always runs quest) was top 3 in popularity for over a month after AoO. You did see it on Ladder.

    I stopped playing because the deck slowed down the average game length from 5-10 minutes to 20+ minutes. But it seems to have since dropped down to about #7 in popularity on HSReplay.

    Galakrond is likely better. But this thread was never about power level. It waa about how atrociously slow the quest is.

    Yes. Im aware you can counter it by not playing anything. But that was my literal exact point. Its just such a fucking bore to play against. The game got so fucking boring because of res priest that I just stopped playing.

    I used to play HS on my lunch breaks and during slow downtime at work. But res priest slowed game length to boring 30 minute games that i just uninstalled it.

    Blizz *could* have balanced it. But they stated in a Q&A that while they're aware of how boring it is to play against, they were making so much money from crafts due to its high cost and popularity that they kept it.

    Im not even protesting the game or anything.. The game just became so boring that i play Legends of Runeterra on lunchbreaks instead

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    posted a message on Duplicate Protection in Season Rewards Chest Not Working

    Hey, look at all of the degenerates from the other Hearthpwn thread saying "STOP BEING GREEEDY. BLIZZ NEVER SAID U WONT GET DUPLICATES FROM THE CHEST. THE GAME IS CHEAP ENOUGH, THEY'RE A BUSINESS" jumping to this one to say "oh that explains why i got duplicates".

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    posted a message on Jumping the gun on Shaman nerfs

    Their current failure is from being a slow class with barely any tempo in a DH meta.

    Their card draw sucks ass. Their aggro is currently the worst, and their good healing was rotated into WIld.

    They lack the sustain to be functional in such an aggro format now.

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    posted a message on Rare card Season rewards gave duplicates
    Quote from TyrantrumRex >>

    Did it say anywhere that card rewards were part of the no duplicate program? I thought it was just for pack openings.

     Its a once a month thing. To NOT have it covered by dupe protection is just stingy.

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    posted a message on Legitimate question for everyone complaining about the meta- Were you EVER satisfied previously?

    So I'd like to issue a challenge to everybody -always- complaining about the meta- Were you EVER satisfied with it? I mean, come on. Hearthstone's been around for five years. Are you really going to tell me they got it wrong every single time throughout all these expansions and adventures we've had? Really?

     The problem isn't that they collectively fuck up an entire expansion. The issue is that 95% of the expansion is great, except for certain problem cards that they fuck up so majorly, that they take forever to fix. Even though the community is collectively calling for nerfs for (sometimes) months.

    Let's look at some examples.

    Saronite Chain Gang was such a botched combo with Shudderwock. But this card took fucking months to fix. Almost every Shaman game during the Saronite/Shudder era was just hitting turn 10, and then watching the Shaman play with themselves while they repeatedly bounce 1 mana Shudderwocks to hand.

    Raza and Mind Blast.same problem, though he was much slower. Still saw a nerf due to his creation of an uninteractive board. Watching Priests play 0 mana hero powers and mind blasts was NOT fun. Again, people knew these nerfs were coming for months.

    Doomguard is another example. Allowed to combo with Carnivorous Cube, creating completely unbeatable board states (again) for months until they finally rotated Doomguard to Hall of Fame.

    Ice Block was in the same boat as Doomguard. Featured in OTKO Mage decks that created a completely uninteractive board state. Two turns of spamming card draws with zero possible counterplay was often enough to draw out their combo pieces. Took years till it was Hof'd

    Grim Patron Warrior went through several iterations of OTKOs. Each one taking an insulting amount of time to balance. Again, these decks dominated the ladder and even pro play. It took a long time for them to eventually get gutted, and for them to invent the Standard meta and rotate Thaurissan.

    Caverns Below wasn't super slow to nerf, but still could have been faster, since it was equally as dominant as DH on launch.

    And then there's the whole pirate meta. Again, having to wait until they nerfed Patches and the other card was ridiculous. Because everyone KNEW they were going to get nerfed. It just took too long.


    Most of the cards and combos I listed were from different metas, and were a black spot on each one. For the metas where these combos were nerfed after a few weeks instead of the next month, the remaining time in the expansion was mostly enjoyable.

    Again, your misconception is that the meta is 100% bad, because deck X is bad. The issue is that there are singular decks that bring down an otherwise great meta. Blizzard just keeps the high popularity decks around for a few weeks before nerfing them to drive up pack sales and disenchant rates.

    If Blizzard didn't act fucking stupid and buffed/nerfed in a timely manner, then this would be the best TCG on the market. But currently, it's looking like Legends of Runeterra might overtake it after launch, since it has a far better new player experience, is far cheaper, has no pack RNG, and even their draft format is far easier to run infinitely. (7 wins at a 50% winrate is max reward)

    It's also unfortunate that this is the worst meta since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. They fucked up the card draw for Priest, Shaman, Paladin and Warrior so bad that they may as well not exist, with the exception of Res Priest. A deck so awful in design it slows the game down so much that I stopped playing, and ruined the playability of the game on my lunch breaks.

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    posted a message on The absolute state of this game Anno Domini 2020
    Quote from Artimex723 >>

    Well, it's basically what I write under every post like this, but I will repeat for you. In every existing card game there are meme, bad, Ok and good decks. If you expect to see a game where every possible deck is on the same power level... well, try in a dream. Let me explain you this using Hearthstone though. There have never been "times" when every deck was fun and competetive. Basically what we are talking about is called meta. It has always existed and will always exist. Meta simply determines power level of played decks by looking at their overall winrate. If you wanna win with a deck like Mogu Cultist OTK, well it's possible but it will never be in the meta. Unfortunately meta makes it impossible to main a class, as sometimes certain classes are just unplayeable. However, this is normal. Nothing more to explain, I guess.

     Usually TCGs aim to having a handful of viable meta decks, usually around 10-15 of a similar winrate is ideal.

    The problem in HS is they absolutely gutted card draw for Paladins, Priests, Shamans and Warriors. So they're all terrible classes. Priests have viability in Res, but that's it. So class diversity is down by a whopping 4 classes. It doesn't help that DH dethroned Hunter as being better at aggro and midrange, either.

    They could fix the issue by rotating cards like Crystology back into standard. But Blizzard is terrible at balancing Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on The whole demon hunter class need a rework
    Quote from N0Sp00n22 >>

    IMHO, not only do we need yet ANOTHER salt thread, but when you use the r-word, then you know you're "the man" (or "the woman"...I don't want to be sexist here).

    I hope that one day I can be as cool as the OP and use the r-word AND the f-word in the same thread!!!


     Are you a child, or a Karen? Pick one.

    On topic, Demon Hunter's only issue is their unlimited card draw. When you can make what is essentially a half deck, with the rest being cycle and draw spells, the design space for the class is severely limited. Demon Hunters can draw out their entire deck by turn 10. So any new Demon Hunter cards have to revolve around that fact.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one who HATES facing a priest, and feel like the fun of the game is being dragged down by this class?
    Quote from Trevolock2 >>
    Quote from yugi467 >>

    Why the fuck are people allowed to complain about some bullshit in hearthstone without getting locked by the moderators and to shut the fuck up and post in the salt thread? But when it's about priest everyone turns a blind eye. Its bullshit.

     Because certain people on here would rather bury their heads in the sand rather than acknowledge that there is a problem. I can understand if someone goes on a big tirade full of obscenities, but even if you just make a post without that you’ll get the same responses

    i can break it down. Here are the responses you will get

    1. You are angry please go to the salt thread. This simply dismisses and ignores any lending are concern or argument you try to make. 
    2. Your deck is bad and/or you haven’t teched correctly. A pretty condescending statement and they claim that your deck is bad whether or not they know what you are playing or what’s in your deck: Tech cards are often hard to included and it’s not a given that you win just because you play  it. You’ll also hear about “meme decks” which has no given criteria and is another dismissive response. 
    3. Res priest is not popular or high tier therefore it’s not a problem. Except that Res priest is still fairly common in wild or standard. In wild, the deck is ridiculously oppressive to a lot of different cards of fun ways to plays regardless of it not being “top tier”. 

     People also don't understand tech cards and when to run. Some tech cards are just unplayable and super punishing, even if there's a problem deck on ladder. Tech cards need to have general usefulness, in addition to their hard counter.

    E.g. Ironbeak Owl is run when certain deck lists run important silence targets, like when Carnivorous Cube existed. But it still has great general usage vs every other deathrattle.

    MCT was great for countering big decks to stop them from over extending their board, and limiting their minions. But it was still good as a 3 drop for a 3/3 steal a minion. Even if you only get a 2/2.

    But when Blizz prints cards like the shitty armor destroyer, and the Res Priest counters, the cards are useless in literally EVERY situation other than countering singular decks. The dead draw ruins you vs aggro, especially in a class without much card draw.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one who HATES facing a priest, and feel like the fun of the game is being dragged down by this class?

    Nope. I quit the game because of this specific deck.

    Not even because of the class in general. I don't mind Galakrond Priest, and I WISH Blizzard would make it so the class could legitimately run buffs in their deck (seriously morons.. Give them card draw).

    The deck purely isn't fun to play against. But unfortunately, it's been in the top 5 of popularity for a long time. So Blizzard's greed filled response is "the deck is making us money, so we want to keep it".

    They need to rework the res mechanic. It's so fucking awful. The meta would legitimately be really fun if it wasn't for this fucking boring deck plaguing the ladder with its 30 minute games.

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    posted a message on Next round of nerfs going to be targeted at Galakrond rouge
    Quote from Beebs >>

    Shadow Jeweler is a major problem.  5 health on a 2 cost minion is just borderline impossible to remove.  If the rogue gets this card in their mulligan along with a secret then the game is basically just over.  Secrets generally have ultra powerful effects for their mana cost and if you have no choice but to play into them because you're trying desperately to remove a high powered minion then you just never recover from the loss of resources.

     Shadow Jeweler is really not an issue..

    If you play it on curve on turn 2, she'll likely only generate one secret. If you play her on turn 4, she only makes an impact if you play bamboozle, in which case she's a 4 mana 5 drop with "discover a secret", which again, isn't bad.

    She's only a really high impact card around turn 7 or 8 when she can draw multiple high impact cards like spellbender, pack tactics, and freezing trap. But an 8-10 mana play is intended to be high impact in the game.

    Compared to other high mana plays like Galakrond, Shudderwock, Phaoris, or Mass Res, she's considerably less swingy. Her game impact is closer to that of playing 3 SnipSnaps on an empty board.

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