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    posted a message on Cloneball! - Tavern Brawl #52

    I like this brawl, but it would be way better if the second 0 mana card was a set number of cards into the deck.  Drawing it on turn one and two ends the game.

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    posted a message on Mistress of Pain + Auchenai Soul Priest = Instant Death

    I decided to use priest + warlock for a brawl.  I had these two cards on the board.  I attacked a minion with the mistress of pain and proceeded to take 30 damage, 1 at a time.

    I'm assuming this is because the mistress wants to heal you so badly that she keeps trying to do it, even though it isn't working.  =P

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    posted a message on Cards you hate for no real reason.

    "Follow de rules!"


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    posted a message on Standard Tempo Mage - Emperor or Sylvanas?

    I posted this because emperor seems to be the favorite, but sylvanas seems to fit the play style of tempo a bit better.  Why do you think one card is better than the other?

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    posted a message on Permanently quit?

    If you can't quit this game, don't ever start up playing WoW...

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    posted a message on Post your Yogg-Saron stories

    His board full with enough minions for lethal next turn.  Yogg only card in my hand.  I drop Yogg.  Yogg precedes to use single target spells on all enemy minions, clearing the board.  Mark of the wild on yogg.  Heal my face.  Shadowstep himself.  

    The board is now clear and I have a full hand.


    My opponent regains board control.  Has twin emps out and threatening lethal again.  Yogg 2.0.  Vanish is first spell played, returning yogg to my hand once again.  Yogg draws the rest of my deck and gives me double fireball.  That's all I needed for lethal.  

    The rogue I was playing did the only thing he could:  "Wow".

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    posted a message on Yogg is the best card of this expansion

    My last two games, I played Yogg.  One was a win and the other a loss, but I was laughing my ass off at the end of each of them.  

    The first game, I actually had lethal but wanted to play yogg anyway...  I pyro'd my face twice and lost the match.

    The second game I was losing horribly to a mid range shammy.  My yogg shadow-stepped himself so I got to use him twice.  Both times he buffed all my minions and cleared my opponents board.  

    This card is just fun.

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    posted a message on I can't see the new cards!!!

    I can't see them either, but it's because of my content filters at work.

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