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    posted a message on Blizzard just cant resist the infinite value decks?

    You face pogo rogues a lot? All I see on ladder right now (7-9eu) is aggro decks like mech-hunter, midrange-hunter, mech-paladin and murloc-shaman as well as cc-mage, either dragon or cyclone-build. Meaning you either die turn 6 because a bunch of big as mechs hit your face or you die turn 8 because a bunch of big as giants hit your face. No room for infinite value anywhere to be found.

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    posted a message on How to spot a bad player in Hearthstone

    You know you are reading a bad thread when:

    someone called synthetikmisery claims a players ability to play hs good is directly linked to their name. 

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    posted a message on When do you rope an opponent?

    I love these kind of threads, this and people complaining about other people emoting. It could be as simple as "everyone has up to 90 seconds for their turn to do whatever they want and that's just how it is", but oh no people have to interpret all kinds of things into an opponent roping, get tilted very easily or try to tilt the other person by waiting (which seems to work quite often according to the answers here).

    I really don't understand it, it is a game, a turn can take 90 seconds, what is the big deal, why y'all in such a rush? If I do come across someone who takes a long time for their turns for whatever reason I just start doing something in that time, like watch a video, doodle around or whatever. I don't get why some people lose their cool that easily. Must be the same people that lose their shit when the other person uses emotes against them. Hilarious. 

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    posted a message on Elysiana Need To Be Nerfed Or Turn Limit Be Increased.

    Hasn't there been a thread "discussing" the exact same thing going around for the past couple of weeks? Why start another one, especially when not even contributing something new besides how you feel about it? 

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    posted a message on Please, what to do against warriors?
    Quote from CoKrokToPrd >>

    Even with a fast deck, its really tough to get through. And the other problem is, the games take like 30mins...

    So what is good against this deck?



     They actually prey on fast decks, especially rogue. The key word is greed, just make your deck greedier or play a different deck. Conjurers Mage for example does a good job, or just tech in toggwaggle and/or Nomi plus toggwaggles scheme in your rogue to have more threats than they have answers to. Easy peasy. 

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    posted a message on God I Love the New Solo Adventure

    First I got the Treasure that allowed you to use your Hero Power twice and it costs (1) less. Then I played Power of Creation on Turn 3 and got 2 Coldarra Drakes, so every card in my hand costs 0.

     Dude I got the same hero power, got a Coldarra Drake that always started in my hand and had nexus champion saraad in my deck :D meaning in two games I got to infinitely spam the hero power, spam 0 mana spells creating new ones the whole time. I think one turn probably took about 10 minutes, ended up with a board filled with buffed up minions, did around 30 face dmg and had a hand full of removal spells for 0 mana(which would have killed my own board). 

    Needless to say I won that run easily and had a fucking blast doing it. 

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    posted a message on You guys do know there's other classes than priest right?
    Quote from Padge >>

    No one is going to read this and suddenly stop playing a deck they enjoy or win with. The game doesn't revolve around you, it isn't other players responsibility to ensure you can play whatever niche or wacky deck you want. If you aren't climbing with a deck then either you aren't very good or the deck isn't. 

    Not sure what you're hoping to achieve with this, very much a salt thread post. 

     I hate big priest with a passion and honestly can not understand people who play this deck, but he is right. They won't change their mind because of a post like this. They just like the easy wins /feeling powerful/feeling like the bad guy or play the deck for whatever reason and this won't change their mind, sadly. 

    To the people who say "just play kingsbane" or "you /your deck sucks if you don't beat them consistently", it is not always about just winning (for some of us). It is just extremely boring to play against them as pretty much every game is the same and you already know what will happen basically every time. So while I say complaining won't change a thing, I feel you pain op. 

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    posted a message on Legend (EU) Anti-control rogue

    Definitely looks like fun, I am missing the shark. What would you substitute it with?

    And I am not sure about the healers, will switch out one for zilliax for sure. But it looks like fun and I will give it a spin :) 

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    posted a message on The Rogue Problem - Prepare for Wall O Text!

    I agree, I am tired of facing some iteration of tempo rogue every single expansion. All the points regarding to the cards you made make sense to me. Maybe the problem goes deeper than that and lids actually within the basic and classic set that never rotates? I don't know. 

    I also don't really know nor care about if significant numbers of players and streamers are leaving the game or if developers really "love" rogue that much (maybe it's because a lot of players seem to love rogue since it usually allows for fairly cheap decks with which people can easily climb the ladder). 

    I think mentioning developers and players leaving steers the focus away from the actual point, the problem with rogue as a class. But hey that's just my point of view. 

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    posted a message on Infinite Mech Paladin (Deck Building)

    Hmm I don't see the value in vargoth, as it seems way too risky with the targetable spells (and if you can play a blessings and vargoth and you opponent doesn't have a board it seems like you are winning anyway ^^).

    Yeah I would like to fit 1 equality and 1 more pyro or shrink Ray in there, but I can't seem to find the room :/

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    posted a message on Infinite Mech Paladin (Deck Building)

    Hey there, funnily I started exoerimenting with this deck this morning, too ^^ I also cut tirion and the big dumb dragon, added 1 shrink ray and 1 pyro to be able to cope with big threats as well as wide boards in the mid game better. I also switched one blrssings for a second bells as it goes nicely with the pyromancer.

    I think the deck is still too incosistent and vulnerable too aggro in the early/mid game, plus since mech hunter is a thing some people start teching in silence which hurts (besides the fact that literally everyone has reomoval for truesilver nowadays). Probably have to make room for concecration somehow, too. 

    How is vargoth doing for you? The only thing that he combos well with is concecration, right? 

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    posted a message on Vicious Syndicate Report
    Quote from Farenough >>

    Since the beginning of hs i played mostly rogue. [...] 

    The problem is that every other class/deck is a lot weaker now. [...] 

    So the problem is not that Rogue has broken cards. It is the lack of good cards for other classes in this set.[...] 

     This made me chuckle. "The problem is not that my favorite class is op right now, it's just that the other I classes are not op enough to compete. Just buff all of them and it will be fine." 

    Yeah that certainly sounds more reasonable than nerfing rogue XD

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    posted a message on Hype for Endgame?
    Quote from axeamigu >>

    The movie is really good, all references to previous movies in the saga and the entire story line is just a masterpeice. Very exciting. liked it alot. No post credit scenes for those who are waiting for it the whole time ;D

     Maybe no post credit scene, but there is alittle easter egg at the end for those willing to sit through the credits. 

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard nerf Warriror?
    Quote from Tuscarora87 >>
    Quote from lite0 >>
    Quote from Tuscarora87 >>

     All right...

    Can you promise me people will stop complaining after the nerfs, when a new "meta shaping" deck arises and each class will struggle again finding a single deck to counter it?

    My point is, and I can't believe nobody see it after so many years - when people call for certain nerfs, Blizzard nerfs something else, unrelated, counterproductive. Their reasons are different. People just lose dust and we go again.

    People will complain again and again, because they hate losing. Losing a single game in HS feels disastrous, that's a fact, and masses cannot control their passions. Here we have complaining about a mediocre deck like Control Warrior, which is miles weaker than prenerf Cubelock, Quest Rouge, Jade.... I bet, after the nerfs people would start complaining about whatever is now average or bellow average (Resurrect, Silent Priest...) and would believe a single action would solve all the problems forever. 

     Nah, I wouldn't promise that at all.  People always complain but sometimes complaints are justifiable.  I do think Warrior is overtuned right now.  Not by ton and you definitely don't want to nerf only warrior as that could make the meta worse.  It might also be a bit short sighted in the long term because once other classes get some hero cards it might not be as much of an issue.  

    Is control warrior miles weaker than those decks?  If you compare them head to head then yea but against their field not so much.  I looked up the vS meta reports on cubelock and jade druid before their nerfs and it's winrate is basically the same, and like warrior they aren't the highest winrates at the time either.  Decks don't always get nerfed on raw power but often for warping the meta strongly.  You can only play mech paladin right now because warriors.  You can only play conjurer mage right now because warriors.  You can't really play any control deck right now because you can't out value warriors and only warriors can control Rogue.  Etc, etc.

    Balancing the game probably isn't easy, rogue/warrior/token are shaping the meta and if you touch one then everything changes.  I personally think you slap rogue, warrior, and token with a decent nerf, but not deck killing, and just see what happens.  Kind of like at the beginning of WW meta when all the top decks got nerfed and they were all still good but the meta was a lot more open to other classes/strategies.  


    I've been trying a lot of decks these days. Lackey, Conjurer, Control Warrior, Mech Hunter & Paladin... Still haven't: Shaman, Zoo and Bomb Warrior... Of all those, Control is the most troublesome to play (although, challenge makes it fun to play). Unlike Odd Warrior, this one doesn't guarantee a win against anything, even against favorable matchup. Even stupid goblin bombs can wreck Warrior. My last two games vs. Zoo, which I won, were exceptionally dramatic: was on 5-10 hp and praying to not get Leeroyed. A lot of decisions you must get right. Always missing a proper removal. I'll not even talk about Paladin, Hunter or Mage matchups.

    Then I go play vs. Warrior: Results: 10 wins in tavern brawl, 6 Warriors farmed; lost 2 (two!) games vs. Bomb Warrior so far playing with whatever deck; have a positive winrate with Lackey Rouge (counter deck)...

    And then I come to this forum where everybody is crying how Warrior is busted, the worst deck, broken... I start rubbing my eyes, can I read anymore, because I can't believe what I read. Ok, nerfs talk, but is Warrior really that broken?! On which merits people are basing their assumptions? Are those people who wouldn't coin Thug on 2? Those who don't run Sap? Go all in? Play shitty decks? Such and many other questions start dropping on my mind. Maybe the biggest sin of Control Warrior is that it's a "good, strong" deck (among others)? A lot of people find strong decks as much offensive as broken decks. I don't know...

    What kind of merit a person who critiques something must have, before we can start suspecting he or she is just a salty person or know nothing about the case? I think the first condition needs to be that he or she played that freaking deck first! That would be a good start! I firmly believe a lot of people attacking Ctrl. Warrior didn't play the deck. I want to hear (gladly) nerf propositions from people who played the deck, then from people who left the name in the community, etc... Let THEM say what is Ctrl. Warrior's place in the meta and is he a problem in a manner of Quest Rouge and such... Not random people with highest decibels in their voices. 

    Random ravings lead only to disastrous nerfs and never ending circle with economical consequences, as we've experienced.

    I exactly know what you're talking, you're not that concerned with certain decks, but you would like to open more space for other stuff. Fine. My post is all about the need to recognize and react every time when unfounded piffle starts spreading like plague.


     This. Cw is a good control deck which keeps some of the aggrodecks, mainly rogues, in check. Something that couldnt exist last year because of rexxar, jaina and all the otks. There are barely any other control decks right now because besides hagathas scheme there werent any board clears printed this expansion, therefore the other control classes (priest & warlock) struggle to find a decent control build. 

    Does that make cw unfair? No, it beats a lot of aggro decks as it is supposed to, it loses a lot to greedier builds and otk-decks,as it is supposed to. Everything is in balance. Stop crying and try to play a different deck if yours keeps losing to warrior. Or live with it and move on. 

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    posted a message on Highest Performing Rise of Shadows Decks

    Thanks for putting up kripps list which is running loot hoarders, so many people just blindly copying the list without even thinking about it. Have to smile every time a warrior drops a loot hoarder, surely there was absolutely no better alternative for card draw available XD

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