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    So a conditional 3 mana, deal 3 damage to a minion?

    Honestly, this is a lot worse than it looks. Would you rather have a conditional coin, or ALWAYS get a 3/3 wolf with Flanking Strike, or just have 3 damage for half the mana with Frostbolt?

    I know for sure the latter two options are better than a coin.

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    I'm quite proud of this one, outlaw rogue represent!

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    For the sake of trying to warm back up into making cards, I gave control warrior an early game board control tool since it lost war axe.

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    Quote from Demonxz95 >>


    I thought of going for a Kabal class, but I also thought of a custom faction with thepowrofcheese's Chronomancer and Hailey's Keeper from this competition, then found out all of the classes need to be in this competition, so in the end, I decided to go with Kabal.

     Aw, well, it still means a lot you thought of including my class (that rule about them having to be from this competition seems kinda lame tbh)

    Double Potion: This is cool, though as mentioned getting it in another kabal class would be even more painful than demonfire potion is atm (unless they also get a way to check their topdecks). This would likely be pretty much dead in most cases. I don't think thats the worst thing though, class potions are only really obtained by one card for other classes anyhow, and the other classes are getting two powerful potions from your class.

    Kabal Apprentice: I really like this one! 

    Cyber Punk: This really only needs to be "Add a copy of the last card you played to your hand", but the effect is cool.

    Rift Potion: This could be a little overcosted or underpowered, convert was never super useful, and the quick time bonus represents a very tiny power boost.

    Dimensioneer: This is one of my faves out of the currently shown one. Mulliganing all of your quick-time cards to get another chance of triggering them seems super cool, and the idea of having some kind of crazy combo with an empty deck to get a whole bunch of simultaneous quick-time effects after playing this seems like it'd be so much fun in-game. Ofc, parallel dimensions did that a little bit, but this one feels even better to play around with imo.

    Acid Potion: Simalar to dragon's breath, harder to control in the deck building phase but easier in-game. Pretty solid.

    Robbing time: An interesting take on a curse mechanic. It could be good enough to see use if highlander decks are meta, which is the point of the card, and with the draw 1 you can at least cycle at times where your opponent doesn't care much for it. 

    Astral Summoner: Not bad, not abusable but it can proc powerful end of turn or deathrattle effects early, which can be neat. Seems solid all round.

    Grand Chemist Nero: I want to say this guy's stats are a bit too good for a 'fill your hand' effect, spell hunter pays a 3 mana premium for the same effect with an (arguably, anyway) stricter deckbuilding requirement. Other than that it definitely looks playable, if a bit less inspiring out of all of the cards shown.


    Boulder Elemental: Considering how good kabal talonpriest is, this could be a little overpowered. In addition, I don't get the flavor of a boulder elemental providing a buff.

    Aerial Skycutter: Not bad at all TBH. Definitely a cool elemental deck staple.

    Vortex Elemental: Much like aerial skycutter, this just seems like a solid card to include in an elemental deck.

    Unlock the Rift: I got some flack for including a similar game reset effect on Algalon (it reset hands, decks, hp and board, leaving only mana crystals entact). Even being one time use and not favoring the control deck, having a hard reset button whenever your opponent threatens leathal, effectively giving you two chances at winning, both would drag the game out for a long time and likely land the deck with a really high winrate (and frustrate other players). With this one in particular, an aggro elemental deck could theoretically go for a reset if they're unable to burst a control deck down before they stabilize, and their next round would come swinging even harder without the quest tempo loss. I dunno, something about having a deck that just flat out gets two games and only needs to win one seems a little eeeeh, considering how many cheaper elementals you have that could easily fit in the deck and complete the quest.

    Eternos the Time Lord: This guy is still good ^-^ not much else to say.


    The third one is most interesting for combo potential, but probably the hardest to balance around. The first one is the most interesting as a persistent quest reward, giving you insane value, but its probably even less interactive to your opponent than the first one (not that quests don't have precident for that, with crystal core and nether portal, but I'm not sure this one would be as fun even if it is a good reward). The second one is definitely overcosted, it could be 2-3 mana seeing as it is a quest reward, or draw a card when played, or even that effect along with a lower cost.

    I really don't like Therazane, she'd pretty much immediately win games once dropped due to being nigh impossible to deal with, but at the same time she drags things out so it feels bad. Short of having cards with poisonous you couldn't deal with her at all.

    I guess that makes her better than galvadon though lol.


    6 copies of minions probably makes sense, but if you think it could be confused with crystal core too much, you could reword it as "Play 6 cards which summon copies of minions".

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    Not surprised I ended up losing so badly here, considering all of the stuff I had going on i only really had 3 hours to do the entire submission. Hopefully during the next big comp I won't have so many bad things happening irl to bring me down, and I can use what I learned here. Comparing this comp to the last one I entered, I got a lot further, so who knows how far I can get next time ^-^ 14th place here is still fairly prestigious, I feel.

    Still gonna be rooting for Demonxz95 to the end!

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    Is there gonna be a news post for this poll, by the way?

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    Well, I'm not super happy with my entry, but I've submitted with around 40 mins left.  (and hopefully I haven't made any huge errors in the submission post).

    Good luck to everyone else!

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    Previous Sets:


    Odyn is one of the Titanic Keepers, created during the ancient fight of Azeroth's past and empowered by the Titans to do battle with the Old Gods, and eventually aid in locking them away in prisons beneath the earth, in addition to sealing away the corrupted elemental of Azeroth into the elemental plane.

    After finally being freed from his imprisonment in his own halls, having been betrayed by Loken and Heyla, Odyn has taken a liking to the game of Hearthstone. However, he vehemently refuses to be seen siding with the Old Gods he fought against in any way (Even though his opinion on dragons have softened, the bronze dragonflight in paticular sharing a blessing from the same titan which empowered him).

    To that end, his son Loken has agreed to represent the class of Keeper for the WOG expansion. He has much more experience in befriending such aberrant beings from the void as the Old Gods.

    My death... heralds the end of this world.

    Perfect for grabbing those all important game-closing cards, like Yogg-Saron, Hope's End who is Loken's master as of his betrayal, or the thematically appropriate Algalon the Observer from the classic set.

    Yogg-Saron has corrupted the Forge of Wills, and now profaned creations are being produced at the behest of the fallen keeper Loken. These offer some mech synergy, and give the Keeper a more aggressive direction to take in comparison to its more midrange and control orientated basic and classic cards. They also (theoretically) can be used with GVG mechs in wild, and have reasonable synergy with the Keeper's other core mechanics.

    The rest of the Cards:


    Envoy of the Silent is a corrupted version of Tol'Vir Oracle (rather than copy enchantments, it gives enchantments), Envoy of the Silent provides a non X/X buff to C'thun, The Onyx Knight is my chess themed card.

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    Hi again, I'm expecting people have wondered where I've vanished off to after saying I was gonna do reviews and post a draft of my class here, and I'm really sorry for vanishing again too.

    The short version of events is, I've been attending a funeral for my great grandmother, and been in the midsts of a huge falling out between myself and several family members. There are, of course, a lot of other things I've been tied up with too, but those are the main ones.

    With everything going on I've been considering conceding this round with some sort of "Odyn refuses to work with the old gods" reasoning, but considering how disappointed I've been to see other entries go, and the fact I've gotten to this round, I figure I don't want to let people down who have been following the Keeper so far. Thus, my brain willing, I'm just gonna post my submission somewhen (likely directly before the deadline =v) and hope for the best, because I don't think I have time for feedback anymore (and its a little unfair to ask for more feedback without having done any more in return).

    So yeah, that's the current situation, but if I don't manage to get a submission in I'd like to give an early apology to anyone who was looking forwards to it. Either way, I'm super glad to have made it this far!

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    While I've been on break I drafted up a couple of ideas I've had:

    Like all good summoning of unspeakable evil, days of ritual preparation and chanting are required.He's a huge C'thun fanboy, and keeps going on about how he hates N'zoth.

    I'm considering changing the format of my Destiny/Fate mechanic (not the actual card effects, just the way they're written) to make it a bit shorter and feel less bulky. I have a few ideas for it, assuming I'm permitted to retroactively change that for all of the old cards. With that said, the current version is the most clear in terms of what it does, I think, so I'd like people's feedback on the change.

    I'm also putting flavour text as hover-text for my cards. Might as well go for broke now I've made it to this round ^-^

    Edit: missed the watermark, better fix that when I get home whoops.

    Edit 2: I also forgot to mention, I'm looking for better C'thrax art (or maybe just changing the creature all together) as I know the current one is a raid boss who works for N'Zoth, which doesn't fit my theme of Yogg Sauron and a smidge of C'thun (especially when I'm referencing the ancient war between the former and the latter two)

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    I actually don't mind the c'thun challenge ;-; I feel bad for everyone who's struggling with it though.

    I'm gonna do an in depth look at all of the cards posted so far when I get back from work, but I wanted to give a bit of immediate feedback to  thepowrofcheese. 

    I don't really like the idea of an effect which will be delayed that much which lacks a visual indicator of some kind. Minor ones like dragon consort are okay, but something huge like summoning an 8/8 for free could really take players off guard if they lose count over the course several turns. 

    IMO the best way to solve that would be to summon a Dormant stitches with a visual indicator for how close it is to awakening. I know the dormant mechanic wasn't introduced until ungoro, but (i personally, anyway) think its conceivably ok to introduce those non-keyword mechanics a bit earlier, since we're already retroactively changing hearthstone history with the classes ^-^

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    The rare word is 'Excess', as seen in Explosive Runes .

    Control shaman baybeeeeeee.

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    Would an effect only present on a token generated by a collectible card, or only present on a hero power from a DK hero count as an effect of a collectible card, or not?

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    I made it to phase 4 😂 

    I'm sad to see a lot of the other classes go, though. I really liked scribe.

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