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    posted a message on NO NERFS IN WILD????

    Un-nerfed buzzard and un-nerfed unleash or the many freezemage cards, would not be fun. I do miss the old patron, but the nerfs we have gotten so far, were all made for a reason, they were unbalanced and unbalanced cards are not fun to play against. Competitive OKT decks are not fun at ALL! Wild should still be playable, balance wise.

    And it would be very confusing for new players, with cards that where different depending on the format.

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    posted a message on Who plays WILD?

    I only play wild, as I can play whatever deck I want there. I do not play this game for the competition, so as soon as I reach rank 5 I get pretty careless.

    If you play for the competition, then wild gets pretty boring/monotome when you get close to legend, so for that I would not recommend it, but before that it is pretty casual after the standard/wild split up, as there with so few players left now, is room for some pretty creative decks (My Gahz'rilla+dreadscale hunter kicks ass!).

    The only problem is that it is not uncommon now, to play against the exact same player 2 and sometimes 3 times in a row o,0

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    posted a message on Tuskar totemic is a bad card?

    Tuskar totemic gives you a minimum of 7 stats, which is all you can ask for for three mana without clear drawbacks.

    The 3/7 change "of getting something good" you are referring to seems i bit spoiled, as you make it sound like vanilla stats spread on two bodies is somehow a bad deal? Which is just wrong especially since the 3/7 is referring to standard, where value is a bit more important these days.

    Shaman likes totems and they like multiple bodies on the board for cards like Flametongue Totem, Bloodlust and elvolve.


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    posted a message on Scaled Nightmare Combo (Coldblood + Conceal)

    It will never be strong enough in any meta, as there are much better options in the classic set :)

    You are using 9 mana to do nothing. Yes you create a 2 turn lethal situation, if your opponent cannot deal with it, or just kill you instead, but why not use a charge minion?

    Wolfrider + double coldblood + faceless manipulator = 22dmg. You can spread the damage across two targets, and your opponent do not get a turn to act.

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    posted a message on Just going to leave this here
    Quote from KitsuneRTC >>
    Quote from Sahgos >>
    Quote from KitsuneRTC >>


     you called it a gimmick otk, you didn't say just people were desperate. this is not a gimmick otk deck, unless you think FoN + SR was a gimmick?
     You cannot compare these two combos at all! Let me explain
    1. Yes, on an empty board they both do 14 dmg, but the one more mana is important in Hearthstone.
    2. FoN+SR increases its strength for each other minion you have in play, Hawk + Charge does not.
    3. You can spread the damage of FoN+SR between 4 targets, where you with Hawk + Charge might not even be able to split it between two. So FoN+SR has a lot easier time getting past taunts.
    4. The damage limit with thaursan is way higher with FoN+SR than just 30. FoN(5)+FoN(5)+Inervate+Inervate+SR(2)+SR(2) which gives you 40dmg on an empty board.
    5. FoN and SR are both playble cards on their own, and can help you remove some threads to give you an extra turn. Where Hawk and Charge are both trash tier, on their own.
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    posted a message on [PSA] Whispers of the Old Gods - Dust Total

    Your prediction is way off. You can use http://www.carddust.com/ to get a good estimate, since WOG is almost the same size as TGT/GVG.

    You should need 300 on average, to get all cards in non-golden edition. ;)

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    posted a message on dust gained though greed

    I have gotten mad luck, with opening golden druid epics so i am sitting at 8460 dust from these nerfs o,0!


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    posted a message on Will Deathrattle Hunter be viable in Standard?

    If it is, then it is not going to be in the standard format, and it is definitely not going to be a reno deck! 

    Right now there is not enough good cards in the wild format, to make a competitive deathrattle hunter. So in standard with no naxx and no GVG (thereby no Feign Death), you will end up using a lot of cards, that just do not fit in.

    Princess Huhuran is a card that needs some good deathrattle cards in order to make it good, and if you try to put it into a reno deck, then you are cutting your options for good deathrattle cards in half, so it is just never gonna work!

    If I should make a guess, then you are in the best case going to make Princess Huhuran allmost act like a third Savannah Highmane, in some kind of midrange deck. The control style hunter just needs so many cards that I do not see it being a thing in this expansion. 

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    posted a message on Is it worth to buy WotG expansion?

    It is a good deal, it is allways fun to open packs, and you get to start playing all the new cards, before people have find out which 10~20 cards that are competitive.

    But if you have a few thousand gold, then just use the gold.

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    posted a message on Princess Huhuran

    The only AOE you have is Explosive Shot and Unleash the Hounds, so you will rarely come back from a losing position, against decks that try to flood the board.

    You have way to few activators for Nerubian Egg.

    In general it looks like the deck is trying to do, to many things all at once.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Deathwing, Dragonlord
    Quote from YonEventide >>

    Deathwing Dragonlord + Deathwing summons all dragons before discard?

     I tested this with Voidcaller and that didn't work, so this should not work either. 
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    posted a message on Possessed Villager

    It's deathrattle activates Knife Juggler, and you still keep a 1/1 if you use Power Overwhelming.

    But in the case where you would give it a permanent buff, like with Defender of Argus, the Argent Squire would be better.

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    posted a message on nerf Force of Nature + Savage Roar?

    Force of nature is right now already a good tool for board clearing, but it is just much better for burst damage. So if instead of nerfing it, I would like them to make a complete reworked, so Force of nature just becomes an awesome board clear. That way druids might be able to play from behind, even without the combo.

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    posted a message on help, I can't win gold

    Restart the game, or maybe that is the message you get when you earned more than 100gold in one day? Did it work earlier today? You might have reached the 100gold pr. daily limit :b

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