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    posted a message on Can u still climb the ladder with Shudderwock on this matter

    It was never a particularly good deck, it was just very irritating to play against because the match took 40 minutes. You might be able to get a positive winrate, if you are lucky enough to match against a lot of slow decks, but to actually "climb" will take way to long.

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    posted a message on Should Master Oakheart be nerfed?

    Mana cheating is very frustrating, but if blizzard should look into it, they should take a look at lower mana cards first. A 9-man card like Master Oakheart is allowed to be crazy, as it limit what else you can do this turn. If you look at taunt druid in particular, I think that Witching Hour, is a much more frustrating card, as it lets you combo with Carnivorous Cube or clear the enemy board and so on.

    At this point there are so many mana cheating cards, that blizzard is probably going to wait it out, instead of trying to nerf anything.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary - Darius Crowley

    If it kills a minion with 3 attack, it is gonna act like a 5 mana 6/3, Battlecry deal 4 damage, which is comparable to a Blackwing Corruptor in power level.

    It is situational, but if the situation hits it is a good card.

    But the only thing that matters, is if there is going to be a deck that supports this card.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Reveal - Toki

    From the past?

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    posted a message on Is ultimate infestation the best card ever printed?

    Nothing will ever beat the old Undertaker.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on Professor Putricide!

    He fits well in the old secret hunter. Does secret hunter fit in this meta? Not really...

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    posted a message on Will blizzard let hearthstone die or fix druid?

    First off, I am pretty sure the "There are too many druids"-thread already exist.

    The timespand of two weeks are just not gonna happen, as you after just three week, should not make drastic changes (and the expansion is only a week old right now, maybe something else will come up).

    If you wanna look back at the history of the game, you should expect a nerf up to 6 months after the expansion. Like we saw with Warsong Commander and Undertaker.

    But since they did not nerf secret paladin, when that were just as big a part of ladder, I do not think they will nerf druid, no matter if they are overpowered or not. They are probably gonna try to make another class dominant in the next expansion.

    The good news is that there have been many of these "Hearthstone is gonna DIE!"-threads after every expansion, but it is still alive.

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    posted a message on Does Haunted Creeper or Stonehill defender fit in Midrange token Paladin?

    If the deck is slow enough to play tirion, then yes; stonehill defender is good (class cards has a 4-times higher chance to show up in the discover). If you play a token deck, then knife juggler should be an auto-include and that makes haunted creeper good too.

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    posted a message on Warlock quest

    It is a easy rank 5+ deck in wild :/ But if you can only play standard then it is probably not good enough yet (but blizzard has 2 years in standard to change that). 400 dust is not worth it if you plan on playing this game in the long term, as it still can get some some aid.

    And if you see how many times the community have changed their mind about the rogue quest already, then you should at least give it a week + before dusting anything.

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    posted a message on Wild crafting discount

    Find that specific post first! 

    I have not heard of that, and I do not think that they would lower the crafting cost.

    They might release some wild packs at some point. The wild packs would be having two expansions + three adventures now, where in the last rotation they would just have had GVG and NAXX, so wild packs in the year of the Kraken would not have made that much sence.

    Do not craft it all at once, build it slowly. If you cannot have fun with the deck in a semi-optimised state, then you probably should not draft the rest. Sludge Belcher can be used anywhere so that will be a fairly sure craft to start with.

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    posted a message on Dusting all wild cards
    Quote from TheWamts >>

    Would you trade in your old Gamecube for 30 dollars of store credit?

     This hits the core question of this subject so hard on the nail, that it gave me a nosebleed!
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    posted a message on My Paladin Quest deck

    Buff cards are strongest when used for tempo plays! So you should make a Tempo focused deck, if you ever want Buffs to work and not a control deck (unless you are going for a specific otk combo of course).

    You should probably redo the deck in a zoo style. Especially since Buffs are the worst cards in the game, if you do not have a minion from the turn before. Look at the old Face-Fapadins (I think it were called Shockadin?) for inspiration. I think most of them already used Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings.

    Good luck finding a solution ;)

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    posted a message on Journey to Un'goro, eh beginning of total curvestone?

     The "Freeze mage:-Completely destroyed" is just based on some nonsence.

    Yes it will be weaker in standard, than in wild, as it already is, but it has exicted since before both Emperor Thaurissan and Forgotten Torch, and the last one wasn't even a stabel. I will agree that Ice Lance will hurt, no doubt! But there has been added a lot more spelldamage minions, so there are still ways to increase the damage range.

    Do not forget that the removal of Reno Jackson is also a huge plus for Freeze mage, and you get Arcanologist, a tutor card for your secrets. 

    And sorry for sounding lame, but Mill rogue is just not a real deck. In a world where aggro is the meta, Mill rogue is (I sadly agree) as much a deck as Divine Spirit/Inner Fire Priest is.

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    posted a message on Mana Treant

    The horror!

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    posted a message on The Marsh Queen

    So to make this work, you need a deck with an ridicoules amount of one-drops (like 10-12 maybe), which means you will alway be mana efficient. Then as early as turn 5, you play a card that is OP in itself, but it also makes your deck OP?
    That's like Mysterious Challenger 2.0? o,0

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