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    posted a message on New Mage Epic Card Revealed - Apexis Smuggler

    I think this is kind of meh

    Like a 2/3 which requires you to play a 3 cost card to discover a secret seems weak.

    Compare this to Secret Plan which is just much better and a Common. 

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    posted a message on Galakrond’s Awakening impression

    Tbh i feel like they focused too much on the story than the adventure itself. Like i love seeing George and Karl get back together, Raffam fighting Galkarond and an air fight in the sky BUT the quality of the adventure was really low compared to both the other single player expansions.

    Like so many things did not get answered at the end of the expansion story wise. Felt like a very quick and rushed ending. 


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    posted a message on How would you rate Year of the Dragons single player content?

    The Dalaran Heist: 

    I think this might have been one of the best single players since dungeon run. The flavor with the different difficulty of the bosses were really spot on. Playing as a "Bad guy" was a first in this adventure which made it fun and different to face the heroes. The henchman heroes were well designed and had new and old characters. The setting of Dalaran was amazing, as it felt like you were fighting in different places within the city.


    Flavor: 8

    Design: 8

    Re-play ability: 7

    Overall score: 8.5 

    Tombs of terrors:

    Played as one of 4 heroes which felt too similar to Monster hunt. The end bosses were really cool, but the design of them were all over the place with some being much harder than others. Uldum was not as fun to battle in that Dalaran with most bosses being dessert related. fighting henchman you played as in the first expansion was really fun and cool to see another side of the same story. 


    Flavor: 6 

    Design: 6

    Re-play ability: 6

    Overall rating :6 

    Galarond's Awaking:

    Back to normal adventures. Story is amazing so far, however mostly only can play once. Cards instead of pack rewards, which is interesting. Less content and pre made decks make it feel pretty mediocre compared to the dungeon run format. Mostly used to tell a story than actually play against a PVE encounter. 


    Flavor: 7

    Design: 4

    Re- play ability: 2 

    Overall rating: 4


    Finishing remarks:

    The year of the dragon had 3 different PVE Content released, however i feel like the overall quality of them has decreased from the start of the year. The Dalaran heist was a blast to play, lots of flavor and have generally hard bosses to face. as we went to Uldum, the Tombs of terror felt like a monster hunt style dungeon run with less heroes to play and pretty forgettable bosses and the last adventure focused more on telling a story than the actual game play.

    What is your opinions on the single player content? 

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    posted a message on Loot the Deadmines - custom hearthstone expansion part 1

    Story: Paladin Hero Lemillion seaks Glory by transforming an oncoming invasion of Demons from the void into a Holy army. In order to save the day he needs to require the legendary artifact "The Demon crown" which is hidden in Azeroth. Part 1 of this story sees Lemillion and his trusty company Archmage Magifin enter the Deadmines to steal the map to the Demon crown from Edwin VanCleef. Will they be able to find the map? will they find the crown? or is something or someone trying to stop them? 

    OUR HEROES: Mage and Paladin are our Heroes this expansion

     Mage: Archmage Magifin calls on his Murloc magic and Murloc friends to use the Deadmines to their advantage to battle for the Demon crown. 

     Paladin: Lemillion is Very Cocky and has alot of wannabe heroes following him. Paladin focuses on 1 health minions, Secrets and Spells. 

    Some of Yrel Spells Upgraded:


    The Villian: Rogue plays the main Villian of this expansion with Edwin VanCleef as the main Antagonist 

    Rogue:  Edwin VanCleef calls on Pirates and combos to stop the advancing heroes in the Deadmines. 


    if cards dont work look at them here: https://imgur.com/a/G4UjJa1

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    posted a message on what did people think of the year longs story?

    I really enjoyed all the expansions linking this year and telling a story with art and cards linking!

    what was your opinions on it?



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    posted a message on Custom Year long story Expansion: Part 1 - Looting the Deadmines


    Year Long expansion following 3 heroes are they try and recover the crown of the Demon King and become the Ultimate Adventurers.


    Lemillion always wanted to be the words greatest hero, along with his magical Murloc Partner Zeku and  his Pet rock "Rocky - the average boulder" they set out on a quest to find the Demon King crown, the most powerful demon artifact in Azeroth. the crown has been split up over two hidden locations. Their starting point is requiring a magical map to lead them to half of the crown. The map has been stolen by Edwin VanCleef in the heart of the deadmines. The heroes first step is to loot the deadmines and find this map in the expansion "Looting the dead mines" 

    Hero classes: Paladin, Mage and Warrior will make the 3 classes for our heroes





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    posted a message on whats your opinion of the year of the dragons storyline?

    Overall i think the storyline this year was really good, however i think they missed opportunities along the way. 

    Rise of shadows story line rating: 9/10

    by far one of the best story lines i think. the iconic Rafaam returning with all the past villains to take over a magical city. a hugely fun expansion with some pretty good cards. I love how 5 classes got a villain with cards that represent that villain. 

    Saviors of Uldum story line rating: 7/10

    i think personal it fell flat a little bit as the villians did not really make an appearance and the league of explorers suddenly have become super heroes did not feel right. Reno being a mage just felt a bit clunky as well. However, i did enjoy them returning to take on Rafaam which was pretty cool and interesting story idea.

    Decent of Dragons story line rating  7/10

    this is the one i feel like could have been a bit better. like i feel like the cards were fine, but i feel like the lack of ending is a bit odd and the storyline starts the make less sense. Why did Rafaam take over Dalaran if he just needed the plague from Uldum to bring back Gaklarond? Why does he want to destroy Azeroth suddenly after wanting to rule it before? it just feels like the story climax is a bit shaky, maybe things will clear up in the final adventure, however i feel like they more wanted dragons to fight than a solid story finale imo.

    what are your views on the year of the dragon? overall i did enjoy the year long story and i hope they do similar stuff next year


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    posted a message on Custom Hearthstone Expansion: Out of Time

    The floating city of Dalaran was stolen in the rise of Shadows, The brave League of Explorers fought to save the city in the dunes of Uldum and now this year long comes to an end with a surprise twist.

    This expansion is an alternative ending to Year of the Dragon, where Raffam has stolen an ancient dragon slaying weapon from Uldum to slay Nozdormu and change time to let the bad guys win. The league of explorers race to Tanaris to prevent time itself being re-written by the League of evil. 

    New Keyword:

    Time (X) - Will do something when played if you have played (X) cards from the past this game. 

    The heroes have class legendaries from past expansions, sidequests, hero cards and dragon ambassadors 





    Not finished: will add more soon.

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    posted a message on Your Top 10 Most META DoD Cards!

    i think this card would do an amazing job 

    Related image

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    posted a message on Singleton hunter discussion?

    singleton hunter is decent in standard, not super powerful, but really good at the same time. 

    my deck uses more secrets as they are good for Zuljin

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Frightened Flunky


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    posted a message on Am i the only one who think its kind of funny?

    Im a huge lore fan and i love hearthstone stories and ROS was by far my favorite As the villians invaded the city of Dalaran

    But looking at the new set i can help but laugh a little at the theme, which i admit is every heathstone, but also kind of dumb in a story point of view.

    Raffam and the league of evil has stolen the city of Dalaran, beaten some of the most powerful mages that could have stopped them, Have taken control of all the monster of the violet hold and now release powerful plagues upon the world....

    And 4 weirdos including a murloc  is going to rip him a new asshole

    Anyone else finds that just hilarious? 

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    posted a message on do you think Kazakus might come back?

    Just wondering as they said they have one neutral legendary left to reveal with the no duplicate rule.

    Also they said new lackeys and villians would join the league.

    would make sense as Kazakus could be seen as a villian and could have a lackey?

    what do people think?

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    posted a message on wait...so is there going to be a new Villian?

    In the first Expansion announcement they confirmed new Lackeys and villians would be joining the fight throughout the year 

    but it seems like there is no news about any new villians or lackeys?

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    posted a message on Possible Clue for next expansion in Dalaran hiest?

    she never went into the Desert herself. Reno did

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