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    posted a message on Should Flamewreathed Faceless be nerfed?

    What a self indulgent poll. The card is fine, learn to play around it. 

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    I run Infested Tauren mostly due to its interaction with N'Zoth, the Corruptor. As playing N'Zoth takes up the entire turn, you are essentially defenseless the following turn. Since Sludge Belcher cannot be used in Standard format, the need for a card with Deathrattle AND Taunt was filled by card, being the closest thing to Sludge Belcher but Standard legal. Really wish the 2/2 Slime had Taunt too, but I'm not complaining. It gets the job done.

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    posted a message on How to think like pro Hearthstone players?

    "Stay at a neutral mindset", is probably the best I can say.

    Meaning always be flexible in your thinking. Don't get tunnel vision on how a certain deck is "supposed" to be, and there by disregarding it as a whole. 

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    posted a message on I am a new player

    Sit yourself down by the Hearth.

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    posted a message on Southsea Squidface
    Summon: "My mother does love this face."
    Attack: "Show respect."
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    posted a message on Weakest Class Post Rotation?
    Quote from Toymachine >>
    Quote from gurunache >>

    Hunter. Which is just depressing considering Hunter being one of my favorite classes. While Call of the Wild was a strong addition, with the current card pool available, Hunter is forced to be a face deck or a midrange variant. 

    What do you mean Hunter? It's one of the strongest classes atm. They have best 6 drop in game, best 8 drop in game, and Houndmaster is on par with shamys 4 drops at 6/5 taunt value. They also have one of the best 2 cost spells (Quick Shot in my experience has a bit over 30% chance to draw you a card (technically double less but you keep 2 ofc). It has also one of the best 3 cost cards in game (Animal Companion) and some of the best removals as well (Freezing and Hunter's). Hunter is easy Legend...
    You cannot lose vs Shamans with Hunter (literally have to disconnect to lose). Friend took Legend with 78% win rate yesterday with Hunter and I am at Rank 4 (4 stars) with 80% win rate, 7-0 vs Shamans on tracker (10-0 or more off tracker in Casual) and neither of us are good, but Hunter is OP:

    As for post I'd say Priest is the worst, followed by Mage, Druid and Warlock.

     K? I was speaking from personal experience, and went though many renditions before arriving at a satisfactory list for myself. The poll speaks for itself, and piloting a Hunter deck isn't exactly hard. I still view it as currently the weakest class compared to Shaman and Warlock.
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    posted a message on What packs to buy?

    You can never go wrong with buying Classic. 

    Personally, I wouldn't buy TGT packs ever. There are very few cards worth getting in that set and I would just craft for those.

    Instead of looking at the ratios, be looking for specific cards and prioritize them. 

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    posted a message on What decks do you guys play in Wild?

    Zoo and Mech Rogue.

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    posted a message on Is Power Overwhelming broken? nerf?

    How dare Warlock have access to burst damage

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    posted a message on Best card pack opening ever? Share your greatest moments!

     tfw pulling your 2nd Golden Antonidas

     RNG pls

     rare pepe pack


     happy brann

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