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    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

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    Yes they are. Sorry but all I could find was the Chinese version of the card, from the card reveal video. 

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    Spark is a non-collectable 1/1 Neutral Minion with Rush, and the Elemental tag

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    1/1 vanilla. You can tell it is a buff, and not a change to base stats due to the green numbers. 

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    I think the next card, if any, might be Mountain Giant. It sees a ton of play, mostly in Warlock but now also in Mage. Sometimes a tap, tap, Mountain Giant is too much for the opponent to deal with, and you snowball win.

    I also hope that Blizzard will revert the nerf on Ancient of Lore someday, as a 7 mana 5/5 that draws 2 cards isn't as much of a staple anymore. (When Druid has much more draw power now with Ultimate Infestation and Branching Paths) Seeing as Ancient of Lore currently sees no play in any format, if making it Hall of Fame is needed to unnerf the card, then it would be welcomed. 

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    This isn't necessarily what I think, but just the general reason behind why people say the things they do.

    1) Referring to aggro/tempo decks as "brainless." Doesn't every deck become autonomous if you play it enough?

    Aggro decks on average require less decision making, take less time per turn to play, and will more often go face than trade. Decks that keep hand better, have more decisions to make, and thereby creating more moments where it is skill testing. 

    2) R20 Scrub! What difference does it make? Some people just don't want to climb ladder? 

    Competitive players will value other players depending on their rank and skill (which includes deckbuilding), and more often times than not, players who reach rank 5 and above consistently, will have better decision making and as a result be better Hearthstone players. Playing casually totally fine, and is where Blizzard makes most of their money. It's the day and night of opinions from someone who has never hit Legend, and someone who hits Legend every season. Of course the mentally and opinion will differ. 

    3) Homebrews VS. Netdecks; again, what difference does this make? If you are offered 2 pair of shoes, some people are going to opt for comfort, and some are going to opt for style. Secondly, every new player that asks for advice, "WATCH STREAMS!" under the same threads that refer to, "Too many netdeckers." 

    The difference between original decks and popular netdecks, is simply the popularity of it. It's like someone who wants to reach Legend, watches another player hit Legend with a certain deck, and then uses that same deck to also reach Legend. Primates in particular learn from mimicking successful behaviors from others. This is an innate behavior, and part of the reason why humans became the apex species. 

    You can watch someone who is good at the game stream, and learn from them without netdecking as well. Look at the board and the streamer's hand, then thinking about what you would do. If the stream does something different, think about why they chose to do something different from you. A lot of change comes from within, and you need to internalize what went right and wrong. Otherwise it becomes like television and information comes in through one ear, and exits from the other. 

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    Be honest. Do you have the Legend card back?

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