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    This should be a Dragon.

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    posted a message on The Five Most Overhyped Boomsday Project Cards

    This is a really bad list, and here is why: Juicy Psychmelon was a hyped up card, but people were always freaking out over the tutor in Wild, not Standard. And considering it is played in every single Aviana Kun deck, no, it was not overhyped. It became an auto staple in the deck, and the hype was warranted. Not an overhype. 

    No one threw a fit or went crazy over Kangor's Endless Army. It's just a card that justifies the Mech Paladin archetype, and investing into three over-Magnetized mechs.

    Lab Recruiter was just a very interesting card from a card design perspective. Not overhyped. 

    Wargear is the most aggressively stat'd Magnetize, and very solid in midrange mech decks. The problem being that we just don't see those in the high tier, and therefore sees less representation. This is the only card on the list that I can see the argument for both sides for. People expected to see Wargear everywhere, but mech decks just weren't that good.

    No one freaked out over Floop's Glorious Gloop, bc it was ramp with conditions that you had to work for. No one overhyped Floop's Glorious Gloop.

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    posted a message on Which to craft first? Floop or Alex for Maly Druid?

    Definitely Alex before Floop. Until you craft or pull Floop, you can even run the Oaken Summons and Ironbark Golem package. 

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    They're more for the fun of it, than the card back. I had a ton of fun figuring them out, but puzzles aren't for everyone. 

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    posted a message on 80 Gold Quest


    There is a mega thread specifically for this. Next time, do it there instead of making a new thread. And make sure to read the rules & guidelines of that thread first. 

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    posted a message on The pinnacle of stupidity

    Maybe next time post in the Pepper Thread, instead of making a new one.

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    posted a message on How to deal with salt

    It really depends. Your mood can be a factor, and not everyone copes in the same way.

    For me, I switch between either: pushing myself to keep playing until I'm numb to the meta/memorized what's being run and making changes accordingly, or taking a break to clear my head. (length any time between an hour, to a day)

    If you're really feeling lost, watch high legend players on Twitch to get an idea to build off of. 

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    posted a message on What makes someone downvote a deck?

    As someone who has been a victim to something similar myself, I can only assume their reasoning. Either it's a personal grudge with the user, something about the deck that rubbed them the wrong way, or it was an impulsive decision. Other than just "they didn't like the deck."

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    Not just Whizbang, but cards like Dirty Rat also. If Blizzard was willing to, and made the Hall of Fame set to move cards from Standard to Wild exclusive, I don't see why they can't create a "set" where they can move cards like Whizbang and Dirty Rat to, that stays Standard legal. (Since Whizbang is currently in The Boomsday Project, it would be moved after rotating out)

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    posted a message on Favorite Legendary from Boomsday?

    Myra Rotspring for sure. Super fun card

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    posted a message on So much for the 'community vote'

    This is nothing new, and the longer you're on this website, you'll see this is a pattern. Look back on Witchwood's Community Compendium; Lady in White, Count Ashmore, Wing Blast, Dire Frenzy, and Rebuke especially where all in the top 10 from votes. However: Lady in White and Dire Frenzy are in a meme deck. Count Ashmore and Wing Blast barely see any play. Rebuke sees little to no play. 

    Don't take the community votes as a literal representation of how they are in practice. Also for context, Juicy Psychmelon and Dreampetal Florist  do currently see play in Malygos, Mill and Big Druid. However because (like the users above wrote) the set is still fairly new, and streamers would rather test new decks, instead of playing hours of a upgraded pre-existing deck. Give it time. 

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    posted a message on What does doubling imp say when you play him?

    People will hear what they want to hear. 

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom Break Dances in Tokyo, Japan!

    I don't know how many others here follow the Japanese Hearthstone channel, so I thought to share. Let's say his dancing skills are... iz real good 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌

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    posted a message on How much packs will you open tomorrow?

    Just the 51 packs from the 5130 gold. (maybe 52 after tomorrow's quest, and some ranked wins) After this, I'll start saving for the next expansion in 4 months. 

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    posted a message on What makes for a good hearthstone streamer?

    The most important thing is to be good at the game. You could be the most boring soul on earth, but if you're on top 10 legend, people will watch you because they want to become good as well. 

    After that, it's just your personality. It helps to be relatable, but if people find you entertaining, they'll watch your stream regardless of which games you're playing. It's important to note that not everyone has the personality for streaming.

    Outside of that, is the news/the insight you can share. It's best to back up your statements with past data and facts, but some people like it when you lean a certain way (while other don't). 

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