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    People exchanging few cards from already existing decks and pretending its a total new deck. This meme is going on for years now.

    " Oh i made this total incredible revolutionary new face hunter deck, nothing like this ever existed. This is the proof guys, you can play everything only your imagination is your limitation."


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    And 1 thing that makes standard / HS in general a really bad are those forced synergies that force certain archtypes and makes only a couple decks viable. I think the game would be much better if people would come up with cool ideas instead of Blizz forcing players to play 1 of 6 possible decks they had in mind.Ofc other meta decks arise but i think the discrepancy of power level wouldnt be that insanely high between tier 1 2 3 decks, allowing experienced players to win with worse decks. And that is like a nogo for years now- only the powerlevel of a deck counts and the level of knowledge of the game doesnt transfere to winrates.

    Standard is just really fucked. Its very boring meta. Its like people play some super op cards in the first 7 turns and the game ends with no answer possible. And that is most of the games. Its really awful and almost no strategy at all. If the game happens to be longer the rock scissor paper system makes most of the matches not better.

    I rarely have the feeling or the idea that i make mistakes in standard. Its just stupid things happen and you watch a movie. I wud love to get better- but there is rarely any room to improve on cuz the RNG is basically 90% of standards playout.

    I started playing Wild and i have to say i have way more fun because right now the power level seems more balanced in wild than in standard- which is crazy. I only made it to gold so far so it could also be the case that most people until now didnt really care about meta it seems.

    Anyway it is just way more fun for me than standard.

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    Dude, you are just telling everyone that you basically know shit about the game. Mage is S Tier - THERE IS NO CONTROL DECK THAT CAN BEAT IT!

    This is such a nonsense post.

    "honestly deck of lunecy is so predictable" woah just facepalm. The cards are random created from a pool of outcomes...

    " u just don't use ur stupid brain and any control deck can beat this deck" Ok it is just not possible to keep up with their tempo. They can play like 3- 5 strong cards in 1 turn while drawing cards. There is no control deck that can keep up with that. And its the average- not the nutdraw.

    And yeah its true the watchposts are also way too strong for their mana cost but mage is so much stronger that people forget about it.

    It is so clear to me you have no fing clue what are talking about.

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    well, people post very often that they do not like to lose to rdm. But its just not true that deck of lunacy is really rdm. There are very few cards at that high mana cost and if you make your spells cheaper twice your deck of lunacy gets worse. So if you think about it its not very rdm at all and you will see very similiar results different games.

    though i think just deck of lunacy is not the problem. the mage deck consist of mostly super busted cards and on top of that they can also play lunacy.

    its more the problem that blizz just constantly prints cards with certain synergies that force their idea of a deck type and obviously if its not strong enough they print more and more until its so strong that only top tier decks can compete in ranked. and this makes the whole experience pretty dull if you happen to be a person, who likes to try their own decks. its kinda obvious that their will be meta decks but meta decks being so strong that it basically doesnt really matter any more what the player does.

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