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    The Path To Naz'Karak

    Made by me and Aiden2380 on Discord.

    I am creating an idea for a dungeon run solo adventure called The Path To Naz'Karak (might rename it) where the characters attempt to find a magical artifact named Naz'Karak that has disastrous potential. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment them. Each hero has a unique twist. This adventure is in a very early stage and does not have the complete heroes, treasures and bosses it needs yet.
    Note: This post will not always be up-to date with the discord server! (and vice versa depending on who made what)

    What are "Boss Treasures"?
    Certain bosses have treasures included in their decks. Upon defeating a boss that rewards treasure, the boss treasure will be an option.


    Tannik And Kereb: Shaman/Rogue
    Tannik and Kereb were a two-headed ogre, and each head pursued different skills in life. They always remained 
    Twist: Dual-Headed
    At the start of the game, the player decides to become Tannik (shaman) and summon a 1/1 elemental or become Kereb (rogue) and discover a card. They are offered cards from both classes in their starting deck and loot buckets. 
    Unique Treasures
    Jade Following: When you use your hero power, summon a Jade Golem.
    Ritual Blessing: Your hero power costs 0.
    Power: When you use your hero power, Draw a card (Kereb) or summon a 2/2 elemental (Tannik).

    Taz: Druid
    This Darkspear troll has gone off to do some adventuring with his trusty raptors!
    Twist: Raptors!
    You start with The Marsh Queen in play. Your hero power is "Add a random raptor to your hand." Raptors are:
    Raptor Hatchling
    Bloodfen Raptor
    Mounted Raptor
    Shellshifter's Raptor form.
    A new 3 mana 5/2 Raptor card.
    A new 1 mana 0/2 egg that summons a 3/1 raptor when destroyed.
    Note: The raptor from raptor hatchling and the new raptor egg are raptors, but cannot be granted by this hero power.
    Unique Treasures
    Tasty Treat: Your raptors have +1/1.
    Fast Raptors: Your raptors have rush and immune the turn they are summoned.
    Pack Mentality: When a raptor dies, all other raptors on the battlefield gain +1/+1.

    Jalataja: Hunter
    This Zandalari is an old friend of Taz.
    Twist: Traps!
    You start with a random trap, and your hero power plays a random trap. Traps are all 0/3 minions with stealth. After they trigger, they lose stealth.
    Spike Pit: When an enemy attacks your hero, deal 2 damage to them.
    Hidden Net: When a friendly minion dies, summon a 1/3 net with Taunt.
    Fake Supplies: When the enemy casts a spell, deal 3 damage to them.
    Dart Trap: When the enemy plays 2 cards in a turn, add 2 0-cost darts to your hand that deal 2 damage.
    Swinging Axe: When an enemy attacks, deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.
    Unique Treasures
    Boulder Trap: 2 mana 0/8. Taunt. When damaged, destroy a random enemy minion.
    Barrage: 1 mana, Play 5 random traps.
    Stolen Artifacts: 1 mana, shuffle 3 random treasures and this card into your deck.

    Raff: Warrior
    Raff is a worgen general who commands a leigon of worgen warriors!
    Twist: Worgen Leigon
    Your hero power is "Worgen Reinforcements". It summons a 2/2 worgen with Rush.
    Your second hero power option is "Animated Armour". It summons a 0/3 shield with Deathrattle: Gain 3 armour.
    Unique Treasures
    Raff General Black Paw: Hero card, Fill your board with 3/6 worgen warriors. Your hero power is "Shields Up" and summons a 3/6 worgen warrior. Worgen Warriors have Rush, Taunt and Deathrattle: Gain 6 Armour.
    Blackpaw Hammer: Weapon, 4 mana 3/4. After you attack, summon a 0/3 animated armour stand. If you killed a minion, summon a 3/6 worgen warrior.

    Eli Tinkpatch: Mage
    Tinkpatch is a gnome who builds mechs to assist and help him adventure!
    Twist: Mech-Maker
    Your hero power is "Tinker." It lets you build a mech, functioning like zombeast but with mechs.
    Unique Treasures
    Tinoz Fuzzbeam: 4 mana 4/5, Battlecry: Summon a mech that costs 5 or more for each mech you played this game.
    Tinkmaster Wigglechalk: 8 mana, Battlecry: Your mechs have +5/+5. Add 3 Wargears to your hand that cost 0. Hero Power: "Upgrade!" Add a random magnetic mech to your hand.
    (Name Not Decided): Passive, your hero power uses 3 mechs but only the cost of the first 2.

    Alo Blacktalon: Warlock
    Alo is a Tauren, outcast from his tribe for practicing dark magic.
    Twist: Warding
    Your hero power is "Be Gone". It is 1 mana. It discards a card and draws a card. 
    Unique Treasures
    Warding Amulet: At the start of your turn, cast 'Plot Twist'.

    Planned Heroes:
    Mech Paladin
    Pandaren Demon Hunter
    Kobold Priest


    Chapter 1: Silverspine Forest
    Silverpine forest has frozen over due to the energies of Naz'Karak, and our heroes are struggling to find a way out!

    Snowcone: Boss 1 or 2
    A snobold who wants loot! Has 10 health on boss 1 or 15 on boss 2. As boss 1, 2 cards are missing from the deck. Mage class.
    Hero Power: "Snowball" (2 Mana) Freeze a Character. Heroic: (1 Mana) Freeze a Character.
    x2 Freezing Potion
    x2 Frostbolt
    x2 Ice Walker (On play: Haha, Double freeze! That how work, right???)
    x1 Snowchugger
    x1 Coldwraith
    x1 Hyldnir Frostrider
    x1 Ice Cream Peddler (On death: NOOOO! NOT ICE CREAM!)
    x2 Water Elemental

    Fimmir: Boss 1 or 2
    A brainwashed dwarf. Has 10 health on boss 1 or 15 on boss 2. As boss 1, 2 cards are missing from the deck. Priest Class.
    Secret: If Fimmir dies of fatigue, he will be free from the mind control and join your deck. He is a 4 mana 3/4 with Taunt, Divine Shield and "Battlecry: Add a random deathrattle card to your hand."
    Hero Power: "SERVE!" (2 Mana) Use a random basic hero power. Heroic: (2 Mana) Use a random upgraded hero power.

    x2 Potion of Madness
    x2 Zealous Initiate
    x1 Violet Haze
    x2 Shadowy Figure
    x2 Infested Goblin (On Play: His mind has been controlled by our special scarabs.)
    x1 Infest (On Play: We will control them all.)
    x2 Corpse Widow 

    Gorloc Master: Boss 2
    A Gorloc trying to find food in the ice.
    Hero Power: "Chomp" (2 Mana) Discover a Murloc or destroy a friendly Murloc to gain 5 health.. Heroic: (1 Mana) Discover a Murloc or destroy a friendly murloc to gain 5 health.

    x2 Murloc Tinyfin
    x2 Grimscale Oracle
    x2 Murloc Tidehunter
    x2 Underbelly Angler
    x2 Ghost Light Angler
    x1 Old Murk-Eye
    x1 Scargil

    Alliance Mercenary: Boss 2 or 3
    This heavily-armoured mercenary is trying to find you.
    Hero Power: "Deep Stare" (Passive) After an enemy minion is played, gain armour equal to its attack. Heroic: (Passive) After a minion is played, gain armour equal to Its attack.
    Deck: (Note: As boss 2, 3 random cards will be missing.)

    x3 Sword and Board
    x1 Armorsmith
    x3 Vicious Scraphound
    x2 Shield Block
    x3 Eternium Rover
    x2 Shield Slam
    x1 Geosculptor Yip
    Boss Treasure: Mercenary's Enchanted Armour;  0 mana spell, gain 15 armour that also reflects damage.
    Heroic Only:
    x2 Mogor's Champion
    x2 Alliance Cavalry, 5 mana 6/3 with Rush, Deathrattle: Summon a 2/2 Horse with Rush.

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    posted a message on "I want this game to be balanced!" VS "I want to win at all cost!"

    I chose other. Really, while balance is nice, insane shenanigans are my thing, which is probably why I like solo adventures (particulary treasures) so much.

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    Ummm... Battlegrounds is really fun. I play it a ton, and if blizzard ended the battlegrounds, I and a lot of other people might leave.

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    Quote from warcraftofworld >>

    I play gala priest but am often outgunned by other decks. 

    That's because you play gala priest, not because you play priest in general. You could have massive elementals with rush, or a crazy wide board of demons, or ridiculous amounts of attack, or even lackeys. But instead you use the option that is a worse version of a single option of the raven idol.

    Shaman = 2/1 elemental with rush = 1.5 mana effect

    Warrior = 3 attack = 1.35 mana effect

    Warlock = 2 1/1 demons = 1.1 mana effect

    Rogue = Lackey = 1 mana effect

    Priest = Random priest minion = 0.75 mana effect

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    DH is still OP. Granted, it isn't quite as impossible to win against DH now but still. Also, the twin slice tweak was a buff. Not a nerf.

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    I can't even get that far. The heroes are weirdly spaced and always the same 3, and when I click on one it just makes me go to the top of the page.

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    Alright, on to number three! If you are unfamiliar, I am posting weekly challenges and will decide a winner on Friday or Thursday. I'll be doing these every Friday or Saturday. 

    This week's challenge is weapons. Your goal is to make a creative weapon, but it has to have a tribal synergy. You could even use a tribal tag for the weapon, however that would require some flavour and mechanical workarounds. Here are some specifications:

    1. You can only post 1 entry from each class (all classes counts as a class), and 2 entries in total.
    2. You must state which expansion (future or past) your weapon could be in.

    - This week's competition is over. I will be posting the next one soon. No winners can be declared this week.

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    Actually pretty good. I think Command the Illidari wouldn't change though.

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    TBH, I loved it. Just finished the whole thing and there were some amazing concepts in there that could be explored more, mainly the felfire run and repairing the demolisher.

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    They released it a few hours late on mobile... you know what that means.

    *Deep Breath"

    I will have my  VENGANCE

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