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    posted a message on Tavern Brawls, Legendary Quests & More before the Tombs of Terror Launches on September 17!

    There will also be random legendary (not sure if golden) and probably packs. They had some spoils on reddit.

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    posted a message on I love the new meta

    Overall yes, reborn of singleton mechanic in both standard and wild give a good portion of interesting experience.

    This reminds me Kazakus times.

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    posted a message on What Class has Most Archetypes All-time?

    Agree that druid is a King of Diversity:D

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    posted a message on Mage is unplayable in standard after nerfs?
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Tier 3 and unplayable is not the same thing.

    OP means not competitively playable.

    Though i've heard 'bout some homebrew setups allegedly fine for ranking, but massively mage has the worst win rate statistics at this moment. They might find some tier 2 setup i bet, but i doubt we see any mage tier 1 at least untill next expansion.


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    posted a message on Cards should not discover themselves

    I'm pretty fine as is. This happens not so often and adds more divercity to the game.

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    posted a message on Post Nerfs Meta Decks - With Decklists!

    Yes, Mage is now Lower Tier 3 with 45-47% win rate, against 55-57% of Tier 1 competitors.

    Due to hsreplay, mage - is the worst class atm.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on Nerfs

    I'd name not "yes" "no", but "huge miss" and "really needed change", otherwise it is not enough obvious what do you want from users.

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    posted a message on Dr 9 or Dr 7 does it really matter?
    Quote from clawz161 >>

    There are PLENTY OF DECKS that beat control warrior, maybe take a breath and try one of those instead of just "auto conceding"

     Actually only Quest Paladin.

    And slightly favorite for secret hunter. There is NO other bad matchups (reno mage nerfed into dust).

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    posted a message on Love and hate

    Play for fun, take a rest if this game exhausts you.

    It's your life, make it for your satisfaction. If something stops being a good instrument - remove it, at least temporary.

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    posted a message on Bomb Warrior is killing the fun of the game
    Quote from Rich_Piana >>

    What rank you play on? Didnt face a single bomb war from rank 5 to 1000+ legend

     Eur standard rank1 - there are a lot of them.

    Esp playing Reno Mage i meet them pretty often.

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    posted a message on The Innkeeper Returns!

    Good news.

    Though it doesn't work at me.
    (original Innkeeper did work some time, after some point no more)

    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.635] Innkeeper/ (Release)
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.645] [System] OS: Microsoft Windows 7 6.1.7601 (64 bit)
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.678] [System] GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN (
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.681] [System] Display 1: 1920x1080 (Primary)
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.681] [System] Display 2: 1920x1080
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.683] [System] Screen scaling factor is 1,00x
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.683] [System] Aero is enabled!
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.741] [IPC] Starting servers...
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.764] [IPC] Failed #1.
    [2019-08-26 12:14:04.766] EXCEPTION: V89SyxZl6ilp3PgV4XSGGKfY/4CET2Uc1yQImXcInt22ebEU1s8scO5ES+xqJnqTa49JidE1dY3cYoiR61ZTfNoHZzjqsvWLjeZ2vvJMdD3xQnkshTmnh/8Xvl1IOva7jiTzUOHUULZYkGCbSYysMKiX/AV9COELia8qVx/WbOW5+WuOFg77SQfp00l05H0zPDrUrAYLaKpoB8/UFZ4p7CJIHZLnostDI7f4WqKzU2yjSeBuNKW7aIpRfR9LLoszNIS+jW2XlrmAutPinyUTH1rplbYySmwgqUT0uswSg1s7YJSxBqo8JGTPZH0wQ+kY1zeH2LMNPy/YCuxLs+H2b3G4QPpp84QgUgxHWHecITiRH7ZDZn3H2Cg9tTYWLXiNjkK6iJannYOqmQQS


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    posted a message on Remove the god damn Barnes ffs Blizzard.

    Never had problems with Barnes' single high rolls, but Vargoth get me really sad in res priest.

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    posted a message on Friday Fun Decks!

    Next week Reno Mage might become a Fun Deck lol.

    Thanks for postin by the way, new content allways cute.

    Gotta try something for freshness.

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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    Very dissapointed about  Luna's Pocket Galaxy go 7. Reno mage has not so huge winrete, to cut down completely this card from him.

    No more competetive Reno. Sad, he was cute

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    posted a message on Hearthstone more like Counterstone

    Yeah, HoF everything, and leave only pirats and murlocs give also them charge to make matches quicker.

    Also make opponent hero scream like a chicken for motivation every time he gets damage, coz face is the place!

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