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    posted a message on Matchmaking WTF?

    I think many left the game already after recent nerfs / hitting legend. Spamming into rez priest is not really positive play experience either,

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    posted a message on DH is the biggest mistake of Blizzard.

    It's a good thing HS keep crashing me to desktop / cutting my ethernet connection since the past year or so (CPU going in beserk mode randomly cutting everything).

    DH was really fun for the first 24h. The sad part was 95% of my games in top ranks were only against other DH, with the class balance being completely broken. I was completely rolling other previous top dogs (mage highlander / lackey rogue), like it was a no-match with Alex poping the turn the mage die at best.


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    posted a message on Demon Hunter 73% Winrate....WTF

    I started playing big Demon DH, but felt like cheating 9/10 games. Still a good feeling deleting highlander mages and lackey rogue though :')

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    posted a message on What deck you play after exp launch?

    Playing mostly MtGA those days, but for HS chill: DH control & Rogue control (secret/stealth) & Demon Plot Warlock

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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    Zeohrys to HoF for starters. The card is too strong in the current meta.


    With that said, a BC themed expansion (with a new Illidan card) would be sweet.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Frizz Kindleroost

    Just play 2 pipers and this and only 5+ dragons. Solved :)

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    posted a message on Gojus Quest Mechathun

    It's really hard to replace it if you are in aggro ranks (20-5) but you might try Jaraxxus or Bloodmage. Should be fine if you are in control meta.

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    posted a message on Is hearthstone a stressful game?

    Control games are relaxing and fun. Aggro is mindless and stressful. Mech Huntard is probably the worst offender. 

    Just my opinion though.

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    posted a message on Quest ranking and thoughts

    For me so far:

    Druid>Rogue>Paladin>Warrior (suprised here, but it's that good)>Shaman>Mage>Warlock>Priest>Hunter

    Druid: Auto complete itself quickly (esp. with Innervate if you start) and then plain brutal from T5 and up. Only drawback so far that I see is that it needs a strong plan late game and get to fatigue quickly.

    Rogue: Super easy and fast to complete if the deck is built correctly. That is a super value deck with solid board control. Drawback is that if it get out-tempoed, it is pretty har to come back. Especially against snowball decks (warrior quest, war mech, big paladin, big priest, big spell mage).

    Paladin: Surprised here but it is super strong. Reborn, Juggler, mechano eggs etc ad noseam is really strong. 

    Warrior: Surprise there as well. Really really strong with the correct deck (2 Sul'Traze + 2 Gorehowl + 2 Upgrade! + 2 Weapon ,  if rush minions for tempo end infinite values late game.

    Shaman: really good but not rating it super high because it is too reliant drawing on EVIL totem early and Shudder in late game. If this fails, it seems the deck can't keep up with rogue, druid, zoolock, warrior. I saw many at start as streamers were pushing it but the WR seems pretty average.

    Mage: pretty good for endgame values and improve on existing T1 conjurer mage.

    Warlock: Easy to complete but the HP is lackluster (even after Rafaam) as the deck lacks a real finisher beside Hakkar. The good part is that Portal Overfiend and Portal Keeper synergize with the quest, Sense Demons, Augmented Elekk, Arch-Villain Rafaam and Plot Twist

    Priest: Win-more hero power. If you're already behind it is already too late. It lacks come back solutions it seems.

    Hunter; By the time the quest is finished, the hunter already lost board control. Good if used in a more control / OTK deck though.


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    posted a message on What deck seems to be strong atm?

    Rogue quest,  mech hunter and conjurer mage.

    Priest and warlock are pretty much still in the dirt as Tier 9000 (those quests are way to slow for this meta that actually got way faster now). 

    Shaman only works well if your lucky enough to get a EVIL totem early. I spashed it in Murloc Shaman though and it's pretty good there.

    Edit: Druid quest is super OP as Well. Top contender with rogue.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Well, warlock and priest quest are absolute trash :'=)

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Quest Card - Supreme Archeology
    Quote from badhank14 >>
    Quote from MoonUnit >>
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    The only part of this card that is "too slow" is that the Warlock class lacks solid early/midgame plays at the moment.

     Warlock lacks solid game in general at the moment lmao. They require a broken set.

     Not too broken.  We don't want a repeat of the Death Knight and free Demons coming into play over and over again.  Just enough to make them competitive.

     I am not sure, When I see giant mage pulling this conjuring combo with consistency, I would say DK Guld'Dan-ish power level is NEEDED, Either that or nerf mage.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card Revealed - Conjured Mirage

    Somehow I can see a shuffle rogue abusing og this card, making infinite walls and being fatigue immune. I love it.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon Returns November 1 & 2 - Ticket Information & New Features

    Pachinko Overwatch, Street pocker Jaina, Mobile Starcraft for iOs and Android.

    My body is ready Bobby K.!



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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Wild Growth, Nourish, Level Up!, Saronite Chain Gang, Leeching Poison

    Things start smelling pretty bad in here as well for HS,

    Thought it was only WoW, D3 and HoTS.

    Overwatch next?

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