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    It is exactly what Hearthstone needed the most, another braindead aggro class with broken cards and unfun to play against.

    10/10 class, thank you Blizz.


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    posted a message on Quests in Standard- Viable or Not?

    I think most of the quests are viable but there are better decks for every class. If you want to play something different go for it, but if you want to rank up fast just play the meta

    For example, I am playing a control paladin quest an it's working for me until now. Is not a meta deck but it's pretty fun and i am slowly climbing

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    Everyone, get out here!! (and leave me a chair...)

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    posted a message on Your thoughts on Lunara hero skin

    She is fine, finally we have an alternative for malfurion. But i'm a bit disappointed, i was expecting Hamuul Runetotem.

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