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    posted a message on Wax Rager nerf?

    I didn't know this card even existed

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    posted a message on Hotfix for iOS Devices

    Dawg it has the same chip as the iPhone X

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    posted a message on Possible Desired Nerfs

    I don't like any of these ideas, I don't think your reasoning is good enough and that don't understand the seismic changes that would ensue

    It feels like a list of everything that you've lost to the last 10 games you played, so you put it on the list

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    posted a message on Nobody should be able to play a 7 Mana card at 1 Crystal!
    Quote from Ummie >>

    If you can then something is broke.

    Druid comes and plays at 1 crystal:

    Lightning Bloom, Lightning Bloom, Innervate, Coin and then Guardian Animals where he get's 2x Teachers pet and then it is your turn with 2 mana Crystals.

    Well f*ck you very much. I can copy the replay of the game if anyone wants to see replay......


    Everyone high rolls and low rolls 

     So the odds for the lightning bloom are 2/30, the second bloom 1/29, innervate probably 2/30, GA is 2/30, Coin is 1/2. Your deckbuilding is also limited because you do have to run some 5 cost beasts

    = 4/ 52,200 (roughly, yes I know there is a mulligan)

    =1/13,050 games played this will happen

    Ive won and lost by crazy shit sometimes too!

    Also though, double teachers pet is probably the worst outcome he could have gotten lol

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    posted a message on WE NEED MORE NERFS!!!! Here's how I would do it!

    LOL the Ace Hunter Kreen one is actually hilarious lmao 

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    posted a message on Does anyone else refuse to play Demon Hunter?

    I've been playing since GvG and won't play it. I tried a few games here and there to understand their strategy, but that's about it. It's another aggro class instead of hunter? Big deal, 1 mana +1 attack hero power is the least creative cop out I've seen in this game. And I really like HS!

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    posted a message on How many packs are you gonna buy for Scholomance?
    Quote from arrowhss >>

    With the dust from wild cards you can have the whole expansion.If you have saved gold from last expansion until now, you would probably have at least 16.000g which is 160 packs so probably you can open at least 160 packs for free.I dont see any reason to get the preorder bundle.

     So like, I do exactly that, and I end up with only ~8k gold. How do you get up to twice as much as me? I do all dailies and make it to legend every season



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    posted a message on "Your opponent left" rage quit - why ?

    yeah its shitty, but if I lose, and cant be bothered to concede and just close the app. I'm not angry, I just don't care, and its easier for me to just close it. There is no incentive for me to be a "good guy", other than some weird code of honour for strangers on the internet? lol

    that's why when it happens to me, I geeve, still get the W

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    posted a message on [Breaking News] Blizzard bans Savjz

    $200,000 prize pool? I want to play there too! 

    Can you imagine to have the audacity to self volunteer for a promotional event that pays you a couple grand minimum and get upset that they won't let you after your wife rips the company? 

    tf why would this guy think he's a good ambassador of the game

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    posted a message on Video games with mind-blowing stories

    Halo 1/2/3, and anything Elder Scrolls are the GOAT. There are many that are great and come close, but those are Tier S

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    posted a message on Should Coin finally be nerfed?

    The coin is supposed to make up for the disadvantage of going second, since you don't have initiative on board. It's supposed to be "good"!

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    posted a message on What's Hearthstone still missing?

    Tournament mode

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    posted a message on Best deck against Gala Rogue?
    Quote from Vaanksh >>

    Quest Druid. Once you put your Ysera in the game they have no chance with the amount of value. Also, they also have problems killing your usual minios too.

     Aha wait what? gl hf

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    posted a message on new demon hunter cards revealed

    This is actually hilarious lmao

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    posted a message on D9, no more bonus stars, facing Legend?
    Quote from TyrantrumRex >>

    Tough call .. Legend players are much more likely to be playing meme decks than D9-1 players who are inevitably T1ing their way to the finish line.


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