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    Paladin effect; why?

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    I mean 700 gold is too much, no? I was thinking maybe 500g or even better 400 (50g more than half so you'll need to get gold more than week for a wing).

    The game becomes more expensive with 3 expansions a year now and the least they can do to help new players with their collections is to give them a normal price to stash gold (as well as have some strong cards for wild). This will also be a great addition to the concept of "unlocking by playing the game".

    What do you guys think?

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    Why aren't the adventures less gold when they rotate out?

    Why did Blizzard deleted my post in their forums? FFS!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from Vyr1611 >>


     Devs are more stubborn then donkeys and more partial then hungry hyenas
     This right here is why I don't want to return to the game. 
    I've been asking for stealth interaction for Rogue, since July 2014. This June is when I stopped playing the game (I say to myself that I take a break, which is why I still follow it in forums) and almost 6 months after they bring stealth interaction and stealth cards to Rogue. The irony :( (I'm going the extra mile here by saying FUCK YOU devs :) but I'm not going to try the new cards or waste more money on packs.)
    Trust me buddy there's nothing you or anyone else can do. Not even all together. These people just do whatever they want.*
    *A note on this: It's not about them doing what we want so much, as them doing stuff that we don't want.
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    posted a message on Burgling mechanic in Rogue has increased drop rates for some cards

    Should that be true, it wouldn't surprise me at all with Blizzard. They could manipulate drop rates, so certain garbage cards could see some play in the game.

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    Sap, Silence, Humility, 

    Quote from ValueMaster >>
    Quote from smackredrus >>

    get sapped/morphed/silenced/swded. by another words - REKT

     Bruuhh it's turn 2
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    It would be great if they just stopped and try to balance the whole thing. Old cards can provide income too, with the right promotion...

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    Mage will always be broken. Cards dont rotate out of Arena.

    Thank god their hero power is not a powerful tempo tool (like Rogue's)!

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    Unfortunately, you will always have to wait for the next expansion buddy :(

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    Quote from Griffin404 >>

    I'm very happy this video was made, and even more glad that Brode/Team5 were able to admit their mistake with a view to improving for the future.

     Just like how they did in the past, right?
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    Tbh, I dont want them to be removed. I wish they change their mentality and approach for HS entirely. I mean most of the new cards are cool and all and I'd be excited to play with them but it's just the same thing over and over and over again. They release new cards, we get excited we play with them and then wait for the new expansion. They haven't changed anything in the ladder gameplay experience or arena (dont tell me about the chests and new cards are only short-lived) and many tavern brawls see play just for the pack. And (for me) there's still not enough strategic decision-making to balance with the fun RNG (which has become frustrating).

    New cards are cool and all but it's just getting boring after a while.

    PS. I do agree that they seem to run out of ideas (Swashburglar and Undercity Huckster)

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    Quote from Spectralfire1984 >>


    What do you mean, this game is awesome.  I'd take the game over the money any day.  In fact I already did by buying cards.  
     What does money has anything to do with time? Slims post is a bit overreacting but I kind of agree with him.
    No matter how much I've played this game, my skill hasn't increased at all, since I can easily lose to RNG, should the game decide that I have a high winrate. By matching me with a counter deck and/or giving me crappy hand/draws just isn't worth my time. I dont mind losign from "good" RNG-cards in the game but the remaining system (ladder matchmaking, the one who goes first in Arena has a slight advantage *see Kripp's video* etc.) has become frustrating to the point of almost giving up (at least for me).
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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!
    Quote from DracoOccisor >>

    I can't believe I'm about to use this stupid fucking thread


    jesus christ

    EDIT: Fuck this shit. i'm playing control warrior and played 4 midrange hunter in a row, then 2 control priest right after

    fuck this fucking shit

     Yeap, the RNG on the matchmaking system is to give u your counter and shitty draws after a certain winrate. It's all skill in this game.
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    Quote from ArgentumEmperio >>

    I get that you just said that you weren't salty but...

    How has the game been about short-term decisions? Especially with the addition to standard it is quite clear they are looking for long-term prospects with actual payouts (since "required" acquisition of cards are smaller for each standard-rotation, it is easier to play on the ladder with cheaper and cheaper decks; and to make sure that those cards that were "invested" in the standard mode, they can be used in Wild, Tavern Brawls and adventures meaning they never become obsolete unless you treat them as such). So... could you please explain how priests have suffered from short term decisions and also whilst you are at it, how it is that you make the argument that Blizzard has focused on short-term hype.

    Because without any explaination... all you really sound like it rather annoyed at the current state of the game for... some random arbitary reasoning.

    Not short-term decisions, short-term hype and I think you didnt quite understand my post. Obviously Blizzard as a company tries to make long-term decisions but so far it hasn't paid off at all (not focus on them; they focus mostly on expansions). So, even if that's not their intention, the end-result is what matters. Also, even though I posted in this priest thread, I meant all classes.
    Even the standard-wild format was a good (typical nonetheless) idea for a card game, but it's only short-term since it only happens only once every year and I believe that the hype of this decision was only for removing the annoying OP Naxx-GvG cards that we've been playing with for so long. If there are not constant changes in the cards, people will just netdeck and play the same strong cards each season, trying to refine the already strong decks; unless there are some sleeper OP cards in a new set to make a new strong deck (e.g. Mysterious Challenger and even he is not enough anymore without Minibot, Muster and Shredder). 
    I prefer to explain to each person separately, than try to cover every aspect of my thoughts; hence my post was not so extensive. And I only put the "salty :P" with the face to be proactive against troll posts :D
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    Quote from rydawg210 >>

    hopefully priest will get something better in the next adventure.

    Unfortunately some of us are tired of hopefully waiting for the next and the next. This has been the same since the beginning. All of their decisions are short-term hype.
    They basically only focus on expansions (which starts to get tiresome) and even there they werent doing a good job. The last 2 expansions were great and with some awesome cards/mechanics but for me it's what they should have released, since the beginning (especially since the game requires so much investment in time and money). Tavern Brawl is also great but again short-term hype + imo Flamewaker is ruining some of them. I believe that Arena is the best play mode they have and they havent done anything with it in 3 years (also the only thing that is somewhat keeping some of us in this game).
    Not a personal attack (or salty :P); just disheartened with the evolution of this game.
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