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    posted a message on Power level of DH in wild

    So actual statistics show DH being fine in tier 2 or 3, but you know better than statistics because you lost against DH?


    Okay dude. Of all the things that need a nerf in Wild DH is the last one on the list.

    Also it's a card game so yeah dude RNG got you to legend that's not a surprise and that was a thing before DH. 

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    posted a message on Where is the creativity?

    There will never be any creativity anymore but this has nothing to do with the rotation. 

    Creativity was gone when Blizzard decided to hand it over to streamers to play the expansions a few days before everyone else.

    By the time the expansion actually launches, everything is already on YouTube, everyone knows what are the bad cards and the good decks, theorycrafting has already shifted to refining.

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    posted a message on Wrathscale naga, hilariously unbalanced


    I have seen one DH play that card against me and it didn't go well (triggered once, wrong target). I don't even know how you win with that deck. Once the Wrathscale is gone the deck does nothing. 

    It's like the worst DH archetype right now. Face and midrange DH decks are more impactful imo. I'm climbing the ladder with the midrange one. 

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    posted a message on Standard vs Wild Meta

    In Wild, meta decks are secret mage and quest mage, from rank 20 all the way down to legend 1. You will encounter so many mages that any other decks feels refreshing and off meta

    In standard I'm not sure I haven't played much. Things are about to change anyway with the new expansion. 

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    posted a message on Most cancerous deck in HS history is coming

    Care to explain why it's the most cancerous deck in history ? 

    I still have bad memories of pre nerf starving buzzard beast hunter, and pref nerf undertaker face hunter.

    Pirate warrior with pre nerf patches. 

    Aggro druid with pre nerf force of nature, that 14 health threshold that you had to maintain at any cost while clearing the board every single turn. 

    And more recently secret mage in Wild is giving ME cancer. You just lose if you're not playing a t1 deck with an insane opener. There's just too much consistency, synergy and mana cheating in that deck for my taste. And the anti secret tech that is just so slow and barely improves your chances while ruining your deck against other classes. 

    And these are just the aggro decks. I won't go over cancerous combo decks but I could.

    Nowadays Hearthstone has a little more tools to deal with the insane aggro openers.

    Priest and Warrior with their efficient, low cost board clears and numerous healing cards will destroy this token DH deck.

    Token decks can be very powerful but also very polarized and susceptible to counter decks/cards in my opinion.

    In fact I think aggro DH with all the token synergy replaced with weapons and hero attack buffs and cheaper cards will be much harder to deal with. Wrathscale Naga is very clunky sometimes and without this card the decks barely does anything. And feast of souls while potentially game breaking I'm sure you found out is hard to include in a deck and can be sitting in your hand for a long time (I see there is only one in the deck you linked, doesn't surprise me) aggro DH needs cheap, direct damage, and cheap, direct card draw, not combos. And he has a ton of that. Cycling through your entire deck with Altruis will be crazier than turn 8 Wrathscale and Knife juggler shenaningans I think. 

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    posted a message on Will Maiev Shadowsong be the new Zilliax?

    At first when I read "2 turns" I thought she would be OP but then I saw her being played and the 2 turns include the turn you play her. It's still better than freeze but not that much. Control decks will probably play actual removal over his temporary dormant effect, but she'll be played in a lot of tempo decks for sure.

    And a nice tech against deathrattle decks I guess. Maybe control decks play Maiev after all. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - Al'ar

    I can see this being used in some sort of rez priest or deathrattle synergy whatever class, where you constantly get back al'ar and the ashes and the multiple al'ar eventually get too sticky and impossible to deal with.. I guess

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    posted a message on YOGG SARON IS BACK!!!!
    Quote from Tibainium >>

    I wish he was playable in standard. Wild is to much aggro for me to pull him off :(

     Well if all you want is counter aggro and have enough time to play yogg, just play a lot of healing/armor cards, don't try to build a real deck.

    Aggro is the easiest archetype to counter if you're not at all trying to compete against other archetypes. Especially in Wild where there are tons of good "sustain" cards. Just play 29 of these cards (preferably spells of course) + yogg.

    Maybe put in there some anti secret tech otherwise secret mage will bully you of course, because having mana cheating on half your cards is stronger then heals and taunts. 

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    posted a message on YOGG SARON IS BACK!!!!

    Yehh this is nice. Thing is, I dusted him long ago. And I don't think I wanna spend 1600 dust for it right before a new expansion with a new class and more new cards than ever before. 

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    posted a message on End of the Aggro Meta?

    Have you not seen the reveal?

    Hearthstone just got a brand new aggro class.

    And aggro can't die anyway.

    Most aggro decks are playable without leeroy. 

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