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    posted a message on Is there a hope that old wild cards will see play again?

    If you're looking for old unplayed wild cards that will suddenly warp the meta in a signficant way and outshine the current top-tier wild cards, then probably not, it happens once in a while though. 


    If you're looking for old unplayed wild cards that become more viable or interesting cards due to new synergy being introduced then yes, it happens all the time, every expansion in fact. It's the very reason why wild exists in the first place, with so many cards there is an ever growing critical mass of synergy and you can't balance it properly. 

    In Wild there is the meta, and there are all the other thousand decks that are worse than the meta but still viable, because card quality and synergy is so high that you can win any game assuming it's not an unwinnable matchup (meme combo deck vs face aggro) 

    In standard you have the meta and that's it.

    There's no way around the meta, but Wild gives you a chance not to joint it, even if you can't beat it. 

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    posted a message on What can i do against Face-Hunter-Braindead-Fart

    Learn to respect all decks and players, only new and inexperienced players have particular hate against aggro/face and think they use more brain for control and combo decks, so yeah you must be bad, or more likely you must be playing decks that have poor matchup against hunter. 

    Play brainfart heal and removal filth, should be enough to counter brainfart face damage filth, here's a tip. Oh and brain-sick stupid anti-secret tech soulh help against brain-sick stupid secrets. 

    Those are actual tips by the way. Also deck tracker. Also learn your matchups. Also learn the meta. Also learn that matchmaking is a bitch so don't try too hard to break or counter the meta, won't work. Also don't complain about opponents' winrate if you're playing a tier 5 deck.

    Also be specific about what you're trying to counter. Don't just throw random removals in your deck, you want to counter the 2/3 secret beast then put cards in your deck that can deal with that on curve. 


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    posted a message on Game broken on mobile?

    I can't even log in and access the game

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    posted a message on Unpopular opinion: Nerfs are BS
    Quote from Malastrana >>
    Quote from Carfusso >>

    Another example: (still wild,sry I haven't played standard since FLJ left) raza priest....there is Simply NO way for a Control deck to answer a relatively early Razanduin (and honestly if they build It the "unfair" way It STILL doesn't really matter when they draw It)


    How to answer Raza Priest: Build a Highlander deck, put in Sir Finley Mrrgglton and Grizzled Wizard. Done.

     Do you even understand this game? 

    Not only will you counter Raza priest with this combo a ridiculously low amount of times (it's just math, you can't consistently counter 1 card with 2 cards), but you will also ruin your deck against anything that isn't Raza priest.

    Tech cards have never been good in this game, and when they are good, they get nerfed. Refining your own archetype always provides better results than trying to counter others. Especially in Wild where there a thousands of viable decks. 

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    posted a message on Why Does Everyone Get Off On Being a Douche Bag?

    Almost every single time an opponent of mine has lethal but has mana to play extra cards he does. I understand that douche bags exist, but how can 90% of the people I play that are in this situation act like this?

    This is the exact opposite of my experience, only 10% of my opponents actually do that.

    When I know I've lost I pass my turn immediately without playing any card, and most of my opponents react quickly with the fastest lethal. I don't waste their time, they don't waste mine, it's good business. 

    Included in the 10% are all the people flexing with their fun deck with no intention to waste your time but actually share with you a nice combo.

    From my experience playing this game, if you are nice to your opponent, they are nice to you. Maybe you should look into that OP. Especially if you are not playing cancer deck, I get overwhelmingly positive reaction when I play homebrew decks. And I'm a very slow player who ropes a lot, yet it has been years since I received a friend request to wish my mother cancer or whatever, I'm not even afraid to accept friend request anymore cause I know they just wanna ask about my deck code or talk about the game.

    And for those rare opponents that spam emotes, rope intentionally and make unnecessary steps in their lethal turn, well first of all prevent the opponent from emoting you,  rope as much as they do and I assure you, they'll lose all interest in BMing your in a couple of turns. As for the lethal, just concede man, there's a button, use it. 

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    posted a message on Why are people angry about old cardbacks returning?

    Just people who think they are the center of the universe and as a consequence of that, more important than others. It's that simple. 

    They have a cosmetic that you don't have, but they don't feel good about having the cosmetic, the feel good about you not having it and how it makes them different than you, and immediately hate having that cosmetic once you get your hands on it. 

    Kind of like people who stop loving/watching some TV shows when they get mainstream, how insane is that lol? 

    So I disagree with the statement that collectors think like that. Collectors enjoy their collection, not the emptyness of other's.

    Most people are self centered toxic morons, in fact all of us are at some points in our life. It's just that a few people have this attitude with everything, including digital freaking card backs

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    posted a message on Unpopular opinion: Nerfs are BS
    Quote from priestblack >>

    I think the amount of required nerfs we are seeing is a problem. I hate to be "That" guy but expansion to expansion lately feels like cards are intentionally over powered to sell packs, with the specific intention of nerfing them later. Nerfing a favorite card can definitely make you feel cheated. While i don't expect every card to come out balanced, I think it's reasonable to expected a high degree of play testing prior to releasing a set

     Do you have any evidence that they don't? What of the 99% of cards that don't require nerfs, don't you think they play tested and balanced them correctly? It's just negativity bias talking.

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    posted a message on Unpopular opinion: Nerfs are BS

    "I feel cheated"

    You didn't even have to pay or play for Kaelthas it was a free offer. Part of the reason it was nerfed so much, a free card that everyone has access to shouldn't warp the meta in such significant proportions. Same reason they nerfed most Galakronds.

    "What's the point in releasing powerful new cards, when they'll get nerfed anyway?"

    Balance, obviously. 

    "A lot of the time, nerfs totally obliterate a card. Congratulations, Kael'thas Sunstrider is trash now, never to be seen again!"

    Wrong on both assumptions. 

    "All that happens: a little less powerful cards/decks will become Tier 1 now. And then they'll get nerfed eventually."

    No they won't if they don't break balance.

    "Why can't there be these very strong cards for very strong decks?"

    There are. 

    "Or at least buff cards so that they can be used to take on these Tier 1 decks."

    They tried that and are positive to do it again.


    Sorry, what was your point again? Your opinion is not unpopular, it's just bad. 

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    posted a message on Sick and tired...
    Quote from 3nnu1 >>
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    turn 3 lightning bloom + lightning bloom + guardian animals + anubisath defender + anubisath defender + 4 overloaded crystals next turn, let's be honest it doesn't happen very often, I'm sure you have some 5 cards combo high rolls in your deck too. If not... Play a better deck I guess, Hearthstone is highly synergy based nowadays, you can't just curve decent cards and hope they'll stick. Plague of Murlocs might be another option to consider to counter druid high rolls. 

    I do agree that mana cheating is a problem. But this might not be the best evidence of it. 

     you can't even pretend that player skill or deckbuilding can counter the highroll slot machine meta anymore, so don't try. 

     I can't pretend that player skill can (it never did actually, player skill always has insignificant impact on bad match-up) however I can absolutely pretend that deck building can, and I do, even in weak ass classes like current shaman. 

    Deckbuilding is literally how the meta is shaped and transformed on a daily-weekly basis, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to not pretend. 

    But please elaborate how the op could not recover from that turn 3 druid madness with a simple plague of murlocs or a couple lucky devolving missiles. 1-2 cards for 5 (7 actually, if you count the 2 beasts as cards), seems fair to me. He would have won that match instantly with lucky enough rolls on either plague of murloc or devolving missiles, taking out a quarter of his opponent's deck and his entire hand with one card.

    High roll slot machine meta has been around since grand tournament honestly, and you're still there playing the game, so if it's not deck building that got you through hundreds of OP mana cheating cards throughout the years, and if it's not player skill either, then what is it? How did you win games all this time? 

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    posted a message on Sick and tired...

    turn 3 lightning bloom + lightning bloom + guardian animals + anubisath defender + anubisath defender + 4 overloaded crystals next turn, let's be honest it doesn't happen very often, I'm sure you have some 5 cards combo high rolls in your deck too. If not... Play a better deck I guess, Hearthstone is highly synergy based nowadays, you can't just curve decent cards and hope they'll stick. Plague of Murlocs might be another option to consider to counter druid high rolls. 

    I do agree that mana cheating is a problem. But this might not be the best evidence of it. 

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    posted a message on Does a soul shard count as a 0 cost card draw when you have the quest hero power?

    Yes I think kripparian tested this, soul shards basically share synergy and anti synergy with quest warlock.

    The synergy is really good though, and even if you draw a soul shard + full cost card with your upgraded hero power, it's still better than basic hero power so, it's fine. 

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    posted a message on Did dual class cards work?

    Netdeck culture is strong in this thread, it's still quite early in the expansion and you shouldn't draw conclusions so easily. Most dual class cards are being played in most classes so there's nothing to worry about so far. Also no, the tri class gadgetzan cards weren't nearly as good, I can't believe you've been there in Gadgetzan and think that. At the time, jade lotus were only played in druid and sucked hard in rogue and shaman, Grimy goons handbuff was a shitty unplayable gimmick (still is on most of those cards, handbuff is a viable strategy now, but Don Han'Cho still sucks as a card) , and the neutral kabal cards were pretty good but quickly overshadowed by other options, except kazakus of course. 

    Those of you who think Guardian Animals isn't played/playable in Hunter, might I humbly suggest this deck :

    Guardian animals is good in hunter
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (19) Ability (11)
    Loading Collection

    It is so far the most successful deck I've played this expansion, and extremely consistent. 

    Key cards are :

    guardian animals to summon Tundra Rhino and Teacher's Pet/Lake Thresher, and you would be surprised at how often tundra rhino will survive a turn, protected behind teacher's pet or behind an empty board that lake thresher conveniently cleared, or how much face damage it can provide. 

    Lorekeeper Polkelt to draw Guardian animals on curve, draw Beastmaster Leoroxx on curve, draw your big beasts with Leoroxx and draw your 5 mana beast after guardian animals. The consistency Polkelt provides is mind blowing.

    Animated broomstick for general swing turns cause this card is OP. Also provides huge swings with Leoroxx.

    Demon Companion so you're ahead on early game tempo even while being a slow deck.

    Explosive Trap for insane aggro openers.

    I suggest -1 Octosari and +1 adorable infestation, for even more consistency, but you lose the ability to sustain longer matches against control decks so make sure you have lethal with Leoroxx.

    Transfer Student kind of a personal choice, I could argue you about how good and underrated this card is but I won't, you can replace it with whatever you want it won't ruin the deck.

    Honestly this deck feels really good and swooth to play, kind of reminiscent of the midrange curvestone era in this aggro/combo swingstone era. 

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    posted a message on Why is everyone calling Guardian Druid op?

    Stop playing combo guardian druid relying on nuts draw and play the tempo version that was seen in the first day of the expansion, it's less swingy but way more consistent and who needs swing turns when you have overgrowth/lightning bloom into guardians and mountseller refills. 

    Also, the fact that you face so much counter decks is literal proof that this deck is meta defining, polarizing and very strong. 

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    posted a message on Is control too weak to aggro?

    You are absolutely correct, control is not favored against aggro anymore. Not enough anyway. 

    Aggro tools slowly but surely powercreeped far beyond the reach of typical control tools. They literally had to revamp a class and buff all its control tools to keep it remotely viable and even then, priest now tried to build tempo decks, because it's just more rewarding. 

    With their current design philosophy, they'll eventually have to buff Holy Nova all the way down to 1 mana to keep the balance between aggro and control. And look, even a 1 mana Holy Nova, which is absurd to think about... Is not really a game winning broken insane card, it's just a good AoE that will give you a single turn before the aggro starts filling the board again. Now think about a good aggro card and reduce its cost. See how any mana cristal dramatically changes the powerlevel of aggro tools compared to control tools? 4 mana Holy Nova? Meh, ok, card is better I guess. 4 mana Warglaives of Azzinoth? Game instantly broken. 4 mana Blessing of Authority? Game instantly broken. There is an obvious design flaw with control cards, they cost way more than they should to force the game to be aggro driven and have average games of 5-10 minutes. 

    Cards that used to win instantly against aggro are now borderline unplayable (like brawl) due to the amount of threats and board refills aggro decks can generate in a matter of seconds with cards that didn't originate from their deck. 

    Not to mention all the random generation in this game also heavily favors proactive play. It's way easier to throw random cards on the board than controlling a random board with random cards. 

    Also, most decks are actual combo decks now. The synergy between cards is so strong that any 2 or 3 cards combo can dramatically impact the game and most decks have tons of combos like that. The control player, as a reactive player, cannot deal with that without counting on luck. 

    The only way to win against aggro as a control player in 2020, is simple. You need perfect curve and cards with higher powerlevel than your opponent's cards, or tech cards + lucky matchup. And that is ridiculous, because control decks are not built to curve well, don't have room for tech cards and control cards are weak as F. 

    Also worth mentioning that mana cheating is the strongest mechanic in this game by far, has always been and always will be, and 99% of mana cheating cards are proactive. It's time for us to be able to cheat Plague of Death for 0 mana on turn 3 as well, while generating more plague of death with RNG.

    All classes should have multiple Plague of Death type card anyway. Actually, all removals should have a silence effect. Deathrattle and stuff like that should never trigger from overcosted, dead card in hand that needs planning, removal type of cards. Aka 100% of removals.

    And last but not least, it's way easier to climb ladder and farm gold as an aggro player. 

    Game is actually broken, it has not been worth playing control for years. Best you can do is aggro with big cards, namely "midrange decks", they are a good compromise and have a chance against any type of deck, and they look like control, because you make reactive actions with bigger cards, except you do that with good minions and spells instead of stupid removals. Like tempo guardian druid or big hunter.

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    posted a message on Have you had any success with lorekeeper polkelt yet?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what are your thoughts on this card. 

    I found a very good use for it in big hunter, as it guarantees you draws your big beasts alongside Leoroxx, and guarantees you draws guardian animals in time and before your 5 mana beasts. If I play Polkelt on curve I will have guardian animals on curve, since it is my third draw after King krush and Leoroxx. The overall consistency of the decks feels significantly higher with Polkelt. 

    But it didn't work that will in my druid deck for example, I had to cut quite a lot of thing to make it work properly but in the end the deck was just weaker than normal kaelthas insanity. 

    Have you discovered any deck he is worth putting in?

    On a similar topic, I might ask the same about sphere of sapience, I packed it too, and honestly thought it would be an insane card in most decks, virtually doubling your chances to topdeck a useful card or put back in the decks cards you need in the deck for recruit, fragments effects or whatever, for a significant amount of turns (more than its durability since you will regularly draw good cards and pass on the effect). And this is what it does, but oddly enough, it doesn't feel that good or rewarding. The fact that it costs a card to get this effect going is way more impactful than I anticipated. What do you think?

    I'm sorry if I'm late and this has already been discussed or theorycrafted or massively experimented, I don't follow much of the net deck and meta stuff, but I find these 2 legendary cards quite fascinating so I'm interested in everything you have to say. 

    Bonus topic : animated broomstick is the most underrated card I have ever seen, what are you all waiting to put 2 in all your minion based decks? I win so many games with that card. This used to be a 4 mana legendary hunter card that didn't have rush itself you know. (aura instead of battlecry, virtually insignificant) 

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