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    posted a message on new card; Backfire underrated

    Still worse than tap, warlock needs no card draw, it's a waste of a card slot imo, unless it's a tutor card. 

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    posted a message on U guys might forget that we had Fallen Sun Cleric

    What exactly are you asking op?

    It's possible because they decided it is. Fallen Sun Cleric itself is a powercreeped version of Shattered Sun Cleric did you not notice? And still it did not see any play, so they tried another round of powercreep and it worked. It's only natural they try to make a similar, slightly stronger card so it can see play.

    It's not the first or the last time they will powercreep bad neutral cards, better get used to it and find better stuff to complain about, because this is good for the game. 

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    posted a message on What can Blizzard really do about DH to tone it down a bit?
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    What makes me angry about DH more than anything is that they sold the class as winning with big demons.

     No they didn't. They sold big demons as one of playstyles they explore for demon hunter. Which is absolutely true.

    Also your anti weapon tech sounds a little fair to me. 3 mana 2/6 really? That's weak bro, I suggest 1 mana 6/12, battlecry remove all enemy weapons from the game wherever they are and heal 30 health.

    Too bad even with that card you'd still lose to DH and complain about it

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    posted a message on Remember when you could buy a FULL ADVENTURE for $24.99?

    Yeah I also remember that these adventures were full of garbage neutral cards and a lot of bad legendaries too. And Barnes, who ultimately got nerfed, as the only good card in kharazan adventure.

    I didn't care that they removed adventures, they were just bad investment, as a matter of fact they were removed because not enough people were buying them. If only they just removed them and replaced them with better quality expansions, rather than higher quantity ones, with more and more epics and legendaries, more rotations, now even more classes..

    What I remember more is that new or returning players could somewhat compete with classic/basic cards and didn't have to worry about hard earned expansion cards rotating to an unsupported (still great) format. This is what they really took away, they took away the freedom of big spenders and gambling addicted people to just stop spending once in a while and enjoy what they already got for more than a couple months. 

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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp
    Quote from Gargoyle >>

    Spending huge amounts of money to a game, even though Blizzard created it, without knowing what's going to happen in the future ... Come on guys! You must not be earning those money so easily in real life. Stop investing unless you are a youtuber or game consultant.

     Well yeah of course but by that logic we should only spend money on our family, house and organic food essentially. 

    Wether blizzard is a good or bad company we're spending money on virtual garbage with unknown future, we knew that from the start and cannot blame blizzard for that. 

    But you know it can feel good to spend money on trash and actually feel like this is good trash that provides a lot of entertainment. Hearthstone did that for me for a long time. Not anymore. I have a big enough collection that I can chill in Wild pretty much forever for free and that's what I'll do. Or maybe not, because I have gambling addiction, easy money, and companies like blizzard prey on people with half brain like me.

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    posted a message on Blizzard's response to the whole system revamp
    Quote from Psy_Kik >>
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>

    I've always defended Blizz's right to maximize profits, but I'm now at a point where I even feel my dollars are being abused.

    It's not just the whales making things difficult. There is absolutely a correlation with price gouging to off set the horde of players that don't make Blizzard a single penny. Blizzard isn't the only one taking advantage of the money paying base. (I also acknowledge that Blizzard would still try to maximize profit even if every player spent money.)

    So it's suggested that they paying base boycott Blizzard. Make them see they went too far as to what's acceptable. Make them change their pricing habits and reward system. There is definitely some merit in that thinking, but I still can't help but realize that much of this crying going on is to get the paying players up in arms to force Blizzard to fix things that ultimately benefits F2P players more. Then they can go right back to not spending a dime on the game while enjoying the benefits of a paying customer.

    One thing is for sure. At the end of this expansion, I'm gonna reevaluate just what my entertainment dollar is buying me, and weigh it against other options I'm gonna research out. I quit this game once before for 3 years, I can do it again. Might be time to go back to stand alone RPG's where I don't have to deal with rude players.


     Zero appreciation for the fact that the F2P player base is the foundation of the game...the reason you don't have to wait for minutes to find a game...the reason the game isn't already dead on twitch and dead in reality, killed by blizzard to either move on the hearthstone 2 or other projects entirely.

    I say this as someone who is not F2P. You are even worse than the clowns on reddit calling for the whole thing to become subscription based.

     Are you saying that the paying playerbase should show appreciation to the FTP base by keeping their spending high no matter how robbed they feel about it? 

    And sorry but the foundation of every game is the money that pays its devs and servers. And nobody cares about twitch, we're talking about playing the game here not watching it, online games and communities have existed long before streaming platforms came to life. 

    We appreciate the presence of FTP playerbase. But that's all there is to appreciate, they make the match quicker to find and the game more expensive for everyone else wow thank you so much guys we need more of them, I wish I could find a match in  1 second instead of 2 and pay 150 dollars per expansion. 

    He makes very good points and I am not sure why you call him a clown or even talk about FTP appreciation when he specifically talks about the problems of FTP.

    I've seen multiple invitations of boycott (I mean not spending anymore, still playing) over the years but I feel like this time I should join, no reason to keep spending 80 every 4 months, get almost nothing out of it, and being bullied by both blizzard and the FTP playerbase and get shit done only for them. 

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    posted a message on One common rarity card brought a class from ultimate crap to legend

    Better stats than Cavern Shinyfinder, has a minion type, and shaman has better weapons than rogue, this card was expected to do very well honestly, since shaman already has weapons that support exactly the 3 archetypes you mentioned, this card was the last piece of all shaman puzzles. 

    I am very happy to see Doomhammer again though, it's been years without this cards being played at all and it always felt wrong to me. 

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    posted a message on New cards same decks

    You know some people didn't pre-order and didn't have any gold left right? In fact, probably most people are in this situation, and most of these play casual. 

    As for the pre orders, most of them are the tiny one with 50 packs and probably can't build any new decks that competes with their hard earn one from previous expansion. 

    So yeah, you got a pretty good chance of facing people with 0 new cards and there's nothing wrong with that, in fact this should help you get a better win rate since new decks are always better than old decks. 

    Play ranked and your issue will be fixed instantly. 

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    posted a message on "I'm done with spending money on this game"

    I've been seeing this phrase on EVERY expansion release

    You know that's probably a different person every time and probably not the same people that claim to have been ripped.

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    posted a message on How much would you pay for an all Legendary pack?

    At 12k gold people would never go after this pack in my opinion, it would takes months or even years to the average casual player to accumulate as much gold (especially with the new system) and during all this farming time they would get very few new cards and miss out on multiple expansions. 

    I guess it would be a cool option to have for the more dedicated players or the whales who need a last push to complete their collection, but 8k gold seems more appropriate to me. It wouldn't ruin the dust "economy" (hard to call it that when there is no trade between players) since so few people could afford this pack and/or really benefit from it anyway. 

    As for the real money I would say 80€ the cost of a premium expansion pre-order essentially, seems right for blizzard, I personally would charge 8€ for it in order to sleep at night but that's why I make 500€ a month and they make millions

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    posted a message on What's your initial impression about corrupt mechanic?

    Hey guys I was just curious what you think now, I've read a lot of people speculating that (most of) these cards would be inherently bad due to their "uncurved" nature, and I was expecting the opposite because most corrupted versions of these cards seem way undercosted (I guess that's the point) and well worth the requirement of playing off curve, since it's a synergy based game and you can make these bigger cards work with your corrupt card for an even greater outcome.

    I haven't played a lot of games so far but I've been really impressed by the power of some of these cards and combos. Most notably y'shaarj combos (Dunk Tank, Moontouched Amulet, Circus Medic), Dunk tank with all the shaman spell power cards, TickatusCascading Disaster, Survival of the Fittest + StrongmanCarnival Clown

    I know these are very popular and speculated combos I do not claim any originality, it's just the cards that I got in my packs and wanted to try the most. (don't have tickatus but had it played against me) 

    But some others felt really lackluster like Sweet Tooth or Don't Feed the Animals

    Overall I'm very happy about this mechanic so far, I might regret this later if it's everywhere and hard to counter with non corrupt cards. What do you think? Would you like if they kept introducing corrupt cards in later expansions, however unlikely? Has anyone tested Darkmoon Statue? I'm very curious about this one. Part of my brain says this is an insane aggro card, the other part says it's Silverback Patriarch level. 

    I also really want to talk about Inara Stormcrash and Stormstrike and how they're so cool and way underrated and how I can finally flex with my golden doomhammer not just for fun but for win rate, and take rockbiter out of my collection. I guess this requires another thread, I said it anyway, go play enhancement shaman it's great, and it's day one I know, things will change. 

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    posted a message on Darkmoon Meta Predictions: DH, Paladin, and Priest on Top

    Aggro shaman will be on top. 

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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke
    Quote from carfusso2 >>
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    Oh the awesome saltly tears of combo players. 

    I once dreamed that Blizzard would bring back the original Illidan card ( 7/7 battlecry both players discard 3 cards and draw 3 cards).

    But discard 5 opponent cards without any drawback, and still have a 6 mana 8/8 against aggro.. Oh man, that is lovely.

    Also this card is not uniteractive at all. The corrupt keyword forces all sorts of interactions to happen before playing the card, it's not like you just have to draw it and play it immediately and win the game, you know, like most combo decks do.


    Seeing combo decks use dirty rat tech in their decks and failing to get my Tickatus will be a sweet revenge. 

     I feel personally insulted by you calling me a combo player...then again, I supposed I can't get TOO offended since you clearly can't read the part where I expressed my deep and rooted hatred for those archetypes

     I'm sorry my post wasn't directed at you personally nor do I hate anyone behind a combo deck, I didn't even read your post with much attention, I'm just using this thread as a vessel for expressing my joy, I just hate OTK combos and welcome anything that gives me a fighting chance with suboptimal/meme decks against those insane wild combo decks and isn't a dead card against other archetypes. 

    Who doesn't like a win button, right? Combo decks have one. Or two. Or three... I have one too now. Never really liked dirty rat it does either nothing or bad things in 80% of games. 

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    posted a message on Shaman total crap for the third expansion in a row

    Lol, shaman just got a powerful weapon tutor with good stats that doesn't even die to a ping, this card single handedly makes shaman good this expansion, improving evolve shaman and making aggro shaman a thing, no matter what happens next.

    Nice garbage prediction thread as usual though, did not even read past the title, so I don't know which shaman card you think is bad because I have seen none so far. Great weapon tutor, good weapon, great legendaries, good burn/AoE spell. 

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