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    posted a message on Does Giggling Inventor need a nerf?

    I personaly think this card is fine for now. For you that say this card must be nerfed, what kind of nerf is okay for this card?
    I look at some comment that say increasing the cost is the way. Some say if this card cost 6, it will not be used in aggro and I agree.

    The problem is that Giggling Inventor can be a great defensive tool for non-agro deck. But if it cost 6, will any deck play this card? Will any control or combo deck still play this card? Bonemare is an example of this. Many deck run this card but after 1 cost increase, the argument that Bonemare would still be a useful at 8 mana is gone. No midrange, tempo or control run this card.

    if you think 1 cost increase is okay as nerf, I think you're not seeing a bigger impact. The nerf will nuke this card like it nuke Bonemare until no ones plays it. The nerf this card needs is a slight nerf. IMO making 0/1 Giggling Inventor with the same text is okay as a nerf but not 1 cost increase.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.06 - Submission Topic

    Here's my card

    The minion under the spell is highlited with yellow light on the opponent's hand (like active battlecry in your hand). When you hover to it, it reveal the minion. This card is a more powerfull destructive card then Dirty Rat . This card is pay 6 mana doing nothing, but it force your opponent to pay the minion cost for you. Hiting a low cost minion is a miss, but if you can get a big combo piece like Malygos or Shudderwock , you hit the jackpot.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Spell - Eureka

    Is this a comeback for Malygos Shaman? A deck with this, Malygos, Electra Stormsurge and many burn card might work well.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Shadowboxer

    I think people forgot that if blizard leave this card as it is, it become too consistent. Getting life steal on Shadowboxer is RNG with Unidentified Elixir, but in the next expansion it become more consistent with Zilliax.

    Another think that people forget, this combo CAN BE an OTK in the right deck. For example you can create defensive Quest Priest with this combo as a win condition. You have 40 Health, so the damage dealth from your max hp heal also increase. To make this more lethal, you can use second Shadowboxer or Vivid Nightmare to make it deal 2 damage per 1 health healed. So in theory, healing 15 can deal 30 damage and it can deal up to 58 (healing from 1 HP with 30 max Health) or 78 (healing from 1 HP with 40 max Health) with Amara.

    This is a crazy combo and fit wild just fine. But remember, when the deck have a broken combo with small amount of card, people will flock to it. Then when many people play it, it will become oppressive and boring. Remember Naga Sea Witch Giant deck? That deck is rather low on win rate, but the combo is easy to pull off. The deck is also a gamble deck. If you can clear the giant you win if not you lose. But still even if in theory the combo give you time to response, people still hate it.

    The Shadowboxer combo maybe fun to play and face sometimes but surely when you face it again and again then lost, you will hate it.

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Reveal - Splintergraft

    Use this with Corridor Creeper, giant or other minion that have self discount then you can get a cheap 10/10 minion.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Secret - Rat Trap

    I think this is quite good. If you play midrange hunter you play many beast as a threat an force your opponent to play 3 card to trigger this (big beast with deathrattle like Savannah Highmane is rather hard to deal with only with 2 cards). If they are afraid to trigger it, you just play more beast and go face.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.12 - Submission Topic

    A card for deck builder out there. Combining Pirate and Murloc in one deck. Echo on Murloc means you can stack the Murloc synergy effect (Playing multiple Murloc Warleader or multiple Coldlight Seer for example). I hope you like my card.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.11 - Submission Topic

    This card can help you get two 1/1 copies of good battlecry or deathrattle minion. Getting two 1/1 copies of good legendary for Rogue in Arena (Like Aya Blackpaw or The Lich King for example) is also a good deal IMO. Basically a good resource gain card for Rogue in Arena.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.10 - Submission Topic

    A cheap dormant card that need a synergy to be good. You play this with Fal'dorei Strider and bounce card to be effective.

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    posted a message on Barnes Nerf Idea

    How about mana Increase on Barnes? Cheating a minion early still can happend using Shadow Essence but nobody complain about this card, so I think the problem is that Barnes can cheat a minion on turn 4 is the problem.

    Why not making Barnes cost maybe 6 or 7 and change the stat to balance it out, maybe a 5/5 if cost 6 and 6/6 if cost 7?

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    posted a message on Why limit HS to the WOW universe

    I'm okay with adding character from other Blizzard game into HS but the character need a re-skin to fit in. For Example: Widowmaker in HS is a night elf hunter with a sniper rifle from gnome tech or Kerrigan in HS is a Succubus with spike for wing. I think it will be interesting if the character is from other universe but the style is still WOW-like fantasy.


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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.02 - Submission Topic

    Creating a Zombeast from frozen carcass seems like a cool concept for our Hunter Deathknight, Deathstalker Rexxar .

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    posted a message on DEATHWING NEEDS A FRIENDWING (Class Creation Competition #4) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

     Wow, seems like I didn't make it. So many good entries on page 4, I'm not even sad, getting 5 votes in the sea of good entries is good enough for me.

    Looking at CheeseETC list I'm kinda in the middle, seems good to me. Congratulations for everyone that made it and thanks for the help also. My entries will not make it this far without your help guys, thank you!

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    posted a message on DEATHWING NEEDS A FRIENDWING (Class Creation Competition #4) - Phase I [Submission Topic]


    Deathwing wants to make a friend? Why not create a contract with a Summoner class? The Summoner class can be a worthy companion for all lonelly monster out there. Need other new friend? Don't worry, it's always a party if you bond with this class. This class can summon almost any creature given you can provide their true name to the Summoner. Any creature from the one resting on Twisting Nether or event the unknown creature roaming the vast Great Dark Beyond can also be summoned. There is also a rummor that a powerful Summoner can summon creature from different universe and timeline. Other then creating a bond with contract and summoning, this class can also boost the power of all creature it bonds with. I heard that Deathwing need more power and minion, so why wait? Create a contract with the Summoner class and enjoy your boosted power with many new friend.


    This Hero Power shows that a normal minion can also became strong if it has a connection with the Summoner. This Hero Power can be used as an investment when you play minion on later turn. For example you Hero Power on turn two then pass, on turn three you Hero Power again and play a 1-Cost minion, that minion now gain double the buff of your Hero Power (+2/+2).


    This keyword will show that creature can unlock its true power by the help of Summoner class. This class can buff the creature by spell or Hero Power to trigger its monstrosity. This keyword mosly works like the "at end of your turn" effect but you need a buff to activate it. Green Attack value means that a minion has more Attack value then the original stats. I used the "green Attack value" to be more intuitive. Some card can make a 1/1 copy of minion, when people buff the 1/1 copy sometimes people will think "why Monstrosity is not active? I already buff the 1/1 into 2/2." This happend because many people will think the base value of the copy is 1/1. The green Attack value is more clear in this case because even if it became a 2/2 (higher then the base value of the 1/1 copy) if the Attack is not turned green the Monstrosity will not activated.


    • This class mostly relly on minion battle, like Paladin and Hunter class.
    • This class lack spell removal but many of its class minion provide a decent tool to control the board.
    • Many of its spell have a buff and other effect that change the behaviour of the minion on the board.
    • This class lack burn damage, it reduce the opponents life to 0 mostly by attacking using a minion or its hero.
    • This class can pressure your opponent with big minion that came out on early turn like Ramp Druid, it either grow into a big minion by itself or you play a buff on it.
    • This class have a great synergy with minion with on going effect and high Health.




    • Gentle Oddities (Basic): Provide a card draw if you keep him buffed and healthy. This card also show how Monstrosity mechanic work.
    • Body Merge! (Classic): Your hero merge with your summoned minion and giving the hero extra protection. This card can also be used to save your minion for your next turn, it works like psudo Shadowstep without the benefit of triggering a Battlecry effect.
    • Abyss Jester (Old Gods): This card show a basic synergy that can benefit you if you create a deck that focused on keeping your buffed (green Attack value) minion alive.
    • Horror from the Deep (MSG): This card is a card draw to fecth more treat in your deck. This card can buff your small minion into a 5/5 body or make your expesive minion into a 5-Cost card.
    • Daedalus, Devouring Earth (Un'goro): An artificial elemental created by the Titan using an Old God sample. This card provide control play style for Summoner that rely on minion like Swamp King Dred for Hunter. This card also showing the synergy with bufffed (green Attack value) minion.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 7.01 - Discussion Topic

    My card idea for this week:

    The base idea is attacking the hero to interupt their spell. What do you guys think?

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